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#74460 The DonFather's Boat has landed.

Posted by The Donfather on 23 September 2017 - 05:41 PM

Ok I got the floor installed today. I did everything by myself except for the main floor. Thank god Garys happened to show up and was kind enough to help me, Having a second set of hands for the big pieces is very helpful.

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#51002 We got are up grade!

Posted by adam4x4 on 07 April 2016 - 09:00 PM

Here she is!! Can not wait to get her in the water!

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#74098 The DonFather's Boat has landed.

Posted by The Donfather on 09 September 2017 - 08:37 AM

Want to give a big thanks to Mike Brendel, Dustin Brendel and Blake Christie for making our dream come true. Thanks for putting up with the hundreds of emails and numerous drop in.
Also have to thank Larson Marine Stockton and Mike Fuhrman for going down this long road with us.
Thanks to Boatmate trailers for hooking us up with and awesome custom trailer.
#mbboat #mbsports #larsonmarine 36adbcffc764f60653cd8d29a6574cf9.jpg1deab350831643723497d5242ee5f1d3.jpgcfe28668ea58716ac25a227e57731b9f.jpg

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#72988 August 2017 Picture Thread

Posted by breakz77 on 17 August 2017 - 08:39 AM

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#71041 July 2017 Picture Thread

Posted by Hyperryd on 18 July 2017 - 10:43 PM

I cannot get enough of this clean Shasta water!
Some major milestones achieved on vacation this week:
1. Wife learned how to drive the boat after 17 years of going to the lake. Now she can back the trailer down the ramp and pull me surfing. I'm in love all over again.
2. My 13 year old daughter finally surfed without a rope and then progressed daily after that.
3. Finally my 10 year old who has been deathly afraid of water learned how to swim right before we went on vacation. Now she is jumping in and riding the tube like a wild person. She had no fear by today, the last day.

We just reserved our trip for next year!

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#32946 MB Lifehacks

Posted by somepeteguy on 19 September 2014 - 01:17 PM


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#67502 2017 F22 Finally Done

Posted by MB Dude on 09 May 2017 - 08:52 PM

Just got my 2017 MB F22 fresh build, special thanks to Larson's Marine, Stockton CA for the Hook-Up!!


Ordered the Boat at the Sacramento Boat show picked out all the colors, got a build date and two weeks later here it is. Then got to go down to MB and see the boat being built.



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#62771 January Picture Thread

Posted by Jake (((O))) on 07 January 2017 - 07:36 PM

Posted Image

When your 9 year old brings his school work home and you see you're having the exact same thoughts!

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#62194 2016 December Picture Thread

Posted by Hyperryd on 01 December 2016 - 10:03 PM

Since we are jumping to other hobbies (^^ literally^^) here is my Christmas present to me. Just put it together.

No muslims will ever use this weapon!!

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#60253 September Picture Thread

Posted by Ship Faced on 08 September 2016 - 02:44 PM

This is my Son. 


He is almost 4. 

He is very much like a college roommate: 

  • Drinks profusely, albeit non-alcoholic beverages
  • Pisses on inappropriate things in full view of the public - has no shame
  • His room is usually a mess
  • He eats more than his share of food
  • He enjoys fraternizing with coeds
  • He passes out in random places with the expectation that I will take him home safely and put him to bed. 



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But he's a hell of a wing-man... (all things non-promiscuous)



This is my Mother.


She is..  ahem.. over 60 years old.  She did watersports as a kid and a young adult, but hasn't for many years.


I finally convinced her to try surfing - she was sure she couldn't do it.  This is the result. 


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That smile is priceless to me.  

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#58850 August Picture Thread

Posted by Shawndoggy on 08 August 2016 - 09:32 AM


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#51979 Slappers (KCSO) - Part 1

Posted by MidnightMax on 28 April 2016 - 11:11 AM

I have had several people ask for information and/or a parts list of some kind for DIY Goose Slappers so I have finally gathered up some information here to share and hopefully be of some help.
First off, I have gathered up some of the relevant threads over the last few years on the subject.  These threads include pictures, videos, lessons learned, and how to information and may or not be helpful so all is FWIW. Feel free to comment, contribute, or disregard B)




http://www.themalibu...eakgate/&page=1  (This thread is from the Malibu Crew Forum and is a great read on the evolution of the Wakelogic Controller that a lot of us up in the PNW are using)
Here is a parts list of everything you will need for this project along with approximate costs of the major parts (Im not going to include source links as with a little research and google there are deals to be found all over)
2 each - heavy duty Goose Slappers $25 - $50 Each

