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  2. Sorry - Just seeing this... If someone has all of the documents I would be happy to host them on the site for future reference. Shoot me a message and we can get the documents uploaded.
  3. I couldn't Agree more the supercharged motor in a 23 B52 is the only way to go! Love mine...Spool and Whine on!
  4. There is no center tank or bag. There are bags above tanks in the lockers and a hidden nose bag. The only tank in the middle is the 65 gallon fuel tank.
  5. get the supercharger and noise is no longer an issue!
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  7. I asked for a video of it lifting a boat and never heard back.
  8. Clean the transmission and try a fluorescent dye. If it's leaking, you'll see where it's leaking from. Start with the transmission as it's at a lower point. If no leaks, then try the engine. The engine could be leaking onto the transmission making it look like it the transmission leaking. Also, there's a viscosity and smell difference between engine oil and transmission oil. Put a little new oil on each finger and feel and smell the difference. Transmission oil smells rank when compared to engine oil. Then compare to the leaking oil. Just learned this trick myself.
  9. Whatever happened with this I am having the same problem?
  10. Unfortunately this is an industry wide issue with most brands. They aren’t like cars and they are very territorial. Each dealer works to take care of their own customers and “if” they have time they will do others. Don’t even get me started on the one time warranty transfer to only the second owner. The entire boating industry needs to fix this if they are going to charge over $100k on a day boat.
  11. AZ_MB

    New boat

    Looks sharp! I like the grey interior.
  12. This was definitely the case with the s238 and the s211(?). I believe the new S220 and S240 are getting good reviews for surfing. I want to demo surf the S240 really bad.
  13. At the Detroit Boat Show, a vendor had a boat lift attachment.. It's a geared wheel that's powered by any screw gun instead of an electric motor. The geared wheel rides against the boat lift winch wheel. The screw gun along with the geared wheel apparently has enough torque to turn the lift wheel and thus raise and lower a boat. The vendor was called Lighting Lift. The whole kit was $200 I think. The guy was working on his website so it's no available yet, but LightingLift.net. Are these mechanisms able to lift boat? My boat is only 3600 lbs dry. I've seen pictures of one somethi
  14. I was a the Detroit Boat show today and they had the 3rd ever 25' MB B52. It sold in 2 hours. The boat was huge! On the trailer, I couldn't even see into the boat. Overall the show was really good. They had all wake surfing brands at the show. There was an electric boat and a boat with tank treads.
  15. AZ_MB

    New boat

    Congrats! Looks really nice. Any interior shots?
  16. The B52 has a Center hard tank versus a bag.
  17. Neo

    New boat

    I can’t wait till may… it’s painful. B52 Alpha, 440 high elevation prop.
  18. Having this problem with a Rickter hull I purchased in AZ. California DMV says I need to submit a emission Certificate. How did you get by that?
  19. Sorry to hear. My experience with MB has always been positive when I've worked with them. Mike Sanchez always helped me out. Not sure if he is still there. I completely agree with you, this shouldn't be a difficult issue to resolve and MB should be able to call the dealer and tell them to get their act together. If the old warranty person no longer works there maybe the new person can be a fresh start?
  20. MB played around a little at the start, I was speaking to the warranty guy last August/Sep,( who’s no longer with MB) it was always the same “let me call them” then I’d hear nothing for two weeks,I’d call back same thing again, this went on to November, finally after saying I’d have to go the legal road if I they couldn’t even sort a simple appointment date out I get a call from WCBC, “ here’s a date end of November see you then” sort of deal, definitely weren’t happy on the phone. It’s my first boat so I’m new to it all but Jesus its $140k not some Toyota Prius i bought, I could of went wi
  21. Is MB communicating with the dealer to help you out? Can you get the dealer and MB on a conf call with you or at least a group email?
  22. Thanks for the reply , Sorry for the confusion, so it’s in for its 20hr service ( which I’m paying for) I was told by MB I can goto any place who is a Indmar service rep or business! I have a few issues on the boat with that are under warranty, so when I first called WCBC I was looking the warranty work! Once they finally accepted the boat after months of back and forth with MB, I brought it to the Centre I said I’ll get them to service it as I’ll be paying them rather than someone else! Again I fully understand that the customers that bought a boat with them are priority, but in NO stage of
  23. Man, I'm sorry you are frustrated. It would be hard to carve out a relationship with a particular dealer only to have to leave shortly after purchase. I guess where there is ambiguity is in the term "warranty work". I don't believe routine, or even first, service is part of MB's warranty. That's usually something that you can negotiate in with your (for you unfortunately) selling dealer. In other words, I don't think a dealer gets reimbursed for routine or scheduled service, which means you are asking the new dealer (who didn't receive a penny from you) to go through the exp
  24. Has anyone on here experienced a problem with getting warranty work done?m with a dealership that you didn’t purchase the boat from? My wife and I bought a F22 alpha from California skier last year, we had been looking for 6-8 months for a boat we liked and subsequently found one, problem being we had just moved from SoCal to NorCal, we tried having the boat transferred or sold to West Coast Boats but California skier didn’t want to do that which I understand! I asked would there be a problem getting the boat serviced or worked on from West Coast boat Centre, I was told no it’s fine,
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