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  2. Could just be stuck. Did you try manually opening them? Lots of threads here on the subject. There's a small Allen wrench attached to the gates that you can use.
  3. Hi, First time posting here. We bought a 2001 mb sport 220. First it blew a fuse, we replaced it, then the next week, it wouldn't start again. Ended up taking it in to be looked at. The hole engine harness had corroded/fused together. The mechanic is having a hard time finding a new one. Does anyone know why it would have done this and where I could find a new one?
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  5. I don't know if this helps ,but my mechanic did an air test
  6. Hi I know this is old but the light on the right ballast switch went out and it does not appear to work. You think it is the actual gate or just the fuse? 2015 F22 any tips would be appreciated
  7. I have a similar problem did you get this fixed?
  8. I have a 2013 B52. I can PM you my number for more details but here's what you want to look for. It's possible the current owner has taken care of some of these already. 1. Motor mounts - Indmar put bad mounts on the engine that fail by getting crushed over time. This causes the prop shaft to get out of alignment and break. Solution is to replace mounts & realign prop shaft. If shaft cracked it must be replaced as well. 2. The OEM PYI shaft seal doesn't last long. The OJ or Glide seal is the recommended replacement. 3. The DrainMaster gate valves need to be lubricated annua
  9. I have heard the mono are good, buy have not been on one yet, I can tell you to get a Neptune, They are super fast and very stable. I had 7 people ride mine and they all loved it,
  10. MB has some old covers in stock call them directly. Another option is call Cory at Evolution covers or call Ian at Only inboards.
  11. Some have had issues with the tower breaking or cracking. I believe also some have had issues with motor mounts. Knock on wood I haven’t. The only issue I’ve had were the ballast gates breaking/failing. I replaced them with Valterra’s and so far so good. If you search those topics there’s some good info on them. Enjoy your new boat.
  12. Hey all - Previous Supra and Nautique owner here. I searched through the forum but maybe I missed it. I'm hoping to hear if there is anything specific I should look out for with the 2013 F21 model. Definitely excited about potentially joining the MB club. Hope this sale works out but let me know if there is anything I should look out for or feel free to share a link with a thread that already covered this topic! Thanks!
  13. Does anyone out there know the model number of the steering rotary helm. I need to replace mine and am having great difficulty finding one. I have a 99 boss 210. Thanks
  14. Hello mlycan, just curious if you might have some model # for the steering rotary helm? I need to replace my rotary helm... any ideas. Thanks. I have a 99 boss 210. What year is yours?
  15. I have a 2004 B52 Team Edition with 500 hours. As of lately, there is a very rough and loud clanking and crunchy noise coming from underneath the cockpit when idling and moving in either direction? I'm a new boat owner, and would appreciate some help trying to identify what that could be from? Boat still goes just fine, but the sound is fairly concerning.
  16. I have a 2004 B52, with the triple-up ballast system. The front tank fills and empties no problem. The rear and left tanks do not do either. you can hear the left tank try to fill, and will shoot a little water when trying to empty. The right tank doesn't even try it seems. No noise or anything. I was hoping to get some help prior to paying someone to diagnose. Maybe the pumps? Any help is appreciated!
  17. Purchased a B52 21’ wide body and it has an 14.5 x 14.25 prop. Very seldom do we use the boat for surfing. Right now at 4000 rpm’s we are at 32 MPH. Would like to change the prop out to lower the rpm’s some at cruising speeds. From what I could find, the boat came with a 1125 (13.5 x 16). Should I go back to the stock prop or is there something in between?
  18. Thanks octane is 87 ethanol less than 10%
  19. I contacted Indmar awhile back with a oil/oil filter question. I asked if Rotella T5 15w40 is good to use and he said yes. He also gave me a list of oil filters. Ours is a 13 so I’m pretty sure it’s the same motor.
  20. How do you access the driver side interior panel to tighten the cleat?
  21. AZ_MB


    Thanks @erstanl! I hope I never need these instructions but it's good to have them here.
  22. We service mid summer. Got tired of dealing with having to go warm up boat on cold day, never gets that hot anyways. Oils are such good quality these days, no harm in leaving the half used oil over the winter. We run Rotella 5w40 (blue jug). Have almost 1,000 hours with zero issues. Like I said we’ve been servicing mid summer, so much easier to deal with. Good luck happy boating !
  23. We have confirmed with indmar in the past that 87 octane is fine for the 400/440. however there has been talk of the pumps allowing 15 percent ethanol and indmar is not okay with that. I have been using ethanol free so far this year. I just dont want any warranty issues as well
  24. I just got a Mono Wakesurf, Rasta board. It’s a great riding board so far. Mono is great to work with too. Had my red board to me in less than a month. they are a little wider with plenty of floatation so they run shorter lengths than others. I’m 6’ tall 208lbs and the recommended a 4’6”. I was skeptical but it’s fast and a fun ride.
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