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  1. Do you have pictures of how you installed them?
  2. We’ve got the GSA tabs and 2200lbs of PNP. It throws a beautiful wave, we have to list about 400lbs to the port side to counteract the driver and prop rotation and it’s sweet. You can probably get the same wave with a shaper and PNP ballast.
  3. My parents were towing their boat down the road and the cross bar with the tow point sheared from the welds on the tower. Luckily the Bimini strap was wrapped around both and it caught, no damage done to the boat or speakers. Is this a common issue? I know aluminum fatigues but the boat only has 300hrs and seems a little premature.
  4. I live in Havasu, there’s a couple of them out here same with the Pavati’s. I went to Sun Country here in town and the 25’ is like $365k😳
  5. Hey guys, we have a ‘14 B52 23’. We have the Indmar MCX 350, GSA Surf system, 2x800 locker bags, 1x500 bow bag. We will be upgrading our prop to either an ACME 2315 or 3611. Our boat didn’t come with a center trim tab but we want to add one. From my searching so far it seems it would’ve been an 18” plate with a Lenco acuator. How is it installed from the factory? Is there anywhere I can get diagrams to hook it up?
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