Attached File  IMG_3730.JPG   148.54KB   83 downloads
I have found 3/4" thick HDPE (King Starboard) works the best and delivers the most efficient slap to the geese. 1/2" is a little to thin and flexible and may only stun the goose and 1" thick is just overkill.  slappers should be approximately 22-24" long and approximately 10-12" tall for maximum surface contact with the goose. ideal deployment angle is between 20-24 degrees deflection off the side of the hull. 
2 each - 4-1/4" stroke Lenco actuators $170 - $200 Each
There are a few choices here. There are standard duty, heavy duty, regular speed, and high speed.
I have used all of these and I don't really see much difference in performance between the standard duty and the heavy duty. when using the heavy duty though an extra part is needed for the connection point between the end of the actuator and the mounting bracket.  The high speed actuators deploy and retract in about 2.5 seconds and are preferred especially if you can or someday want to do wake to wake transfers. The slower actuators retract and deploy in about 6-7 seconds which doesn't seem like much difference but in a wake to wake transfer it can be a lifetime.
Here are some Lenco part numbers:

Attached File  102.jpg   36.58KB   72 downloadsAttached File  102 XD.jpg   47.66KB   83 downloads
Standard Duty slow speed - 102S - Part number 15059-001
Standard Duty high speed - 102F - Part number 15129-001
Heavy Duty slow speed - 102HD - Part Number 15060-001
Heavy Duty high speed - 102HD - Part Number 15130-001
As I mentioned above if you use the Heavy duty actuators you will need a couple of 1" Stainless Steel Bimini parts like these. $15 - $20 each. The standard duty actuators have high density plastic tips to connect to the mounting brackets however the HD actuators connect to a different style bracket. You can use these bimini parts by drilling out the set screw hole through the tip and through bolt it to the end of the actuator.

Attached File  Bimini.jpg   13.76KB   69 downloads
Actuator Mounts - 2 sets (3 brackets come in the set, 2 styles of upper mounts and 1 lower mount along with some mounting pins and a gland seal for the wire) $20 - $30 per set.

Attached File  Brackets.jpg   6.61KB   65 downloads
These typically don't come with the actuators so make sure you ask whoever you are buying from.
Switches / Controller. Here is where the biggest cost variable can come into play.

Attached File  Momentary.jpg   5.65KB   61 downloads
Cheapest is to just use a simple on/off/on momentary switch to control each actuator. there are many different styles out there to choose from (toggle, carling, automotive power window style, etc.. and can range from $10 - $50. With this set up you will basically manually control the movement of each actuator.

Attached File  untitled.png   78.6KB   60 downloads
For around $300 - $400 you can use Lenco's Tactile switch and brain box. This gives you a good quality rubberized switch with indicator lights showing you how far out the slapper is. It is still a manual control however the brain box gives you "key off" automatic retraction of the actuators for safety. *** You cant just use any Lenco brain box though, it needs to be specific for the 4-1/4" actuators. Lenco part number 30109-001***
Finally there are a handful of people out there who have developed more automatic controllers that allow more automated control of the actuators including retract and deploy based on speed "windows", automatic side to side transfers with the push of a button, and wireless remotes that the rider wears and can then initiate there own transfers for perfect timing. 

Attached File  IMG_3802.JPG   164.64KB   59 downloads
I included the link above to MartinArcher's thread over on TMC. He is the developer of the WakeLogic controller.
Obviously there are a couple guys over here on the MB forum who are or have developed some pretty trick controllers themselves (DBrayton and Hyperryd)
Costs of these controllers seem to be around $500 - $1200.
Hinges (Stainless Steel) - 4 each - $15 - $40 each

Attached File  IMG_3715.JPG   108.58KB   57 downloadsAttached File  083920_c1.jpg   192.26KB   70 downloads
Make sure these are of sufficient thickness, there are some cheap hinges out there. either 3-1/2" or 4-1/2" common door hinges work well. I like Stanley hinges. seem to be good quality.
Stainless Steel carriage bolts w/ nylock nuts. - 18 to 22 each depending on how many holes your hinges have (3 or 4)

Attached File  Carriage Bolts.jpg   88.2KB   55 downloads
these are used to connect the lower actuator mount to the trailing end of the slapper and the hinges to the leading edge. If you like some other style of bolt that's fine, I like the carriage bolts because they have a nice clean look to them. Once you have drilled all of the holes in the slapper you can tap the bolts with a hammer and "embed" the square "key' under the head into the plastic easily so it sits flush.
Stainless Steel hex head bolts and nylock nuts - 4 to 6 depending on weather you are using the standard actuators or the HD ones with the bimini  parts.

Attached File  Bolts.jpg   92.22KB   56 downloads
These are used for the actuator to bracket connections and the bimini adaptor to the actuator tip.
Stainless Steel screws - 18 - 22 each depending on how many holes in the hinges (3 or 4)

Attached File  Screws.jpg   20.62KB   58 downloads
These are used to connect the upper actuator bracket to the boat and the hinges to the boat. Some people feel the need to through bolt al the way through the transom, personally and from experience I don't think that is necessary and screws work just fine.
Other than that just some miscellaneous electrical parts (butt connectors, wire, and wire loom is all you need to Keep Calm and Slap On B)

Finally, Here is a link to the Part 2 Thread - Installation

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#48860 She's finally ready! F22

Posted by bagger103 on 28 January 2016 - 01:30 PM

Well here she is! 2016 f22. Plug and play and gsa can't wait to get out!! Hopefully picking up on sat if the weather is clear then off to the stereo shop for 4 rev 10s!

