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  3. adding bow weight will lower your bow ride as well as make the wave longer. It will even lower your surf rpm's
  4. Just bought a 2018 F21 tomcat. Not very experienced w surf boats. Pretty happy w the wave it makes but wouldn't mind having some more length to it. I believe hard ballasts add 1800 lbs, and 2 plugnplay bags 700lbs each. So total of 3200 lbs. No additional weight other than passengers (usually 3 plus surfer). I have a couple questions hoping to get some advice........ The first is that the bow rides really high, too high in my opinion. I am planning on buying lead weight to put into the front and seeing how that works. Does anyone have experience if thats the best solution? How much
  5. This is what I surfed on my 2014 F22 with slappers: an additional 1000# bags in each rear locker and about 500# bag in the bow. fill all bags and built in ballast tanks. Drain non surf side Ballast tank to clean up wave and list the boat to the surf side. Prop may need to be adjusted per your elevation to get to surf speeds. I found that out back in 2014 when I purchased my boat. I brought an extra 800# of ballast bags for the surf side to get a good wave during the dealer demo. The boats shack thought then wave worked stock but with an extra 800# on the surf side we found out how good t
  6. I'll vote for the F24 because I hear it throws a huge wakeboard wake. I'll teach you and your boys to ride and next thing you know you'll be raising little Shaun Murray's! 😁
  7. Last week
  8. Thanks Don, Ya…I run it multiple times, it just seems to leave a significant amount of water for some reason.
  9. 2020 B52 Alpha with 56 hrs loaded with 400 Raptor. Tons of Metal Flake and Pearl Cote. Always on hoist and stored in pole barn. Has Full mooring cover and extra prop. Exhile stereo with 4 tower speakers, heated seat and passenger heater tubes, surf lights Fenton, Michigan. Please Message if you have any questions. Boat is on lift and on water. Available to see in water. $119,000
  10. You can change length of drain time. Or just run drain cycle twice
  11. Read the post from theedgeinc. He is correct. I also can answer your question. PM me your number I can call you. Much easier than a long post.
  12. Just for reference, in our 2016 F22, we typically run a ballast load of between 4500 - 5500 for surfing depending upon the size of the crew that day. For wakeboarding, we typically use no ballast at all (and zero cav plate deployment) but sometimes will fill the 2800 lbs of hard tank ballast. With those hard tanks full, the wake is massive and very aggressive (too much for me). The dealership telling you that additional ballast can't be added is simply talking out of their a$$. Your boat should be more than capable of producing fantastic surf and wakeboard wakes once it is set
  13. Mine doesn't drain all the way either. I would say 15% of the water stays. My timer is set for 3 minutes and is timed well. It's easy to reset the timer. Just tap all four corners of the screen and it will enable the touch screen setup mode. Easy to figure out from there. Before you change any settings, I would take off the fitting off the bag and empty manually after you drain with your timer. It may just fix it all for you
  14. if you run the empty cycle twice, will it drain all the way out? I think those timers are easily adjusted. You could probably just time it with your phone then make your adjustments as needed. I sometimes cycle the fill mode again to make sure but I think mine is pretty dialed because it will quickly start pouring out the overflow
  15. Remember....This is my first surf boat, so be gentle. (21 B52A) Anyway.... When I drain my front sac(k), it leaves a fair amount of water in there. Not just a little, but quite a bit. 1. Is this normal? 2. Any way to improve this...(should I raise the cushions and push the water towards the front whilst draining? Also....my bow sac timer is way off...I just pump in water until it squirts out the side....is this what most do?
  16. as a 2014, this boat should have: 1800# Subfloor ballast, batteries in the floor under the windshield, 3- 5" round gauges multi, tach, zero off) and a GM based motor. Lastly, the last two digits of the HIN should say "14" from 2014-2015 there were major changes to the boat, not necessarily the hull though. Ballast grew to 2800#, Raptor Motor, New "On-off" switches on gate valves, surf systems, and new square LCD in dash
  17. I hope you can dial it in @widdogg You must be a very calm and collected dude! If I thought I was buying a 2016 and it turned out to be a 2014, I would be livid. Even if it surfed/waked well, I'd be upset purely based on depreciation alone and would be looking to be made whole or get my money back.
  18. Everywhere here is awesome. Thanks for all your comments. Keep them coming if you have anything to say, I'm ingesting all the info as it comes in. @oboyskibum - I had surf side ballast full, other empty. Tried both full, as well as maybe 25-50% full (non-surf side) like you mentioned. (Also tried all combinations with wake shaper on/off). Wave was OK, but still washy and not enough push for me to let go. I'm about 185-190lbs and have no problems surfing on other waves. Very frustrated !!!!
  19. The F22 need more weight because the hull is deeper than most older V Drives in fact it was deeper than most any wakeboard boat in 2014. That why I bought it back then. Also the hard tanks run froward in the boat so not all the weight is in the back cover. Are you filling one tank 100% and the other about 50% so the boat is lists? Check out the wake cookbook everyone uses plug and play or some kind of extra weight. vhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LkvTTvD6zbI8gORCEsvKuEI2D4IdqTGZDSoiFgVdGn4/edit#gid=0
  20. Honestly I don't think the F22 hull got changed, the B52 hull got changed. I surfed the F22 when it was new and it needed an extra 400 lbs back in 2014. The listed wave gets good with 800lbs in the rear locker and some weight up front. They started putting in plug and play when they started adding the surf systems. The prop might very well be causing the rooster tail because I haven't heard anyone say they had that kind of problem and I have been involved in the forums since I bought my F22 new in 2014. found another pic for you mine was slapped. Its was the same day so it still had some
  21. No expert here, but based on what I had read, 2016 hull is different than 2014. I would have been pissed if I paid for a 2016, and definitely would demand my money back. Sorry to hear this happened to you and good luck.
  22. So a quick trip out for 3 sets burns 24 gallons? That seems extremely high especially considering that you're not even running full hard tanks.
  23. Oh... and one more thing... does anyone know if the hull design changed on the F22 between 2014 and 2016 or 2017? Thanks!
  24. Thanks. Ballasts are holding water. Cav Plate - I;ve tried all positions I have a Mission Wake Shaper on it. The only thing I don't have is extra ballast. I've got to say, I'm a little disappointed if I can't get a surfable wave with the stock 1800 lbs ballast. I just got out of a much less expensive vdrive boat (15 years old too), and with only 800 lbs ballast it threw a WAY better wake than this. The other thing I'm thinking about is the prop. I remember the seller saying he "upgraded" the prop. Wondering if that screwed with everything. Anyone an expert on props
  25. Not sure what's up with your F22 2014, mine had a great wakeboard wake stock with tanks full. Make sure your cav plate is working and your hard ballast tanks are not draining when you are running. I added plug and play ballasts in the rear lockers and up front, then slapped it and it surfed really good. I lifted my platform a couple inches to clean up the wave. I only ran my cav plate at 25%-50% down. It wasn't as good as my new B52 Aplha 575 beast, but it was good. That pic was on a wavey rough day so it wasn't the best
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