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  2. For sure, And to be fair, this post was giving them props. They did me a solid and I'm super happy with my interior now. I will still always head to the TBS first and allowing them to earn my business before going elsewhere. I know a 2/1 tranny is in the works. That, plus the power tower, new cockpit switches, and new boatmate trailer might give an itch to upgrade next year. I love Centurion as well, but the 245 is out of my budget
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  4. So far I have had no issues with the new crew. They just don't know me and to them Im not a "2 time boat purchase" customer. I feel like that helps lol.
  5. Yea Jason came by my work yesterday and told me Jaxon is now the service manager at the tige dealer down the street. Germain I think?
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  7. I have a 2021 B52 Alpha 575 Beast. I run it 100% full ballast, with additional weight of 200lb in the nose 150lb midship on each side, and 50 lb in each rear locker. 11-11.3mph, no trim (sometimes a little tab on goffy side to flatten the wave), no cleanup required even with 2 people. Typically don't have more than 6-8 people onboard.
  8. It’ll probably be May before we really get to surf. Need to finish engine brake in, plus water still a little chilly in April and no wetsuits yet. Did you ever go over to Pull? They’ll be happy to do on water demo. Looks like someone else with a Supra faded it in on something from them. Boat should get delivered soon, weather dependent.
  9. Nice! That looks pretty good especially for 'out of the box'. Keep me posted when you get to start riding it!
  10. I test drove and am purchasing a 2023 B52 and this is how I set up the boat. With 2 people I did find sometimes I needed to let a little out of the starboard ballast to clean up the regular wave, but that’s about it. Otherwise almost exactly how you describe.
  11. Looks like you can get heated passenger seat now as well. I inquired about upgrading the steering wheel from a 23 model and it was almost $900 for the 2024 wheel.
  12. I’m purchasing a B52 from Pull, worked with Mike. This is the all white F22 they have right now. Awesome wave right out of the box zero tweaking I just filled everything all the way up hit the surf side and that was it. I found on regular side I had to dump a tiny bit of ballast on starboard side with just 2 of us in the boat to clean the wave up. Goofy was clean no matter what. No messing with pitch and roll, only real adjustment is the center tab, I was running at 20%. You can lengthen the wave with the plate or steepen it. I really like the simplicity of the boat. Happy to talk about my experience so far. I’ve looked at all the brands and decided to go MB. IMG_3209.mov IMG_3206.mov
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  15. Kyle over at the Boat Shack has been responsive now that Jaxon is gone, so that's good news. I will let you know how things go, hopefully, things come together quickly so the boat is ready for early spring trips. MB has a few of my cushions, so it's a little hard to boat without them.
  16. Don't know if you saw my other post O- But Jaxon left recently. I'd get on them quick while it still might be top of mind.
  17. Yeah, I remember you having the somewhat similar issues. Maybe my posts with pictures were enough to move the needle because the "old" TBS didn't want anything floating around that didn't reflect their passion and commitment. My boat did have to put the wear n tear on the trailer to go back to the factory, but we are happy it looks like it should have to begin with now,
  18. Yeah, I want to give the new guys a chance, but so much of the TBS charm was doing biz with word of mouth and a handshake. I'm a little worried but my fingers are crossed.
  19. I've never tried polishing wax on top of Hot Sauce or Boat Juice Exterior, but it sounds like an intriguing concept from others.Magic 8 ball online
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  22. It is frustrating to have fitment concerns with the MB Bow Divider and warming tray in 2023 vehicles. If numerous boats have the same problem, it may be due to a design or installation error. Have you reached out to MB for advice or a solution?
  23. No more Jaxon? Thats sad news. Boat shack has changed and I was thankful he was still there. He was the only one that will "remember" all the things that I need fixed that they still haven't been able to do.
  24. Better then what I got. After 3 years they finally just took have my boat apart and are re doing just the pieces. I worry my color will match. But Im sure thats all MB would approve.
  25. I am waiting for basically the same thing. Hopefully, the MB and Boat Shack will also come through for me.
  26. Some remember I bought by white/sfg 23A right when covid was picking up steam. It was when one of the interior employees was deported and the main lady tragically passed away (from C19 I hear). Any way, my brand new boat arrived with very shoddy material and stitching. I was told TBS would make it right in the slow season. They were too busy. This year was the last before warranty expiration and I made them promise me it would be done. They sent in pics to MB. The work was approved. My white interior was so bad they stopped making it, so they delivered my entire boat back to the factory in CA to get a brand new interior installed, I even chose different colors. It will be , in some ways, like getting a new boat. We are super excited. It's finally here and I plan on picking it up after some other work is dine. I'm super excited to post pics next week!!! Anyway.. Just wanted to give credit where it's due, TBS and MB made it right.
  27. I do too!! Just not quite there, although there are number of upgrades from my MY21 52A I'd love the power tower to tow down and I'd love the Boatmate trailer compared the POS metalcraft that can't technically pull it.
  28. We own MB's so lets pretend we aren't biased. That said, I agree with @oboyskibum. These are incredible bang for your buck surf machines. No going to class to learn how to fine tune the wave. Fill it, flip the switch, cruise at 11.2-.11.6. and experience a top three wave on the lake. The boat LOOKS well above it's price point with all the allowed customization and powdercoating allowed. They are switching to a 2 to 1 tranny, so the base engine should be plenty for your region. The saying true, don't just buy the boat, buy the dealer. Utah had on of the best dealers but it was just sold recently and the last OG (Jaxon) just put in his 2 weeks notice, so fingers crossed. I see MB as the best "meat n' potatoes boat. The money and value is where it should be. No fancy screens to break or that draw you a cartoon picture of water flow. Limited tech and decent sound. Open the gates. Fill up all the sacs. toggle rider and have a blast. Boat will be loud with the Ford, but will handle the rough water with the aplomb of a 259K Centurion. You will get a lot of compliments in the MB. The only other whip I would contemplate is a Centurion 245, but only then, if rates dropped and my MB dealer turned sour under new ownership. GOOD LUCK and keep us in the loop brother!
  29. I live on Lake Lanier and have a Supra SA400 currently. We do have a MB dealer nearby (Pull Watersports). Post up those surf wave pics! I wanna see that long and clean wave to know if I wanna consider ever making a change!
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