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  1. Not wanting to add to the difficulty of having to replace your tower after its destruction, but the only things you should be towing from the tower are surfers getting up, and wakeboard riders. Tubes, towables, and skiers should only be towed from the pop-up pylon if your boat has one, or the rear-center tow bar just above the swim deck. The stress you placed on your tower was a sure recipe for the end result. Whoever you bought your boat from should have been sure you were made aware of that limitation.
  2. Hey Birddog, I don't remember anyone wanting to change your mind. I know there are some MB owners who can't appreciate the look of the new Alphas. That's fine, you don't have to. You own yours and appreciate it, and we'll own ours and appreciate them. You're are certainly entitled to your opinion, but just because it's your opinion in no way raises your statement to the level of fact. Sounds to me like you've been attending the Vladimir Putin school of misinformation? When you say "nothing I've seen has even come close to changing my mind;" nothing in that statement indicates you've actually surfed behind a new F24 Alpha that is properly set up? If we're expected to take you at your word, it's going to take time and place information. Pics will be required, and video would be even better. But again, you're also going to have to provide set up details so we can compare them against the known "dial ins" used by current F24 Alpha owners. As for your statement concerning your perception of its "hideous looks," beauty lies in the eye of the owner/ operator. Just so you know, I've owned both versions of multiple models of MB's. I find both the Classics, as well as the Alphas, to be appealing in their own individual ways. And having owned both the Classic (2017), and Alpha (2021) models of the F24, as well as 2 versions of the 23' B52, I can state from experiential evidence, NONE of these boats produces a surf wave that would be recognized as "under performing." Not one.
  3. Whoa Birddog! Where is all this false propaganda coming from with regard to the new F24 surf wave being trash? From the picture on your icon, it does not look like you own one of the new F24 Alphas? If you did, and you had worked with any of those of us who do own the new 24 Alpha, we would have given you the set up that creates one of the biggest walls of water you will ever see. It is true the F24 takes a little bit of fine tuning to get the wave correct (read placing the right number of lead weight bags in the right places throughout the boat), but once the fine tuning is complete the F24 creates a very nice surf wave. It may not be out of the box ready for surfing like the B series boats, but F24 owners can nearly keep one of the 21's, or 22's in their storage lockers, and still have room for their gear. After all that is said and done, I will declare right now, NONE of the other MB models will even come close to creating the perfect wakeboarding wake created by the F24 Alpha. And that is right out of the box. No massaging necessary. That wake is quite simply jaw dropping! So unless, and until, you have surfed behind a correctly tuned F24, please share what you know as far as the model you're most familiar with?
  4. That's what the rumor mill is for sure. Enjoy the upcoming season!
  5. Haven't decided yet. I'm waiting to see what the boys in Atwater come up with in the next few months.
  6. This is a late model 2021 F24 Alpha. Still looks like it's sitting on the showroom floor. In fact it is sitting on the showroom floor. Take advantage of Boat Show season pricing, and be sure you have your boat before the upcoming boating season begins. If you haven't seen the new F24 Alpha's, and the storage they have, well, you're cheating yourself until you do. Fill the seats, fill the storage with everything you need for a day on the lake with so much room left to spare, and still throw amazing Wakesurf, and Wakeboard wakes! And if you just want to cruise, or better yet just let the family enjoy time together, this is the platform to do it on. – Ford Raptor 575 Supercharged – MB Sports Collapsable Tower – Skylon Skylock Swivel Racks – Tower Bimini w/ Surf Pockets – (4) JL Audion Tower Speakers – LED From Tower – Bow Filler Cushion – Bow Screen – MASSIVE Bow Storage – Dual Batteries – In Floor Cooler Compartment w/ Custom Carry Out Cooler – Heater (2 Snorkels) – Mirror – CAV Plate – MB Surf Switch 2.0 – Gravity Fed Ballast (3150 lbs) – Surf Lights – LED Theater Lights (Red) – Hinged Cockpit and Bow Cushions – TRANSOM SEATING w/ MASSIVE STORAGE ACCESS – TRANSOM WALK THRU – TRANSOM COOLER – 24TC SURF PIPE – NEW IN DASH STEREO TWEETERS – NEW IN DASH SCREEN – Tandem Axle Trailer (Custom made to minimize the extra length you'll need to fit in your garage) --Cool Tech upholstery $$$ Boat Show pricing, $142,900$$$
  7. The build sheet will show plug-n-play rear and bow. You'll get the bow, but the rear will not be included. You'll have to talk to your dealer about what you paid for, and what is included. Enjoy the ride, and be sure to send pics, or video of how it all looks when you get the wall of water moving across the lake.
  8. They found the plug-n-play ended up making the surf wave worse, so they quit outfitting the boat at the factory. That's only on the F24 Alpha.
  9. No sacs. The internal is all you're going to want. The 500 lbs of lead is good. I'll post the locations for the set up, but just got back into town, and have a few items to cover first. You'll want some big bumpers. This boat is much bigger than you realize when you get up against the docks. You'll want a good sized anchor, if you have cause to use one (and you will), along with an anchor buddy. Tie-up lines. Lot's of towels for wiping down at the end of the day. Again there is a great deal more acreage on this boat than you realize. And unless you're over 6' tall, with a good wingspan, a small step ladder, or stool for use at the pump. I just crawl up on the trailer, but that's not terribly secure. Also, remember if you have kooltech fabric, only use soapy water to clean. NO Chemicals, or you've destroyed the coating on the fabric. We're all looking forward to seeing the pics. I'll post the weight set up soon.
