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    Official May 2020 pictures

    couple from this weekend.
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    Time for a new Truck

    Well I got my new truck! loving the room and power of the Ford!
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    Official May 2020 pictures

    Finally got my gatorstep in for my rear seat step. My original plan was to build it 3 sheets high with the bottom 2 sheets only being a 1” thick frame (hollow in the center), and the top sheet being hinged. This would give me the same height as the seats and would also give additional storage When you flip up the top. But, with how freaking expensive the HDPE is I decided to just do this for now. I may revisit the rest of the plan later. But I think this looks good enough to work till the off season!
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    Official May 2020 pictures

    It will probably be a real long time before we see premium price of $1.59 again. This was from 3 weeks ago. Already hiked to $1.87 today. This time last year - $3.19, so can’t complain too much!
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    It’s Almost Done

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    Official May 2020 pictures

    First set of the year tonight in MN!
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    I am so pumped. I just approved the artwork that Josh Potter completed for my new SoulCraft Secret weapon board. This is my second custom board that Josh did for me, the guy does some amazing work. I love the fact that with surf boards I don't have to just have the same old sht pumped out of a factory in China. Thanks Jeff, Kevin and Josh. #15492-SW-4'6_-19.25_quad.pdf
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    Sell me your B52

    I'm not really in the market, but you know what they say..... everything is for sale. Send me an offer. 😁
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    Time for a new Truck

    great choice! the 6.7 is awesome
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    Official May 2020 pictures

    Lake finally thawed today, water not even 50 degrees and had to get in already to keep working on my new dock setup. Stupid cold so be a bit before any surfing.
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    Just put on my Skylocks!

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    Platform Lift

    The scar is not from the platform. It is formed at the lower outside corner of the transom. The sharp corner introduces air into the water as it leaves the sides of the boat. MB rounded the corners on the 18 hull revision.
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    2018 B52 23

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    Raisin' Cain

    Tower Flag

    I had a piece of 1" stainless pipe laying around, drilled a couple of holes to match board rack holes, drilled and tapped 2 more for thumb screws, and half ass polished it. It works really good.
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    Raisin' Cain

    Official May 2020 pictures

    Looks AWESOME!!! My rear seat will need to be re-done after this summer. I think I might do this. No one ever sits there anyway. Has anyone ever added the walk through pads on the engine covers?
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    2018 b52 23 prop ruined

    I like the 2247, im am 3300-5900 feet
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    Ronix RXT 140cm

    This board is SO nice. Ive enjoyed mine. Great price IMO
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    I am about 200lb. I surf my MB and my friends Supra SA typically. To be honest MB has a good wave but the supra is actually bigger when it is slammed out.
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    He surfs behind an mb bro...massive wave. We can surf a banana peel just about
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    2018 B52 23

    GLWS, new ones are 90+. Might be the best 23 ft surf wave in the business.
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    I'm clueless and need help!

    If it is anything like my 2017, I always just filled it up all the way or most the way, about 10.9 give or take and drain the opposite surf side till the wave looked nice. If you have people in the boat throw them up on the bow, or use less wait total and a little center tab if needed to help bring the bow rise down. It takes time, but eventually youll get it. basically you want it to lean to the surf side a bit, and it will make the wave nice
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    A buddy of mine is needing some lead for the tige, and I wouldn’t mind a few more bags. Does anybody have a discount? Last time I bought leadwake.com. The bags have held up good and seem to be nice
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    Both Lead Wake and Wake Ballast have been good to me
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    Sirius xm radio in MB boats

    xm is garabage
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    Official May 2020 pictures

    cool! I've done the same process for my overhead wakesurf racks. 1/2" HDPE.
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    Official May 2020 pictures

    Looks great! Did you cut the HDPE yourself? Where did your get the material from and how much?? Did you hinge it?
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    This is from a 2017 B52 23'... -Aaron
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    2020 MB B52 Swim Step

    Thank You!Using the handle works perfect!
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    Cabin seat hold down hardware

