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  1. We are taking delivery of our 2021 B-52 Alpha soon and we're coming from a Yamaha jet boat. Obviously I think I need an extra prop but I'm wondering if I should just buy one from my dealer the same as what came on the boat or if I should go after market and if I should look at a different pitch? We are at practically sea level and plan to mainly wake surf with the ballast tanks full. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as well as any suggestions for anything else I need to invest in other than the basics we already have from our previous boat.
  2. We are picking up our new B-52 Alpha soon and have been offered by the dealer to have them put a ceramic coating on it and some vinyl protection on the interior. We are wondering what everybody's thoughts are on these and what kind of price range people are paying and are they worth it and is there any particular product that everybody's had good luck with? For the paint protection the recommended ceramic Pro.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with the Tower Down Cover? Our new B53 Alpha will have a white tower and speakers so pondering this to keep cleaner when towing.
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