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  2. have a 14 f24 im following this i would like to take out my 1100s and plumb bags to my hard tanks, just so they drain quicker, but im not willing to pay through the nose, dealer seams to always want a fortune for parts
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  4. My 2015 F21 with Gen 1 and extra 400 lbs in each rear and 350 in the bow throws a nice wave. It's not crazy big but plenty big enough to have fun on.
  5. So.. Between the three separate app store accounts in my family, I should be covered for three years.... 🤪
  6. I have a 2015 F21 and wanted to add bags plumbed to the existing hard tanks. Is this possible with an older model?
  7. this answers the slapping question: CATS is a Centurion feature that rotates the tracking fins to improve the surf wave.
  8. How do you like the wave compared to your slapped Tomcat?
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  10. Sorry for the FNG question.... (I've owned I/O's but never a surf boat).. What is does it mean to slap it? I was very familiar with slapping it all throughout my teens, but somehow I think this means something different. Also...while I've got you...what is CATS? I see that a lot on some other forums.
  11. Taking her out for the first time with the family tomorrow.
  12. I FINALLY figured this out. Agreed total PITA. Making a video of the process. Hopefully help some other poor soul out.
  13. This is a total PITA. I had to do the same to replace a dead bilge pump. Put a quality bilge pump in so you never have to di it again. You have to unbolt the driver's seat. Then there are some screws in the carpet near the walkway (very hard to find). Then the whole thing floor come up. On my 2005 it was very, very difficult to get back in correctly. I hope to never have to do it again.
  14. I downloaded the free 10 day trial for a Powell trip and loved it. Handy if you get stuck out after dark. You can map out waypoints and it will give you fuel required if you enter your fuel burn at a certain cruise speed.
  15. Slapped 2014, one of the best wakes on the lake. I have 5000 lbs. of ballast and the Indmar 6.0. I run the 2247 prop and turn 3200-3400 rpms at 10.9-11.4. The regular side wave is almost as good but requires a little more speed, right at 11.4 for my boat.
  16. That is good deal man. Did that include tax Schill? Either way it's a good deal, but if that price was OTD, then it was a ridiculous deal. I don't feel TBS charges a premium for their boats like has been mentioned. I've been tracking other dealers and feel my deal on my 22A was as good or better than I could find anywhere.. Like you, the most important part is feeling great when you walk away. (I just noticed the trade part of your post...you probably were liable for much sales tax with because of your trade).
  17. I was happy to pay just over 6 digits for my 2020 B52 in May and felt like I got a good deal, not a great one but with the value they gave me for my trade it made up for it and made me walk away feeling great!
  18. I've heard that manufacturing in Cali makes the metallic paint more expensive than other states because of environmental regs. Don't know if that is true, but I found that interesting...
  19. Thanks so much! I just figured that MB shipped the same bags for all their new boats, good to know.
  20. I’ll let you know. It gets over 110 here in August!
  21. Dustin Brendel told me he recommends 800 x2 in rear and 400 or 500 horseshoe in front for F22a. Your dealer will be the one who installs thr bags, not manufacturer.
  22. Does anyone here also buff wax like carnuba wax, on top of Hot Sauce or Boat Juice Exterior. I haven't but was told to by others.
  23. You will never find a B5223 under 110k, or a F22a under 105. I have prices from nearly all dealers and those are average prices without metallic paint additions.
  24. Thanks! I've just heard horror stories of boats hitting rocks while towing and I know the water levels are pretty depressed. I really don't want to spend the money for a subscription I use 5 days out of the year, so I'm sure it'll be fine.
  25. Anyone get or order a F22/A (typically equipped) for 5 digits before tax? What about an B52/A for under 105K?.... Just looking for someone to idolize.
  26. Regarding powell. there are plenty of "offline map apps" to use. I believe they can track your position via sat. But honestly its easy to use the main channel bouys markers and a map they give you at the pay station.
  27. So the Moomba I was going to buy (until I fell for the F22/A) had a mapping program on it's touchscreen that I thought would be cool for Lake Powell next year. You could drop breadcrumbs and set waypoints...it seemed cool. Now that's not an option with no screen on the MB. I heard Navionics has a decent app for Ios... Was wondering if any one has used it with success? If so... Does it require mobile service to work for navigation? Lake Powell has zero service and that's the only time I would use it. Any other mobile GPS options that would work better (I don't fish, so
  28. Turning in my leased F-150, went with GMC. I have several accessories for sale. These will fit multiple years of F-150, please check the respective websites. BAK revolver X-2 rolling tonneau cover model #BAK-39329, $500 Husky X-ACT Coutour floor liners, #53341 and 53471, $120 Husky Gearbox under seat storage, #09281, $100 Husky Heavy duty bed mat, #16008, $75 Shipping could be tricky, will negotiate. I'm located in MI 49080
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