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  2. i have gotten my boat out of storage, thats for all that helped answer questions over the winter, motor mounts are done, new drive shaft is in and aligned, old Gen surf system is off, waiting to put on GSA next week, new pumps are roughed in, just have to finish plumbing and wiring, then have to do some stereo work, mainly clean up all the problem wiring, if there is buget left over i would like to put a wetsounds 420bt in, boat is 2014 f24 with the 575hp. first problem is i have one that is burnt out, i checked and i do have power to it dealer dosnt have any, said t
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  4. Sounds Great! I'm a bit of geezer though lol!! I have a 12 year old daughter, the baby. The others are 21 and 18. Then I have a 15 year old son as well! Can't wait to see you out there....I'll be needing some tips with my first V-Drive!
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  6. Guppy how old are your girls? I have a 12 and 9 year old daughters, we will for sure need to meet up at Deer Creek this summer!!
  7. Just one tower but they changed the side mounts to be horizontal instead of diagonal since JL doesn’t have a swivel bracket. Same hole pattern just different orientation.
  8. https://rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/pmx-5can/ I believe this radio will go in the current spot and cover your holes. It mounts very similar to the older clarion radios. I would just double check and open up the manual online for it.
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  10. The 2079 was a recommended prop for my 2014 F22 as well and I had one. I went from that to the OJ which was better but I can tell you when I went to the ACME 2937 it was like my boat was in tractor mode it pulled more ballast and people. It wasn't perfect but better. You will loose more topend speed.
  11. I am running the Acme 2079 prop which according to wakemakers and acme is the best surf prop for my boat/motor combo. That not correct?
  12. lucky me I suppose anything to add value on a depreciating item is a good thing. chill tech is so much nicer then the last shit I had on my 2017. It don't think the chill factor works as much as it just feels amazing and is super plush
  13. Love, love the colors!! Looks super sharp on the water!! Can't wait to design my next boat on my own, all red interior here I come!
  14. Lots more. IIRC you can go right on the boat configurator on when you add chill tech , you can see the MSRP of the boat climb commensurately. I know no one actually pays that much, but it still gives you any idea. It’s like the shiny gel coat, every piece you add, increases the price.
  15. They charge more for it? Must be a new thing. I wasn't charged for mine and I have 100 percent chill tech 2020 classic
  16. My understanding is that the control modules for the marine motors are not at all the same as cars, so that will not work. Changing props if really about the only option. I struggled with that same issue on the F22 2104 with the bigger motor. I looked for options like chips super charger..., then I focused on props until I found the right prop. ACME 2937 15.00" x 11.00" Wake/Ski 4-Blade Propeller × 1 worked really well and the OJ 15 X 12.5 LC 1 1/8" WAKEPRO V-3 4-blade, #885-MF. I sold the boat and still have one of the props I can check and let you know which one. I thinks its the OJ.
  17. Are there more then one tower offered on a 2021? Does it or /do they, have a name? Any one have a pic of the tower speaker mounting locations without a JL pod mounted there? TIA
  18. The Clarion M608 is a near plug n play replacement for the CMD series. Will not support old 6-pin wired remotes though, but neither will any new media units.
  19. Hello everyone, I need to replace my stock stereo in a few weeks. Unfortunately, the stocker is an odd size stereo (large) over the billet aluminum MB base plate. The new standard sized stereo will not cover the old hole. How have some of you addressed this? Just a black ABS cover plate (auto industry standard)? Has anyone CNC'd a new aluminum plate (either to put on top of the old one or replace it)?
  20. 2013 F-21 with Indmar 5.7l. Have changed prop but still struggles a bit to get to surf speed with full ballast (1800 hard tank, 1800 rear and 400 bow) and GSA deployed. New boat or even “new to me boat”, with bigger engine, not in the budget. Anyone tried the Magnum Smart-Tune performance module? Claims 17% HP & Torque gains with 6% fuel efficiency. Any thoughts on why not to do it? $379, figure worth a shot if not going to hurt engine
  21. also can someone point me in the right direction for transferring the warranty on the motor??
  22. Cant wait to get it on the water! Bank says it will take a few week for the previous owners bank to send over the info for them. What advice can you California guys give for getting it out in the water in the mean time?? Two questions. what are the two switches in the attached picture for. they are located by the breakers below the dash.. I can only seem to get bass to play out of the cabin speakers.. when i adjust the tower nob on the dash it adjust the tower, but when i adjust the cabin nob it does nothing?? Thanks for the help
  23. Breathtaking! Congrats on what is proving to be a difficult find for many this year....a high quality, late model year pre owned boat. That is a great, classic, color scheme! It will be one of the prettiest boats on the lake for years to come.
  24. Nice! I can’t believe how quickly that chill tech adds up price wise. Plus you can’t use vinyl cleaner on it, just Dawn and water. We couldn’t afford it so we went with white and light to mitigate some warmer Utah temps. Looks great on the water!
  25. Couple of quick photos from lake test day! It all came together REALLY NICE!
  26. It's all standard vinyl. Being in Michigan I am not too worried about it being too hot. We only get a handful of days over 80 degrees all summer. However, it would probably be a different story if we were in Arizona.
  27. Stormtrooper by day, lightsabers at night. Just starting the interior LEDs. LED Nation builds some nice stuff!
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