  10. Merry Christmas Don, and the whole MB family. To you specifically Don, I hope you are able to survive the atmospheric river of moisture you've had running over your Bay Area for the past week? Don't end up under any freeway underpasses!! Stay safe everyone. 2022 should look a whole ton better by the time we get to boating season!!
  11. Guppy, Sounds like it might be better if you went about separating the two conflated calculations you are making. First, what is the tongue weight of the towable placing on your vehicle, and can you adjust that weight? If you'll look at the side profile of your boat you'll see all the carried weight in your boat is located forward of the "center of gravity," the axles. If you move all the lead you're carrying to an aft "arm" that effort should create the relief you're seeking for your tongue. If I remember right, the rear seat in the 23' Alpha is right about the axle "datum" location, so moving your carried weight to at least that point aft will cure the % concern you've expressed. I've always tried to limit the tongue weight of my towables to about 700 lbs or less which is where I've found my towing most stable, and comfortable. The Metalcraft trailer on our 24' Tomcat Alpha has a very comfortable balance to it with just the boat in "BOW" condition. As soon as I start adding lead things get a little wonky, so I have to pay attention to where I'm carrying that additional weight while towing. Second, what is the gross weight of the towable, and how does that fit into the limitations of your tow rig due to tow weight rating? I know nothing about the Toyota Tundra, I pull my MB's with a RAM 2500, or 3500 dually, and only with the diesel offerings in those RAM models. My RAM 3500 dually had a tow rating of nearly 36000 lbs, so our 2021 24' Tomcat Alpha was barely even acknowledged as being behind the truck. The 2500 RAM's still have a tow rating of 20,000 lbs, so again the stability of the tow experience will be much more calming than trying to drag one of these 23-25 foot behemoths over the local mountain passes. Going down the backside of Route 20 heading to Panguitch in a 1/2 ton rig is not something I want to experience at this aged point of my life. As far as your weigh-in data; as Hyperryd noted with his weigh-in, it would seem the numbers support MB's data of 5200 lbs for the boat and ~1695 lbs for the trailer (if you take into account the 15 gallons of gas he reports to be carrying). Not that your weigh-in data are incorrect. The Maverik station you visited obviously weighs big rigs on a daily basis, but there seems to be a fairly sizable differential between your numbers, and Hyperryd's? The difference seems to be your carried weight (taking into account you have a full tank of gas, and he's carrying 15 gallons, so those are known quantities). I've always wondered about the bags of lead we all carry around in our boats. Any chance that 500 lbs of lead you mention is actually considerably more heavy? Even a couple of hundred lbs puts both boats within a reasonable differential in weights. and the added tower weight might be part of the equation as well, although Hyperryd's numbers seem to negate that thought? The other thing that may add some differential is the wheels and tires on each trailer. The 20" rims running on your Metalcraft are likely much bigger, and therefore much heavier, than is Hyperryd's if he's pulling a Boatmate trailer with smaller rims and tires? Not sure on that data, just trying to find the separation of weigh-in info? The only other thing I would add, and this is purely personal choice, I've been towing boats, trailers, and other towables for a great many years, and have learned through sad financial experience, I'm much more comfortable towing a 6000-8000 lb rig with a 3/4 or 1 ton truck, rather than a 1/2 ton. I know the truck manufacturers data will tell you the truck "can" do it through their tow rating system, but it sounds to me like even you have the experience of towing a boat with a 1/2 ton vs towing with a 3/4 ton or bigger, and those experiences are just not the same. Yes Super Duty trucks cost more, get worse gas mileage, etc., etc., etc., but one does not buy a Super Duty truck because they get great gas mileage. One does not buy a 1/2 ton truck because they get great gas mileage. So the bigger trucks cost more to purchase, and cost more to operate. Fact! That translates to more money coming out of my pocket for the priceless memories I have been able to create with my family for decades. I'll just go make more money.
  12. If you're going to tow with the tower down, you MUST use the trailering support brackets. Easy to install, and remove when you get to the water, but if you don't have them installed while towing, I shudder to think of all the bad things that could happen.
  13. Seeing an F24 Alpha in person, and absolutely taking it out for a test ride, will be the best option for your research. You can read about it, and hear about it, but until you actually see the size, the storage, and experience the wakeboard wake, and the surf wave, you won't appreciate what that boat is about.
  14. I'm thinking rather than hearing from the natty crowd who "seems" to know everything about the 24's (see a couple of the pontifications above), you'd like to hear from an actual F24 Alpha owner. PM me, and I can give you the full skinny. But in short, we actual owners have spent the time to dial in the surf wave on the F24, and while it's not quite as easy to produce the same wave as is the 23', once you get it figured out it produces a mountain of water for a wave. You surf a little faster than the other models, but there's plenty of push, and if you're looking for a lip to play on the top of the crest, it will shock you how tall the wave can be. Don't want it that tall, simply drain back to in floor ballast only, and off you go! The 575 is as absolute beast which will put you on plane nearly as soon as you hammer down. The storage is big enough to nearly store a full B52 in the rear lockers. I'm still shocked at how big that boat really is. As for the rest of your thoughts, pick what works for you, and you won't go wrong.
  15. LOL!! That's too funny. I'm hoping you're being facetious? I'm not sure anyone would want to try and really yank, and bank through the buoys at 22' off, but either way, I don't think you could get your boat going fast enough, and you stay on top of the ski, to flatten out the rooster tail area of the wake. Good luck though! If you do give it a try, be sure to post some pics.
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