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  1. i like the look was debateing on leaving the insert between the tubes or to powder coat it all looks good
  2. this is the day i brought her home, got it winterized and put away, im thinking of powder coating the tower white to match the boat,
  3. did more reseach last night i have the gen2 tabs on my f24 dont know if that makes any differance it looks like when theyu are deployed they should work like the NSS system
  4. do they not give it a variance 91-93octane i thought on the indmar site
  5. i thought Ryan with GSA was running his tabs and having a great wave i have seen an older f24 rolling a great wave, but he just had a simple tab on the bottem of the hull on both sides, i thought the GSA was working better
  6. Was just looking at some pic's of the f24 and i see it has a different surf tab on the back, they look very similar to the Gen1 from 2015 i tried to search but i didnt find anything sorry if this has been discussed , i was going to add the GSA to my 2015 this winter , why the change any feed back on how its working
  7. so how did this work out i would love to adapt this to mt f24 im not scared to drill in to the hard tanks but where to get the adapters from. anyone finish this project
  8. Cecil at Elberts, recommended i stay with the 54.5 shaft, i have the longer shaft in my f24 and my mounts were quite close even with the compression, i did new mounts and have the alignment at .0015 everything is back together
  9. replaced all the motor mounts tonight, not a fun job, the transmission was a very easy, 6.2 supercharged was not so roomy at the front of the motor, an hour to do the back end, 4hr and help from a buddy to do the two at the front, just have to aline it now, i marked it so i should be close to start
  10. hi josh just wanted to ask a question, was your driveshaft issue from this summer, i just picked up a 2014 f24 i pulled the drive shaft to check and it has started to crack, i spoke with brian at MB this morning and he was also taking with Mel, He tells me he has never heard of this problem of the drive shaft cracking at the coupler, i know im well off of warranty but i thought it was odd for them to say they have never heard of the problem, sounds like Mel has been trying to help out a few people, this is not my first MB but i with my budget i never am buying brand new. Rathe
  11. im very excited to join the mb group, i just picked up an 2014 tomcat f24 575HP 250hr the boat is mint shape. i think it was ordered in canada with every option that year, Tri axle trailer also was updated with the MB switch surf system. Just got it last week, im in Saskatchewan Canada, so been freezing every night, this boat is not going in the water this year, i was able to squease it in to my garage for a few days, i have done my own work on my boats in the past, i changed the fluids on this motor,trans put in a new impeller and changed out fuel filter, as i did not have a record
  12. i was hoping someone was going to have some advice for you, i am sitting with the same question, i have a f24 with the three coolers in the front, i notice that if i take out the cup holders i can reach down the side of the hull, i am wondering if a person could not make up some lead shot bags like 10lbs each and put 10 or 15 on each side i dont want to put a bag on top of my seat
  13. have a 14 f24 im following this i would like to take out my 1100s and plumb bags to my hard tanks, just so they drain quicker, but im not willing to pay through the nose, dealer seams to always want a fortune for parts
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