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  2. it is navionics app. allows user to shade areas based in depth, plot, speed, etc. and adjust water level to actual so it is accurate. the control is my GSA controls(gosurfassist). it was added by the original owner.
  3. I'm guessing that's GPS software specific for bodies of water? When I was at Lake Powell I used Google Maps on my phone which was great to tell me where I was on the lake, but I still had to keep a close eye out for shallow areas due to changing water levels. Sometimes those were away from the shore randomly next to really deep areas. The topology of Powell is interesting like that. You see your depth gauge bounce from 300' to 25' while your cruising at 35mph! Also, what's the controller seen right in front of your throttle? I'm thought all the surf and ballast controls had been inte
  4. Yesterday
  5. After we swapped out the plugs and a burnt fuel pump fuse that fixed it.
  6. @Nick did you solve your problem? I replaced HP fuel pump and cant get any power. added a fuel gauge and its reading 40-45. changed plugs as well.
  7. The same thing happened to my boat. It was if they didn’t even look at the options that were ordered.
  8. HRD Locker Nets and Overhead Surf racks.
  9. We are looking at selling our 2008 Supra and ordering a B52 23 alpha. We predominantly surf and our lake is at an elevation of 750’. We want the clamping racks, dual batteries, 4 tower speakers, 8.8s in the interior, runway lights on the trailer, and plug-n-play to name a few. Would the upgraded motor really be worth it? On the trailer we were just doing the tandem with 15” wheels since 90+% of the time we will tow no more than 10-15 miles. Any things you guys can think of would be appreciated.
  10. Unless your boat is different than all the MBs I've seen, the gauge shows water in the hard tanks, not the bags. That being the case, your problem could be that the ballast gates aren't closing properly. Perhaps shine a light into the ballast gate intakes to see if there is debris stuck in there preventing them from fully closing. I once had a whole 11" long dead bass stuck in the ballast intake. Pretty easy for some grass or a stick or something to get stuck in there if you're in water with a fair amount of debris.
  11. cya


    Looking for a lightweight cover for our boat. Like a dust cover for a car. Lightweight, stuff sack, just for use in the garage or outside, not towing. Has anyone seen this type of cover around?
  12. Last week
  13. Welcome to the MB family, you are going to love your boat!! For the swimstep rubber handle we just attach it to the "T" part and not the middle rubber ball, this will make your life 100x easier!
  14. Thanks for the update. Did you actually disconnect the cables from the battery or use the battery disconnect switch? How did you reset the computer? Still learning all the ins and out of my new used boat too.
  15. For anyone else following in the future. I just disconnected my batteries and the computer reset seems to have resolved this issue.
  16. Went out yesterday, ballast gates, trim tab and surf tabs all had no power. Everything else seemed to be fine. Hoping it’s a fuse, where do I troubleshoot first? 2016 F22 Gent on FB had me check the Power distribution Module, I attached a pic of it here, seems to be fine. Everything else on the boat seems to have power, I guess I could check on that. Thanks!
  17. What model year is your boat? Sounds like you have pumps and not gravity feed?
  18. My 2021 is really stiff and hard to pull out, but my rubber handle wasn't screwed on very good from the factory and fell off on the way to the lake. I will be gretting a new one from the dealer.
  19. My ballast tanks are taking in water with the switches off. I replaced the impellers but problem still exists. I’ll ride for 30 minutes and tanks show 1/2 full. Also, any idea where the fuse is for the engine hatch?
  20. Last I checked MB was still needing to make website updates from 2020! 😁 Historically the next model year begins in late July after MB's 4th of July factory break.
  21. yes they are very tight. still this way on my 2020 after two seasons. we usually just secure it at the T handle shape part instead of the ball spot. has not been an issue yet.
  22. Did you you get the software updated? Did it fix the problem?
  23. Am I going crazy or do you mean 2021? My dealer hasn't even gotten the 2022 build slots yet, plus the mb site just updated their design from the 2021 to 2022 a couple of weeks ago.
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