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#46931 Introduction - My New B25 23

Posted by billwil on 19 October 2015 - 12:27 AM

Hi, everyone.  I've been hanging around here (and a few other boards) for the last few weeks as I've been shopping for a new boat.  After narrowing it down (based on dealers and the boats themselves) to a 2016 Axis T23 and a 2016 MB B52 23, we went with the MB.  We liked the look and quality of the interior compared to the T23, and the fact that the MB had everything we wanted already, including a decent stock stereo system.  My teenage boys liked the wake and the wave slightly better than the Axis, too...although I did like the simplicity of the Axis systems.


It was a hard decision to choose the new boat, but something that wasn't hard was saying goodbye to our old boat.  We weren't very sad to see our 2003 Tige 24V go (we've had some problems...with the boat AND the dealer), but we've been really excited about the new MB.  Here she is.




I'll try to get some more shots soon, but we've been busy breaking in the engine so we can start pulling...and working around travel and rare rainy days here in AZ.  We had to decide whether to order a boat or choose one that was already coming to AWS (the dealer here).  Ahren over at AWS had spec'd this one out already, and when I saw the gel scheme and the interior, I knew this was our boat.  I had been spending way too much time trying to figure out the gel scheme that we would want to order, and when I saw the mock-ups of this one (it hadn't come in yet when we decided on it), it was clear that I wouldn't need to come up with my own.  We love it. Simple, classic, with a just a touch of bling.


Just wanted to introduce myself and the new ride now that I'm officially an MB owner.  Thanks for the help so far...seems like a good group of people here.

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#32943 MB Lifehacks

Posted by Kalamazoo on 19 September 2014 - 01:05 PM

1/2" pvc pipe & tees

3/4" foam pipe insulation

holds 3 surf and 2 wake at highway speeds safely...obviously could add more surf

2 vertical 'combs' that can be stowed behind drivers seat during boat use.

maybe $20


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#74047 The black pearl progress

Posted by Theblackpearl on 07 September 2017 - 09:54 PM

I saw the exile audio 2017 b52 boat and fell in love. After taking to him he tried warning me it was a lot of custom work but underestimated it to say the least. We are at over 100 pieces of custom powder coat to black out the whole boat including windshield surrounding, all dash, tower base, cleats, even the rub rail and all screws to completely black it out and make it truly a black pearl! Had a custom logo made with artworks of the 2018 b52 and art from the movie and once logo was made gator step was awesome enough to get it on my flooring. We did custom audio with 6 tower speakers, subs, and other goodies. Trailer got a triple axle with diamond plate and other fun stuff. It's been a long list of other craziness and tomorrow I should be finally going to see it for the first time and pick it up. This is my first boat and have to say that after looking at mastercraft and nautique I'm so glad I've gone his route and haven't even ridden in the boat yet! Just working with the factory and all they did to help make this come together I never would have got that with another boat and even if I did it on my own doubt I end up with such a great boat when it was done. Wanted to share the profess and look forward to posting final pics when I pick it up

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#65696 Issues with customer service

Posted by Shawndoggy on 05 April 2017 - 05:57 AM

I know the guys at MB and they are a good bunch. They build a great product. Trust me, I see every make and model/brand on the water. I realize I don't know all the history on your boat etc, but I think a authorized dealer being involved in this situation could help solve issues and get you on the water faster + quicker + less headache. If any stereo concerns occur, you have us on the bat phone.





Exile Audio


Brian, you've got a great touch for this kind of stuff.  Seriously, it's a gift, and MB is really lucky to have you along for the ride, as your post shows.  Sometimes it's not what customer support does in situations like this, it's how they do it.  You and exile are always VERY good about making sure the customer knows he comes first. You guys could just as easily be a-holes and say "not our fault some doofus unplugged your EQ."  Result would be the same... EQ reconnected, stereo keeps working.  But the way you do it gives the customer the confidence that someone is there standing behind the product and will help out later.


I wish your customer service ethic would rub off on others.  Half the time it's not whether the problem gets fixed (it will), it's whether the customer feels like the manufacturer cares that there's a problem in the first place (you do care... or at least are very good at creating the feeling that you do).  All boat manufacturers and their dealers could learn a lot from how you approach this kind of stuff.

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#51003 We got are up grade!

Posted by Chamo on 07 April 2016 - 09:23 PM

We here she is!! Can not wait to get her in the water!

Very cool. Had ours out last Friday. 44 degree water.Posted Image
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#46253 If you are having surf problems !

Posted by Rinoswiatek on 24 September 2015 - 09:20 PM

Hey guys this is Ryan with GSA .... If you are having a problem with your surf system please call us we can help we designed itThere are a few boats that were not set up just right from the factory or got adjusted at the dealer level. As with any new system on the market their will be kinks . There are so many adjustments on these in can get confusing . So please ask us there will always be some one here to answer our phones even Saturday and Sunday while you are on the water! There is no reason why you should not be producing one of the strongest waves on the market
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#40800 tow vehicle

Posted by MidnightMax on 09 May 2015 - 02:34 PM

Just picked her up!

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