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  2. I tried Babes and Hot Sauce last year. Though Babes smells much better (which the Mrs appreciated) the Boat Bling Hot Sauce removed the hard water spots off out black hull more easily after baking in the sun all day. I second Donfather!
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  4. I used to surf behind my friends X30, I believe it was a 2008 and I owned a 2007 Tige RZ2, both boats surfed OK after a lot of tinkering, I bought a 2020 classic in May of 2020 and it blows them both out of the water hands down plus it's super consistent and ready to surf out of the box, the only tinkering I have even done is I added 500 pounds of lead in the bow.
  5. I've been trying to get 2 speakers and my mirror replaced under warranty since last June, I love TBS but man the customer service is starting to go down hill it seems like they are just focusing on selling new boats these days...
  6. How did this work on your boat? Did you end up with something differnt? I was considering this prop or the 2849 for my 2018.
  7. I'm interested, does this work OK on the newer MBs? Located in Ohio 43016.
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  9. 2022 MB Meetup 9th Annual Meetup Details: Date. :June 17-19 Location: Lake Berryessa Night of June 17th: Music on the dock at Markley Cove Marina Saturday June 18th: Let’s tie up and hang out at Houseboat Cove. Come and go as you please No dinner or Raffle this year Shirt and swag details in the near future
  10. I did a test between Boat Bling and Babes and Boat Candy Boat Bling is the best
  11. The current hull configuration is from 2018-2022.
  12. just curious if anyone has tried both, if boat bling is considerably better I may try to sell my remaining babes
  13. Thank you, What years are the 23' Classic?
  14. Night and day. The 23’ Classic is one of the very best, out of the box, surf waves on the market. It’s also one of the very easiest. Just fill up the ballast and pick a side for the surf system, then you are good to go. They are a very deep V hull that rides great in rough water.
  15. Currently have a 2007 mastercraft X15. Works good, but is dated. Do these new hulls really surf, ride and handle that much better? Thanks
  16. My only gripe is the powder coating/paint is shit. both mine had cracking and rusting after one season
  17. I’ve called twice and both times were told someone in the know would contact me. still crickets.
  18. https://unicarve.ru/golovkin-alvares-video-boya/

  19. Perfect, hardly used w/original Acme shipping box. 4-6 Hours total use. $525 + S&H from 48350. I'll post pictures in a couple of days. ACME 2847 4 Blade 15.5" x 15" Propeller (wakemakers.com) -Aaron
  20. $15 + S&H from 48350 12-Blade Impeller Kit - Johnson Pump - 09-812B-1 (marinepartssource.com) -Aaron
  21. Excellent condition w/box and instructions. $45 + S&H from 48350 ACME C-Clamp Prop Puller (wakemakers.com) -Aaron
  22. All Size XL. Unworn. White Factory MB Decal. $15 + S&H from 48350 -Aaron
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