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  2. 2017 B52-23. I was looking to just test the movement on my GSA tabs while on the trailer in the garage as I am starting work to optimize the surf wave on this new to me boat. Read some other posts about them not engaging down far enough with some of the software in the Surf Switch controller even though they show 100% on the screen. I found the dealer menu code elsewhere on here and entered it successfully, put the code in and found the Tab Test Mode option. But once I get there, no option exists to actually move the surf tabs. Is this because I need hardwired switches to do this and
  3. It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s got a cover that weighs in heavy, just like the boat. I’ve contacted CYA Covers about making their lightweight cover for the new 25. I’ve gotta think that all you new 25 owners would want something super light, rather than fighting the heavy cumbersome canvas towing cover. Put a call into CYA Covers so they can get enough orders to make it worth their while. I’m number one on that list. And if you’ve got the 23, they’ve already got you covered. For those wondering about the tiny size difference from the 23 to the new 25, take a look at the last picture, their
  4. Beautiful boat @rsargentjr! Love the color combo. Thanks @creativefletch for reinforcing what @J10has found with his boat. Can’t wait to hear all about your findings on the 25 in the near future
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  6. Having the same problem as the person above. Trying to register a rickter in california.
  7. @BTown801that is scary about the axis last week! I had the same concern on full inside diameter to not restrict any flow. We are headed out of town next week for a month so this will be a July project to finish for me. let me know if you find a seacock and I will do the same. It can’t be that hard to find right?
  8. Changing my sea strainer to that one and adding a seacock is on my to do list. It’s insane to me that MB doesn’t put them on from the factory. The one thing I read about these a while back is to make sure that they are full inside diameter so they don’t restrict. I had to close the seacock on my father in laws Axis last week, that boat wanted to go to the bottom of the lake.
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  10. I think you could easily find something at the local hardware store to work perfect
  11. I used the Lenco "Airboat" Tab on my B52, easy install once you get over drilling holes. But a center tab will not steepen your wake, it will actually flatten it out. What speed and weight are you running in the boat?
  12. Hello, I recently purchased a new to me MB tomcat F21. The model did not come with a center trim tab... the wake seems rounded and not very poppy i spoke with mb and they stated putting one in would be very beneficial for wakeboarding... they would divulge what brand they use and that i would have to go through a dealer... can anyone help point me in the right direction?
  13. Pull the center rear seat up, pull the tray out and look down/back. You will see all of your fuel tank connections: Supply, return, vent, and the sending unit will also be right there. Should be pretty straight forward to replace.
  14. What J10 said is pretty solid. I ride goofy and the wave on goofy side is primo. Portside wave takes some cleaning up as it can get washy. Also, this boat likes weight/ballast. If you are running a small crew or even have less gas or run with less fuel I would grab some lead bags to put in the front center locker. I'm picking up a 25 next week that I'll be putting some more hours on and will get some videos of how to set-up for surfing.
  15. Fuel gauge stopped working. Is there a fuse? Can't find Sending unit to test? Do I have to remove the floorboards?
  16. Fuel gauge not working. Trying to find sending unit on tank. Anyone know where can find repair manual for these boats?
  17. Congrats @rsargentjr! Looks great! You should test her out at at the local lake (Saguaro) before driving home. I'll stop by and help you 😁
  18. I just replaced the stock sea strainer with an Indmar Strainer Pro with the built in flush kit. It took all of 10 minutes and was really easy. The one thing I noticed was no seacock (shut off valve) on the intake hose. Does anyone know what is best for adding one? In-line or one with a flange? The idea would be to shut it off when hooked up to a hose while out of the water for maintenance and wintering.
  19. Final product. Got to the dealer today. Can’t wait to get it on the lake 3B5190D5-0E4F-43D7-87AA-DB512A326A76.mov 3B5190D5-0E4F-43D7-87AA-DB512A326A76.mov
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  21. I Solved. I removed the hose from the outlet side of the sea strainer and ran the garden hose directly into it, this time with the impeller hoses connected. Let it run until the thermostat opened and the engine didn't go past 175 degrees and cooled back down to ~160. I then reconnected the sea strainer and tried the fake-a-lake again. It pulled the water in fine and everything worked. it must've just had trouble getting that initial prime with the partial seal from the plunger. Probably would have been fine on the lake. Thanks for the help!
  22. strainer clogged? also if the impellar was in pieces when you replaced it. make sure none of it is still in the engine
  23. Thanks J10 for the great info. Considering the 23 alpha seems to be the standard for a great surf wave it’s nice to hear the 25 is just as good or better and even simpler to dial in . Recessed Transom Seats and the deep bow are really appealing for us with little kids . Now just got be able to swing the extra $ for the 25’. Thanks for first hand experience and look forward to more details/reviews as time goes on
  24. Hi Dave~ Here is what we have learned so far. (11 hours) Goofy~ Fill all ballast. Set it at 11.6 and ride all day on a flawless wake. You can't mess up the goofy wake. (my wife rides goofy) Regular~ Fill all ballast and start surfing. Open the starboard side ballast until the regular wake cleans up a bit. You will need to dump about a 1/3 of the ballast on that side before it cleans up. Overall the wake is a dream. The boat seems to be back heavy so you will need a full front bag at all times or it will wheelie and shorten the wake. Also, if you don't fill the front, the moto
  25. Creativefletch or J10, Since you both have logged hours now on the 25, how is the wave/wake compare to the 23 or f22. Need to add lead with a small crew ? Looking to order at the end of the year. Thanks for all the info and great pictures
  26. That is what I run on a 2018 b52 23 classic 440. I like it.
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