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    Well I got my boat back and should be able to get to the lake tomorrow. The fuel sensor was replaced after lake testing. Mike nice enough to throw on some new Boat Shack Guide pads and replace my cracked trailer jack wheels. Thanks guys!
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    New F21 Tomcat

    Just wanted to post some pics of the new F21. Hinged seats!!!
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    Now that I have gotten pretty good at riding out the 360s, I have started working on my airs...here are some pics of this weekend. I still have a lot of work to do but this is my 3rd summer surfing and it's only 4 months long so...excuses
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    another way to "practice" is to drop an anchor with a buoy out in the middle of nowhere. Then practice bumping the buoy with the nose/ swim platform from different approach angles. It will help to get the feel for using the small bumps on the throttle and also the limitations of the maneuverability of these boats.
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    new owner

    Went from a 2004 supreme to a 2020 b52. Night and day.
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    Chelan and MB = Killer vacation

    https://youtu.be/Z7B5XrFNGUM Cant figure out how to embed video and its pissing me off.
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    Yeah that was day 3 of 7 days at Shasta. It snapped on Sunday around 4:00pm. We woke up at 4:00am Monday to drive 860 miles round trip around Oregon to get a new shaft, flex coupler and prop. Did a late night install and had it on the water at 9:00am on Tuesday. Only lost one vacation day and have a story we will never forget! Huge thanks to Jake Hurley and Brian Olgovie for getting me towed in and helping with the tear down/install. It was a team sport. MB owners are the bomb!! Pretty sure we hold the record for new shaft parts run and install!!
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    I like the practice approach dinging the buoy, and appreciate the feedback. Slip is starboard side coming in. Light stat upgrade Sunday night. Leaned in on the reverse and bumped the ass a little early on the near dock (id short putted the last one leading to the clusterfuck so wasn’t going to do that again), bounced out a little bit and turned ahead forward to starboard to get the rear out, reversed hard left to mitigate some of the starboard pull, straightened out with a little bump to port and backed in smooth. No assistance required and feeling like I’m learning to plan / adjust / execute. It was a 2 beer docking of course, so that hypothesis is still a high r^2 😂 Will get my straight in game tight by bumping buoys (and have the wife take some runs like that too so she gets the feel of it) for if shit hits the fan and keep tuning up the back in. Or maybe back in with a beer and nose in if no beer... I’ve now got the confidence bias of the last one. Any wind / roughness I’m definitely going straight in... now struggling if I should make the switch or keep on trucking... Will update on the next one and ask the houseboat bro at the end of the slip if he has any footage to provide for yalls amusement! Thanks again for the advice and support 😉.
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    Pics of the boat:
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    Which Hole ? giggity giggity

    Big clean surf wave. Not saying I'm unhappy but hey, when there's other holes laying around, a guy gets curious you know. 🤷‍♂️
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    The Donfather


    I had 4 more spam accounts I deleted this morning
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    Hola crew- Looking for some general feedback / guidelines / advice / to catch some flak in the pursuit of knowledge on docking in a slip... As mentioned in my welcome, I’m just excited to be here. First time boat owner this month, and in a wet slip at a beautiful lake in AZ. I’ve been aware there’s a steep curve and respect the challenge and joy of a well operated cruise in this phase. I had low expectations around my ability to dock like a boss - but excited for the challenge and to become more skilled on the water. Slip is a little tight, and it’s maybe A little under 25’ from the end of my slip to the start of the other side of the row with some asses and noses out maybe a foot on both sides randomly I’m about 8 docks in, with a 50% HOLY SHIT THAT WORKED, 25% that was rough but we made it, 25% thank god for the unnamed American hero that aggressively intervened out of the kindness of their heart and got me into the slip ratio. Sequencing looks like this - it’s usually me, wifey, and my 9/11 year old boys. 1) night one - #blessed, calm conditions, sun setting, 1 beer, great 4 hours or so on boat: PULLED IN STRAIGHT AHEAD PARKED THE GREEN MACHINE LIKE A GOT DAMNED BOSS. Focused, efficient, and effective like Cedric: 2) day 2: solo mission shit show - went out to clean up / organize a little bit, early morning glass so I went out for a great cruise / 0 beers and it’s heating up + my 2 waters are empty from prep thirst. Coming back slow and steady. Slip apparently shrunk by the 8” or so on each side in extra room I had when I rented the slip. 40 minutes later some pushes off / some rounds of bumper dock (no other boats dinged up but some close calls / fender and push saves), with 4-5 exits and re-entries to line it up and take another run, a fellow mb owner heroically and graciously comes to my rescue. Hops on the boat at the end of the slip, helps park the thing with a back in and gives me some coaching and tells me that’s the move. She was incredible. Her grace and fearless abandon in boarding and salvaging my trainwreck knew no bounds. #AmericanHero1 I was aware of the nerves / potential challenges, but this was my first trench-experience of failure to land. I’m now also converting to a back in guy based on the above factors. 3-8) Couple other good ones, one shot where my dude 5 slips down and his great kid helped out with a little guidance, and a super clusterfudge yesterday with some storm / wind / waves (I ended up laying against the dock on the opposite side and hero 2 swam over grabbed rope and a crew of younger / great thundercats from another B52 pulled my ass in - #AmericanHero(s)2), I’m now trying to reassess and inform my dock strategy. Im putting the reserve panic ‘Option C’of the rope pull in on the books (hadn’t seen / wasn’t aware of that one - hopefully not needed but if all else fails...). Also took some notes on giving it a little more gas (I’ve undershot my reverse thrust and came up a few feet short / rolled past the entrance). Shopped dock poles for wifey to snag the dock tie downs (U-shaped metal loop, not cleats on the side), and actually ordered a hook and moor to elevate our ‘Option B’ skills (she helps pull in if I’m a little off): https://www.fisheriessupply.com/new-england-rope-hook-and-moor-telescoping-boat-mooring-hook I’m wondering if I should reassess the back in vs straight in approach. I’m over-correcting less and more comfortable / accurate on going where intended. Throttle was also loose as shit but that’s tighter now so it’s easier to bump forward / reverse / lock neutral. Thanks Ryan again for the coaching. Any other general advice / feedback (beyond carrying maybe a total wine or amazon gift card for hero’s I don’t deserve but need that emerge)? Should I institute a 1 beer rule and put one down (all massive failures are 0 beers, all successes were 1 or 2 beers depending on how long I was out there). I’m kind of a lush off the water, so I never bring more than 2 and generally avoiding drinks while operating (maybe one every 2-3 hours). If you won’t do it for me, do it for them Loving it so far and committed to getting this right, so thanks for any feedback / help ya’ got!
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    Larson Marine

