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  2. Wondering if anyone can tell me what this silver knob does? I have seen it in some photos on other boats as well but cannot figure out its function. My boat is a 2002 220V.Thanks in advance for any input!
  3. I would give the folks at Water Ski Pro Shop a call. I worked with them on my first which is also my current boat and they were very honest and transparent. Ask to talk to Justin. The little scuffs and dings cause me physical pain. Since it is already broken in, you won't be too upset if someone scratches your gel coat. I have four kiddos and the 23 foot boat is excellent--nobody is on top of anyone. Plenty of space to bring friends along.
  4. Looks like they updated the pictures of the 2013 in Boise. Seems to be some scrapes and scuffs. Being new to the sport, are those imperfections that someone would expect for a boat that is 8 years old with 689hrs. https://boise.craigslist.org/bod/d/boise-2013-mb-b52-21/7390038132.html @bloodiestcadaver I am running into the same issue actually. I would like to get the 2011 based on what seems to be the better condition and lower hours, but because its a few years older the length and interest rate are quite great. it also kind of puts the monthly payment a bit higher then we were really w
  5. The rub rail and a few other parts still are not an option from the factory.
  6. Funny you asked. I color coated mine on my Classic and now it’s a factory option. Maybe I’m just the R&D mule!
  7. In my experience with my first boat in 2017. I am not an all cash buyer, I needed financing. I was looking at 8 year old malibu's around that price which were nice, but not up to snuff with the surf features, stereo, finish etc. they would only do 8-10 year loans. New boats were able to do 20 year loans( I have no intention to keep a boat that long). So for me, it made sense to finance a new boat for the same payment as the 10 year old boat on a 10 year loan. I still don't regret it. now we are on our 2nd (2020) . IMO 23 foot is perfect for you and another family to be comfortable on the lak
  8. did you powdercoat them yourself or do they offer color-matching when ordering? those look awesome color-matched.
  9. There are still 3 in the back end of the plate. I think it was 2018 when they simplified the GSA plates.
  10. looks awesome! when did GSA stop putting diverter fins on their plates?
  12. Should just pop out by lifting at edges. I had a 1998 model 210
  13. Congrats! Looks like all your hard work with HRD is paying off.
  14. Forgot to put his contact info. Also your nets shipped out this morning.
  15. Thanks. I ordered them from a guy who posts a lot over on Wake Garage. I had him build a set for my last boat too. Awesome quality and I won’t have a boat without side tow points again. Helps with new riders and vets alike. Also keeps the rope away from the Bimini top.
  16. sweet ride, just ordered some nets. Where did you get the tow points for the board racks? those look great and are super functional
  17. Well it’s MB number five but our first new one in 17 years. The build came out exactly like I wanted it. Added XR1 Overhead Surf Racks and HRD Locker Nets along with a few cosmetic upgrades. Got a some plans for the off season but for now I’m loving it!
  18. Wow, she looks great! Very nice color scheme. We need some interior pics!
  19. Wish the season wasn't over now but I'll get her in the water to run her around. Thanks to the Northwest Boat Sports folks!
  20. We have a 2016 F22, which is very very similar to a 2019. Absolutely love it. It is a surf monster.
  21. Ah, okay makes sense. Yes, the boat market has gone up dramatically over the last two decades with the growth of wake water sports. And the last 1.5 years has gone even crazier with all the money printing the treasury is doing. The positive side of that is that your boat isn't going to depreciate like a car so it's not bad for a depreciating asset. I'm seeing quite a few more boats on the market now and you are buying at the start of the off season so I would definitely negotiate from the asking price. Especially if your max budget is $50k. You need to factor in that you're going to need
  22. I was more referring that I could half as much and buy an early 2000's boat, but would then likely turn around a buy a newer one anyways. Its hard to believe both are nearly $50k, even crazier to think other makes are even more expensive and older. I did come across a 2018 Sanger 215S Surf with 65hrs that is $60k and is set-up from factory with a surf system of some kind. My max budget though really is $50,000. Its hard to say if we are going to want to surf as none of of us have ever even tried it. I have to guess most of us will end up wanting to. It does seem however there are many posts ou
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