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  1. My old Yamaha used a smaller cleat than that one but had a rectangle aluminum plate that the bolts went through, on the back, to spread the load. If/when I buy an alpha I may fab my own 2 hole plate to go on the back side of that. Seems like a simple solution in order to prevent some potential spider cracks. I guess we'll see if anyone ends up with spider cracks probably before I get an alpha. I don't really tow tubes aggressive so it would probably be fine.
  2. BTown801

    Skim Board

    Love my P5 Diamond! I don't have a ton of experience on other skim boards so take that for what it's worth.
  3. My FIL has an 2017 axis and I hate the vinyl in that boat I think it will need to be replaced within the next few years. And the cushion padding is soft but it bottoms out quick. The piping in the vinyl is off by 2" between some seats. It looks like shit! I also have no idea why that damn boat alarms everytime the auto bilge kicks on. I love the wave it throws but I hate the interior. Also I prefer the Chevrolet engines in the Malibu/Axis boats. But the MB wave is great and the boats are solid. My F22 is much smoother in rough water than his A22. Not sure how deep the water is you'll be surfi
  4. @DFW Chris I placed the order for the cover almost 9 months ago... Still waiting for it. Covid has made getting the parts and the fabric hard. I am pretty sure it's the same hull. The only differences I saw were the handles just above the swim platform.
  5. Could be a lot of different things... Fuel pump and spark are the first things I would check.
  6. I realized that I have 4x 50 lb lead bags in my boat. Put a towel on each of the rear seats and put a lead bad on each rear seat. Traveled home from Powell with peace of mind.
  7. I'm in need of placing an order for these too. I think I may do black lettering with green outline. Maybe you could do black with seafoam outline?
  8. Your trailer fenders are your your depth gauge. In the past (previous boat) I've left tried to leave the top of the fenders a couple inches out of the water. Even with that your boat has room to float around a bit sometimes. I'm still learning my F22, I'm going to leave my fenders out 4-5 inches next time hook the boat and ratchet a bit and then back up the truck a bit more if I need to. I'm sure a lot of these boats are different. Might be a trial and error thing. I am moving towards the less depth the better though because the bunks will straighten the boat. Sounds like you were too deep if
  9. I just turn to the side the rider surf's on as I pull the up.
  10. I'll bet Utah lake is 6' deep by July 1st!
  11. Where you making waves at?
  12. Exile repaired my XM 30.2 for about $125. Might be worth a shot if you can wait them out. I think it took them like 3 weeks.
  13. Never been to Havasu. But Powell will be awesome at that time. I'll be there June 3-6. It'll be hot enough air temp that the water temperature won't be an issue. You always have to watch for rocks at lake Powell no matter the water level. Just go slow into areas you don't know and check the areas you are going to surf before you load up the tanks. During daylight hours you can see the rocks in the water, but plan to be back to the ramp before darkness. When the sun starts to crest the sky it's a lot harder to see rocks.
  14. I bought one from my local MB dealer, The Boat Shack.
  15. @Guppydriver I have a set of rock tamers new in the box on my garage floor. I plan to use them on my Tundra. I was disappointed to see "Made in China" on the side of the box... My pickle fork on my Tomcat is going to be a bit harder to wrap. But I will give it a shot.
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