    West Coast Boats in Rocklin is the new NorCal MB dealer. MB had a good run with Larsons and looks forward to a long relationship with WCB. We are excited to have a top notch service center for new and existing MB owners. There first shipment of 2021 models is in the works and will arrive soon.
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    Just to update my post I got the new mounts and propshaft installed and the boat is smoother than it’s been in a while... MB stepped up to the plate when I called them and took care of the issue with a customer satisfaction deal that I am happy with so I’m pleased to say mb gets credit for taking care of me on this deal!!!
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    We have 3 23 Alphas headed our way as I type this. 22 Alpha, another 23 Alpha, 22 classic after that, then two more 23 alphas and a 23 classic after that. SUUUUPER pumped for 2021
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    And Go Don't forget to put you picture on the Calendar pager if you want to be considered. I will probably put it together in October/ November so you can get your copy by Christmas
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    Never contribute, but what the hell...
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    Here are a few pics from the 4th on Shasta.
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    Boating vacation with no boat

    Mike just called me personally, they were closed on Monday and got right on it today with getting my tire fixed so they can get it on the lake tomorrow. Things are lookin up.
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    If I were you, I would definitely still work on the forward straight ahead parking. In no time you'll be parking it like a champ!!!
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    RPM Compensated Volume Control

    I just looked for it in the Apple App store, search Volume by Velocity ... and yes, it works with streaming sources. Start the app, set the parameters, then minimize it and run your streaming source.
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    True, but you can have both! Our boat has the surf pipe and is still pretty loud. Before we bought our MB, we demoed a couple Nautiques, and I was blown away by how quiet they are. You could have a conversation at wakeboard speeds without having to yell, and at that point, the wind and water noise were probably louder than the boat itself. I've been striving for that ever since.
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    new owner

    I think i agree with comment above mine but it's dark and I'd love to see more pics and in light...yea I'm kinda high maintenance. Great upgrade
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    My man. I love the black look - may have to run back another session and borrow that
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    I hate to be negative here especially after some of you have already invested time and money into this project, but Noico is really not the best product for this application. Noico, Dynamat, Hushmat, and the like are Constrained Layer Dampers which are designed to deaden sound by damping vibrations of the surface it’s applied to. Think of it like a ringing bell: you can put your hand on the bell to stop it ringing and you stop the sound. This is what a CLD does. You’re actually stopping the sound at the source. In our case, the single largest noise source is the engine/transmission. Since we can’t make the engine/transmission itself quieter, the only way to make the cabin quieter is to block the sound all together. Using the same analogy, our engine is the bell except now we can’t stop the bell from ringing. To block the sound, we need to encase the entire bell in a soundproof box. This is essentially what you guys are trying to do with Noico. It's the right idea, except it’s the wrong tool. For the frequency we want to block, the most effective solution is mass, specifically limp decoupled mass. What you want to look for is Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), preferably with some type of foam decoupler. The more mass the better, between 1-2 lbs/sqft. Don’t overlook the decoupler either, this is very important in order to dissipate the sound energy. (This is the problem with CLDs: Not only are they not enough mass to be effective, they are not decoupled so sound is transmitted right through) If you want an example of such a product, check out Soundproof Cow Quiet Barrier Specialty Composite. I am in no way affiliated with them, just that it is the product I am planning to get for my own boat. If sound deadening is something you are seriously looking into, I strongly encourage you to read through this thread from somebody much more knowledgeable than me and has done this to their own boat. https://www.themalibucrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/63020-sound-deadening-install-of-16-wakesetter-22-vlx/&
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    The Donfather


