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  3. Thanks guys, I am pick it up on June 1st. I had them install Gator step and a few other things. I am planing on taking it out June 6th for a few days. I will take some pictures of the wave and boat. LHCMB nice looking wave. thanks for the advise on your set up!!
  4. That was my first guess for sure. Physics tell me if the gates open the ballasts fill but this case it’s not working like that. I’ve open and closed with the wrench I’ve physically seen it open and close with the electrical switch and somehow that starboard side is still not filling up all the way.I’m just hoping someone has had this problem and there’s some sort of magical fix.
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  6. You’re not going to want to hear this, but it’s your throttle assembly. Happened on our 15 and another buddy’s 15. It’s inside the shifter, boat thinks it’s in gear and want start. When you jump the relay, the boat will start but not gi I to gear, correct? You can call MB and they will ship you a new one, it was about 1400.00 tho...
  7. Great deal! My daughter rides that board. Original rider of that board can rip!!!!!
  8. I second that. If they are the original Demco, try to manually open and close with the allen wrench key that is holstered in the top of the gate. There will be a spot to put the key and you can open and close. If your pump is moving water, and the bilge isn't full from another leak somewhere else, then almost has to be the gate.
  9. pull the MIL codes that should point you in the right direction
  10. congrats! whats the new one going to look like?
  11. sounds like a gate issue to me
  12. It was smooth, I’m not sure how it would work on the textured...
  13. Looks great! I've been planning a similar project for my '05. I also was looking at either 2 or 3 sheets to get the step flush with the seat cushion surface. Good news it the rear center seat on the '05 is much smaller than yours. Was the HDPE smooth, or did it have a slight textured surface, like a cutting board? I've heard the Gatorstep might not stick well to the textured surface?
  14. Yes still happy with the 2849, put about 80 hours on it last year and no gel burn , like mentioned in other post just rolling on the throttle is the key to not getting any gel burn . I’m just not a fan of Engine noise so I put a mb surf pipe on and reduced the rpms a bit with the prop and it seams just right to me . there was a mention of the 2847 and I would try that one if I was to do it again to gain a little hole shot . I don’t think you can go wrong with either one for surfing
  15. Last week
  16. I own a 2013 F24 Tomcat and on my second season I’m having problems with my right ballast filling up. At first I thought it could be the gauge or the gate but the gate seems to be working just fine and the boat is obviously leaning to one side but I have no idea what could be stopping the ballast from filling all the way. It also seems to be having issues draining as well. Has anyone had this issue or have any advise.
  17. Have you had much more time with the 2849? Still happy?
  18. I had a piece of 1" stainless pipe laying around, drilled a couple of holes to match board rack holes, drilled and tapped 2 more for thumb screws, and half ass polished it. It works really good.
  19. Myself went through the same discussion with myself a couple of years ago and decided to replace everything myself. Yours are definitely bad! I bet if you pulled the shaft it is going to have a hairline crack in it around the keyway. Have you been checking shaft alignment frequently? If not, I wouldn't risk it. I also put a shaft collar on when I was done, just seemed like cheap insurance against losing/destroying a prop and/or rudder. The collar I used: https://www.ruland.com/spb-18-a.html
  20. Looks AWESOME!!! My rear seat will need to be re-done after this summer. I think I might do this. No one ever sits there anyway. Has anyone ever added the walk through pads on the engine covers?
  21. edit, not enough coffee this morning. Load that bad boy all the way up on ballast. Dakaota4ce will be along shortly to help on the wave
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