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  1. Yep it is a 6 hour tow for me. The evolution covers are supposed to be tow on covers. My factory cover is disintegrating. I also see myself putting stuff in the boat while traveling down. I lost one of the black tray's that go in between the cup holders on the last tow. I also like to put the cover on the boat while in the hotel parking lot.
  2. Thanks Chris, I am just hoping someone will confirm that the rest of the boat is the same. Which I think it is... I will send Corey the image of the back of your boat with cover and the back of mine and see if he feels the straps need to be shifted at all. Thanks again for the pics of yours!
  3. I have a new to me 2016 F22. I am in the queue for an evolution cover. He told me that he has a pattern for a 2014 F22. Are these Hulls the same? I am 99.99% sure they are. I just looked at some pics of a 2014 and I see that the grab handles on the back of the boat just above the swim deck are different.
  4. Just picked up a 2016 F22 with 170 hours. Do I need to do a shaft alignment check? Is this something a technically inclined owner can do or should I take it to the dealer?
  5. BTown801


    Are the carvercovers good enough to protect from snow/rain/freezing here in Utah?
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