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  1. I am not sure exactly when MB changed engines. I think it was between 14 and 15. Someone here will correct me. I asked an indmar guy the specs on the 5.7 a while back he said this "The HP is approx. 350 and the torque is approx. 380 foot pounds betwewen 3000 and 4000 RPM" The Raptor 400 is 350HP and 400tq. I like chevy engines, they are cheaper. The indmar raptor is insanely expensive I hope I never have to pay for a new engine for my boat.
  2. I need this! Gotta fly my Stick Figure reggae flag high. 🇲🇱 How do I get this?
  3. * the starter issue applies to the 1st gen raptor engine boats. I see dual exhaust tips on that boat. It probably has the chevrolet based 5.7 indmar. So this might not be an issue.
  4. You want to tow a F22 with an Explorer? I figure my F22 loaded is about 7500lbs. Not sure what an explorer is rated for... I tow mine with a Tundra and the boat feels heavy. I wouldn't consider towing it with less than a 1/2 ton truck. I have to put my truck in 4WD to crawl up my local slick ramp. I hope this doesn't hijack your thread but it's something you may want to think about. 15's have towers that potentially crack. Fixed when they moved to non round top tubes. 15's also had the starter motor in a dumb spot, you have to lift the motor to change the starter.
  5. Is that a flag holder you've mounted on the back of your board racks?
  6. Does it already have a surf pipe on it? I've been surfing behind and Axis A22 for years and just bought my 16 F22 and the first time that I had it out I was surprised how much the exhaust smells from the Raptor engine. Every time the surfer drops and I throttled down to circle back to get the rider I was shocked at how bad the exhaust wafts into the boat. Hoping the FAE that I have sitting here makes it a lot better.
  7. Congrats on the new boat! Your home lake says pineview, what prop is on your boat? I have a 16 F22. I also need to get those gatorstep pieces ordered up. When did you pick this up? I looked at one similar to this in AF last fall.
  8. @Wylietunes the hard tanks aren't pump filled. They are gravity fed and I don't think it's possible for them to overflow the hard tank vent line, even with my rear bags piggybacked onto the hard tanks at the rear. The Boat is new to me and I've only completely filled the tanks and rear bags 1 day at Powell last fall. I'm pretty sure it's not possible though. I will also be putting a 1 way valve on the bow bag vent line in between the bag and the Y. I also plan to not even completely fill the bow bag since it's not a custom bag designed for this boat. I'll probably only fill it to 75% because i
  9. (2016 F22) I bought the Wakemakers complete reversible pump ballast kit for the bow bag (Flyhigh Fatsac Integrated Bow Sac 425 LBS) and I plan to install it here in a couple weeks when I pull my boat out of storage. My plan is to use a Y connecter to connect the bow bag vent line to the hard tank vent line. I also plan to put a one way valve in the section between the bag and the Y connector so that when I am emptying the bow bag it will suction flat. The goal behind this is to eliminate drilling an extra vent hole in the side of the hull. Does this sound like an acceptable plan? Is there som
  10. Unfortunately leveling the truck with airbags doesn't put the weight back on the front wheels as much as you would hope for. I installed my firestone ride rites last night and my only goal is to reduce any up and down bouncing that happens when I am traveling at high speed and to reduce irregular tire wear.
  11. @Guppydriver I didn't realize these trucks were as close as you posted on the payload. Mine is 1425. I guess you'll have to put your mtn dew in the boat. I'm within the payload on my truck with my F22. As I said above I'm doing the E rated tires, airbags, and a 10k rated hitch. I'm also about to pull the trigger on some bilstein shocks to make it ride smoother. It will be interesting to see what you weigh in at. Also I would ignore that towing a travel trailer RV video, those trailers are big wobbly billboards suceptible to sway. Your boat will be tow way better than a TT. Also don't buy clip
  12. I own a 2016 Tundra double cab. The payload is the amount of weight that you can haul in the bed. The number that you need to concern yourself with is the GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating). Look that up in your manual. Assuming that you have the 5.7 and 4X4 then your GCWR is right around 16,000 lbs. Tundra's weigh 5500 (double cab) to 5800 (Crewmax) last time I looked at my manual based on the config. My 16 F22 says 4100lbs dry and I estimate the trailer is 2000lbs. My Tundra is the 5500 + 4100 + 2000= 11,600lbs. That leaves 4,400lbs for passengers, fuel and sandwiches, my point is you will
  13. #50shadesofgrey just my style! That boat gonna be sexy AF!
  14. Super cool! I need to invest in some lights. I am always worried about running out of daylight heading off lake powell.
  15. I commented on a thread a while back in regards to ceramic coating. Most of the comments went negative real quick. Lots of people said it worked great for a year or so but it wore off and was the same as before. I'm just going to wipe it down with boat bling. Hopefully I like it better than babes boat juice, that crap is sticky and leaves streaks everywhere.
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