    Ok yea, I think your good! Post pics when done! I plan on doing this as well, If I ever get my boat
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    Cabin seat hold down hardware

    Here is the mechanical drawing. The OEM one on my seat measures about 7/8” tall and just over 3/4” wide. Pretty sure this is it.
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    Cabin seat hold down hardware

    Well if anyone is interested in getting this piece as well, I think I found it. The mechanical drawings on their site seem to match the measurements I took. Ended up being $20 after shipping. Will let you know if it doesn't work! https://www.eberhard.com/products/door-holdbacks/664-668-series/20532
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    Just put on my Skylocks!

    if you are looking for some let me know as I sell them on OIB and will hook you up! These things are legit and were super easy to install.
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    PROPS......2018 MB B52 23' 440

    Under acme recommendation, I ran a 3407 to compare to a 2247 last summer. The 3407 had a bit better holeshot and RPMs were very similar. The only thing is it had a slight vibration that was very annoying. I sent it back and they said they found a slight bend in one of the edges. I ended up sticking with the 2247 rather than swap again as it was late in the season. I'm interested in trying a 3065 as well. I'm pretty sure AWS in CO runs that prop on all their 400 boats as well.
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    The Donfather

    2020 MB B52 Swim Step

    Use the handle as the lock point not the ball
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    The Donfather

    No heat out of heater

    Has it worked in the past. If new sometimes MB does not hook up because of winter deliveries
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    Steering Wheel Covers

    Awesome thanks for the reply
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    Go surf assist issues/surf issues.

    Hmmm. Interesting. My nephew fired up the boat while I was pulling anchor. Will check tomorrow morning and report back. I hope that it is something that simple. Thanks for the info
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    Go surf assist issues/surf issues.

    Stole the words out of lots of mouths...quick trigger finger!
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    Go surf assist issues/surf issues.

    When you start the boat did you turn the key on and let it do it’s full sweep on the gauges before you turned it over? I’ve made this mistake in the past and it won’t allow the tabs to move. It has to go through its full startup sequence before you turn the engine over. Not sure if this was your problem but it’s a starting point.
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    Yes I agree. 2247 is a great prop for higher elevation as well. I would like to get a 13 pitch in addition to my 2247, But they are pricey. 2247 can be found all day long and seems more common. I think the boat shack recommended the 3065? . it was a 15x13 with extra pitch. he said it would feel closer to the 2247 but give you that little bit of less pitch
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    Gatorstep Armrest - B52

    If all else fails, just grab a piece of paper and template one.
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    The Donfather

    2019 B-52 23’ For sale!

    No he is not allowed. Just like you are not allowed .
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    The Donfather

    slide out swim step vendor?

    Post a picture of what your putting it on. LOL
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    Wake Master

    Surfing in current

    What is the depth of the river? You heed at least 15 feet of water under the boat to generate a great wake.
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    Ahoy! You need to fill the hard tanks completely first then close the gates. You can monitor the hard tank ballast level progress with the gauge by toggling between port and starboard ballast. Once hard is full then turn on you pumps and fill away. Water will shoot out of vents when full. The manual mode does nothing after a firmware upgrade was performed. They locked that function out. You don't need it.
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    OFFICIAL April 2020 photos

    Got the boat out last week, and also finally took the time to build a board rack for the storage unit. Don’t worry they aren’t all my boards!
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    Indmar V – 2.3 qt (2.18 L) Main Gearbox Indmar ATF 872006 1.25 qt (1.18 L) V-Drive Unit Indmar Synthetic 50 Transmission Oil 872009 360, 400 and 440 Models – Semi-synthetic 5W-30 oil meeting the API rating of SN
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    Wake Master

    2020 b52 23 speaker question

    There is a Diff Input switch on the AMP it may be set incorrectly. Try turning this on/off and see if that solves your noise issue.
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    PROPS......2018 MB B52 23' 440

    Got my 2849 coming in the mail, going to try it Thursday see how she works.
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    Ok, that wave looks like relative garbage. It really does.
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