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  2. Great Video! The hardest part was getting mine back it. Just wouldn't slide under the seat bases.
  3. Yes, you are correct. I unbolted it before I knew this simple trick 🙄
  4. Hey there! Welcome. Post a pic of your new boat. I have the original owner's manual from my 2005. Not much info in there that is helpful about the general operation of the boat. The real key bit of info is the PCM Owners Manual. It is really good as it outlines all of the service intervals as well as instructions on how to perform the basic maintenance. Also has part numbers for all items (impeller, filters, & fluid specs). Here is the link --> https://pcmengines.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/imagesOwners-Op-Manual-2008.pdf Print this out and keep it on your b
  5. That is a tough one. How is it that the top part of the tower is missing? I've heard good things about the Monster MTK Tower. Easy to install and solid. Going to run about $2500 though with Racks & Bimini. 😬 Some of the other towers that look more impressive are likely far more expensive. Post a pic of your new boat!
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  7. Man! Gorgeous and classy! So awesome, it would be cool to get pics throughout the process. Like @oboyskibumsaid in another thread, the ability to customize almost endlessly really sets this brand apart. Heck, my dealer even asked if I wanted to powder coat my exhaust and surf tabs. I kind of wish I would have lol. I came within a day of buying a Moomba (I thought MB's were more than I could afford) and became pretty active on their forum. As much as I love the Moombas, every boat that people are designing and getting delivered seem to look very similar. Even the Supras kind
  8. interior gives off that vintage boat look. I like it!
  9. For me I will chase the biggest wave for the money. For me a better wave is more fun to surf and allows me to progress faster. Just like a bigger mountain is more fun to ski or snowboard, and nicer golf course is more fun to play. The best skis won't make me a world cup ski racer or the best surfboard wont make me a pro surfer but they will take me to the next level faster if I put in the work. I agree pick a boat that suits your needs, figure out how to make the best wave possible, and then have fun.
  10. TRUTH! So many people chase the biggest wave on the market yet barely carve while surfing. Both the 22 and the 23 will put up a great wave that you can easily throw down any surf move, if you have the drive and talent. A $300k Paragon can’t guarantee you will ever land a 360. Just like a $3k set of golf clubs can’t guarantee you a hole in one. Pros can land half of their moves behind a Bayliner. Pick the boat that best suits your needs, style and budget, then enjoy your boat and don’t look back!
  11. I recently purchased a 2003 MB Sports 220V and sadly it is missing the top half of the folding tower. Two questions... Anyone out there have a partial or complete tower for this year / model or... anybody have a suggestion on a complete new set up. It has to be able to fold down easily. Skylon Swoop tower. Thx...
  12. One thing I don't really care for about "wave videos" is that they represent one setup on one particular day. Also, not all waves that look "equal" feel "equal". For that matter, sometimes waves that look better feel worse. Not saying that is the case between the 22 and the 23 but it is surely the case between other boats. I've seen some wave videos and pics from other people's F-22s (non alpha) that look very very diferent than the wave we make behind our own F22. There's really no substitute for a thorough demo and even then, you won't see the best wave the boat can produce. It too
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  14. Does anyone know where to find a replacement insert?
  15. I just wanted to point it out. I saw a B52 delete and the MB looked odd to me way up front by itself on the port side. Just giving you whole new things to doubt your decisions about again. 😂 seriously it’s easier to change now rather than later. There is no wrong choice.
  16. I would do them same color gumpy... I think the back one pulls it off as the boat is all same color.. unless your really set on it, get what you like
  17. Here a good visual. The B52 logo would like exactly like this against the white hull. There would be the big box accent stripes (not pin stripes) in SF. The MB logo, bottom hull, swim platform, and exterior powder coating would all be SF. Maybe I should should play it safe and see if they can still do SF B52, it’s just with the alphas putting a space between the B and 52 (the classics didn’t), it seemed like a lot of real estate dedicated to words.
  18. I see what you’re saying. Shoot. My biggest concern is that I am doing the “box striping” in sea foam and if the “B52” in white totally blends in with the hull, it might leave an awkward space. The black boat gets a way with a bit because there is no striping, so it doesn’t create a space in the box. Does that make any sense ?
  19. Now imagine the other side of the boat with the red MB in the front and the black MB in the rear.
  20. I was confused on your post, but yea this looks great!
  21. Hmmm. Didn’t really think about that. This is the only picture I could find that did what I wanted by making the logo the same color as the hull. Of course mine is white, but this is kind of what I wanted. But I get the asymmetry thing.
  22. Agree. I did the b52 delete on my 2020 classic and it looks super clean. But they are on the back
  23. The odd thing for me on these logos is it used to be that the MB was always at the back of the boat with the model being forward on the boat. On the Alphas they changed that. It reads MB B52 on both sides. That means if you did a B52 delete or color differences like you are saying, it will be forward on one side and toward the rear on the other side. I’m not a big fan of the asymmetrical design of this. I would prefer the MB to be towards the rear on both sides. You might ask about that.
  24. I’m not sure how that will look. Could look great. If it doesn’t you can always remove them all and get them powder coated same color locally.
  25. I need a friend like that. I can’t wait until mine starts down the line. A part of me would love to get photo updates of the boats assembly, but there is a part of me (I know...it sound childish) that just wants to wait and be surprised with my whole family once it is delivered. I’m a little nervous because I did my “B52 model logo” a different color than my “MB logo” on the side of the boat. My B52 will be white while the MB will be SF...I hope it doesn’t create an awkward white space, but I thought it was something different and pretty clean.
  26. Yes, on having one built, we are told it should be done around 1st week or second week of March.... Post your photos as you get them it’s fun to watch these go together, super excited!!
  27. I went down their a few years ago on our last boat, so I just called and talked to guy I talked to then. I’m not sure on how long the process takes. are you having one built?
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