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  1. The grass is always greener or at least keeps you guessing that it is. I have a B52 23 Classic on order for April delivery. After ordering I kept looking at Centurions and Supra's and had to stop. I know I will be happy with my decision and just need to quit second guessing it.
  2. I am surprised I cannot find any information online about the length of a B52 23 with the swim platform. Anybody know or would mind measuring their boat? I am trying to figure out how long it is to know where to align a boat lift so the swim platform is more or less flush with the end of the dock. Also, which side is the gas tank filled from. I am getting a 2021 but sure that it's the same as a 2020. Thanks!!
  3. I know what you mean about price. I complain about pickups being $50K or more now days, but am considering a $100K boat. It's crazy. I chatted with a sales guy today about some options. I think I am definitely going with added Bow Cleats as Orange TJ suggested. It is crazy those are not standard. I am also going with the Plug and Play as I will be surfing a lot. For speakers I think I am going with Package B. The extra Amp and 4 tower speakers will be enough. I think a lot of the trailer options are not necessary either. The standard trailer for the B52 23 classic has swing ton
  4. Hello MB Owners - I will be joining you all soon. Ordering one this week for a March delivery. I will be using the boat the most on Lake Sammamish with a few trips a year over to Crescent Bar on the Columbia River. I have to say the process of deciding on the color scheme and options is tough. Especially since the MB site is not good when it comes to options because they dont have pictures of most. Ex: buoy cleats, trailer add-ons etc. Have any of you found a good resource for actual pictures of most options? Also, any recommendations on must have upgrades and upgrades to avoid that aren
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