    1 this am I sent you the username in a PM
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    Following....first time having this issue this weekend...I might call my delear if no one has an answer to this...isnt "bosshog" working for mb?
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    Updates to 2021 B52 Classic

    The billet is actually more expensive for them to produce, so seems to make sense.
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    upgrades to the old girl

    When you don't want to spring for the new boat, you spruce up the old one. Replaced the bimini with a solid grey cover, and put pintles on the side of the tower for surfing. I added the JL head unit (which is amazing by the way) and put the Triton Board Racks on the existing MB swivel frames. She still throws an amazing wave and she runs great!
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    New F21 Tomcat

    Exile cabin speakers with JL towers?
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    The Donfather

    Lake Berryessa

    A group of us. So far 6 boats are getting together this Saturday at Lake Berryessa. Launching st Markley Cove. Come join in the fun. Keep on eye for a post from me on some upcoming events I am working on. You wont want to miss them. Hope to have it ironed out next week
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    That’s awesome - congrats, boat was looking clean as always Sunday! Looking forward to seeing your alpha - September will be here soon. I’m gonna figure out how to operate the current ride before I look to upgrade (on paper and given current pace, that’ll be about the time the don locks up his 3rd term ). Catch you on the water. Bud light on me if you need one out there.
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    @The Donfather How is the free-board in the bow and main seating area compared to the 23 Alpha? I just finished had a few surf session over the weekend on a new 2020 Supra SA and love the free-board and the 575.
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    2012 B52 23’ wide body for sale

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    Well I got back from the gorge. It wasn't a total failure I got to ride my new soulcraft secret weapon behind axis A20 over the weekend. Not a bad boat considering it wasn't propped low enough to run the wedge. I bet it surfed on par with the F21. The surf Band is cool.
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    Ive seen these at a few private slips, these may help with a bit of confidence building while removing the park by sound element. https://www.overtons.com/dock-edge-dockside-straight-bumper-23l-x-7-78h-315833.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkpbZiKjr6gIVDfDACh0JBgmyEAQYBiABEgLGqvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
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    Grapes, Cut apples, Jerky(beef or turkey)
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    I have the new "2021 B52-23" BLK/red/wht photoed above. It does have cooler, rear seats and exile speakers with a JL head unit there has been a shortage on exile speakers do to Covid-19. Mine came with the last batch of exile speakers for the time.
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    Boating vacation with no boat

    knock on wood.....I have not had any major issues to deal with. but I will say that it does not matter what make of boat you have - it's the service that can dictate the opinion of your boat. Hopefully the stars align and you get your boat back for your vaca….
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    RPM Compensated Volume Control

    Great idea! Couldn't find either in google play store. I downloaded "speed of sound" app and it says it does exactly what we want. I'll be trying it out next time I'm on the lake!
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    The Donfather

    Purchase decision help!!!

    You can PM me your number and I can call. Way easier to answer all your questions
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    That’s full on surf side and about 80% on non surf side with bow bag also full and 4 people. If I add more people I have to drain a little water to get to speed Sometimes . But I figure I can trade people weight for water weight without affecting the wave . I have 2017 b52 23 with the 440 but I think you would see the same results with a 400
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    Personally JL compared to exile is definitely an upgrade.
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    Desperately seeking these videos.......thinking of going nuts and getting the "old" hull and slapping it. Furthermore, with a daughter getting into wakeboarding, I wonder how slow you can go and still get a clean wake. If you wanna text--605-321-2275. Really just want to see the shape of wave it makes! That is all my friends. Sold the SL, looking for a new love affair.
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    Favorite Summer Hydration Method

    Orange Shandy's are pretty darn good
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    Wonder what price point will be. Hope they go with bigger props to lower rpm.
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    Bimini top for 2018 B52 23

    Nothing worse than wrestling with a Bimini top hung over when its 114 degrees out.
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    Jake (((O)))

    Found an old video

    Send it Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Transom Lights. Wha'ts best?

    Here's a great write up on different brands: http://www.wakeworld.com/forum/showthread.php?t=809024
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    O2 sensor part number

    Thanks guys! FYI it was the 02 sensor... The local ford dealer had one in stock! If anyone ever needs one here is the part Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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