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  1. Wave was on point today!
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  2. LHCMB

    New MB Boat owner!!

    Well Swatdog23, I was finally able to get back out to try some of the new settings on the F24. I read many of the posts here on the forum and they know their stuff. I changed the surf tabs to pin #4 on the passenger's side and pin #2 on the driver's side. I also adjusted the back half of the tabs so they are flat since they had the slight angle on them before. I added 150 pounds of steel to the center floor at the front of the boat and another 50 a little further back into the walkway. The hard tanks and plug and plays were all at 100% and we were running with 4 in the boat and one surfin
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  3. robeport

    Stereo choices

    Your settings from the dealer are toned way down. Go to the exile website and download the amp set-up sheet and adjust yours to match. It will be a different system. Also, add the speakers for the driver. I've done it on my last 3 MB's and wouldn't have it any other way. No need for a new amp, just run with your bow speakers. The bummer on the '20s the changed location of the fuse panel so I could only run the 6". In a 19 you should be able to run 8's to math the others.
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