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  3. Welp that did the trick! Lol! Can’t believe I didn’t catch that! Thank you very much!
  4. Also, not sure if this applies on the newer boats, but on my ‘16 I make sure I turn the boat on, let the computer do its diagnostics, and then fire it up. Another thing to try is to unplug the battery completely to clear the memory. That has fixed more than one issue for us as well.
  5. Are you turning on the GPS speed control first. I know it sounds dumb but many people have forgotten that step.
  6. So last week our touch screen display unit randomly stopped showing depth and mph. I turned the boat off and back on with the same issue. I then did some digging on here and was recommended to unplug the cable port from under the dash behind the unit. This did the trick once I plugged it back in. However, now the surf right/ surf left tabs do nothing when I select them on the screen. The center trim tab does work. Has anyone ran into this issue or have a solution? Our boat only has 50hrs on it so I’m having a hard time believing the actuators are faulting/water leak and jus
  7. A2Anthony, i also just picked up a 99 210 v drive and my gauges all have power, but the needles point anywhere that doesn't make sense. did you figure out how to get your 4 needle gauge to work right? my tach is hit and miss, my fuel gauge doesn't work (sensor has power and I played with the float, but when i moved it, the needle stayed put), my volt meter works and my temp meter works. Neither speedo works either and the previous owner swapped the pick ups already. i will keep playing with it and post any successes. Hoping I don't have to track down aftermarket gauges.
  8. Did you confirm your Port side plate went down? Do you know the angle that it deploys down to? The angles are more important on plates vs gates.
  9. 2849 was a game changer for my ‘22 Alpha B52. Had 2775 from factory. Only went 33mph and 45rpm surfing. Switched to 2849 and surfing dropped to 33mph with 39mph top speed. Still no problem getting up to surf speed fully loaded. Just better overall boat with the new prop.
  10. Does anyone have the monster center wheel cap that they are not using anymore. PM me a price. Thanks.
  11. those holes are all fuel tank related.
  12. I bought the Evolution tabs last year for black friday but needed a new motor this summer so only have used them once. It helped on the left side but the goofy side was crap. This was will full factory ballast. I used to use a suck gate and had a pretty good wave. I want to try less ballast and more bow ballast next. Wish it wasn't the end of the season.
  13. 2849 for me with 440 and high density altitude. 7500'
  14. is the rear access to remove the drive shaft ?
  15. I just asked my local dealer, Action Motorsports, the same question. You have to peel up the Gator Step and then you can access the fasteners. You'll have to replace the Gator step though. Apparently that is where you access the mid-ship bilge pump as well.
  16. no ballast, usually 18 mph or so and shortened rope about 60'
  17. Round access holes in floor? How do you remove? 2018 B52 23
  18. Hello, I'm new to the MB brand. Just bought an F22 Alpha to surf. I don't have possession of the boat yet, but need to adjust the bunks on my lift for the hull. I'm wondering if somebody can take a few pics of their 22 Alpha trailer bunk setup for me to pass on to my boatlift guy. Thank you.
  19. Sorry Hyperryd, got my worst concussion ever and forgot the name of this forum. private lake, so they can revoke our expensive lake rights. Air chairs are aloud. but not anything else with with a foil. all the lake assosiation board members are people who "used'' to water ski in the 70s before the invention of the Skurfer. they think that's the only thing people should do. these people allow barefoot skiing, but have a max 35mph speed limit? whaaaaaaat? been using a nice fat wakesurf rope with a couple water ski extensions to make it long enough, and a few knots to shorten it to the inches. t
  20. Sorry guys. got my worst concussion ever and forgot the name of this forum. back now. "The Donfather" I do that allot, but the lake patrol goes off on me if they see me clime the rope at all. Private lake, so we have to be cool for a while after a warning or they can revoke our lake rights. And thanks "OrangeTJ" for anyone with a similar goal, the best we have figured out for our boat, without insane fuel burn, with only average size driver and flag person, 17mph 1/4 to half tank on the side you want to ride(our tanks are 1,800lbs per side) makes a very fun wave. fun with any kind
  21. Sorry guys, got my worst concussion ever after registering on here and forgot the name of this forum. I'm back.... I think.... what is/was your preferred rope length from transom, speed and ballast set up?
  22. Can the front ballast bag be pushed up under the carpet in the bow compartments? Where the bag is now, I do not have any storage space in those compartments. Thanks!
  23. @SurfNewb the stock one is probably 4-5 inches. I'll measure it when I get home but this one will give you what your looking for.
  24. Thanks @BTown801 I have my boat/trailer down at the shop right now (blew a hub and bearing) so I can’t measure my stock seat post length. does anyone know the stock seat post length? I am looking to add 4-5 inches.
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