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  1. This was definitely the case with the s238 and the s211(?). I believe the new S220 and S240 are getting good reviews for surfing. I want to demo surf the S240 really bad.
  2. You bought a boat based on deer creek??? I avoid that place at all costs. Also the ramp has only been closed for the last 2 weeks. The local boating season is winding down, not sure why you're worried about it. Sorry I just have a really bad opinion of deer creek. I would rather pull 6 hours to Powell than the 15 minutes it takes me to get to deer creek.
  3. @SurfNewb the stock one is probably 4-5 inches. I'll measure it when I get home but this one will give you what your looking for.
  4. I put this in my 2016 F22. I got it for $42. I like it. https://www.amazon.com/attwood-278OGY090-1-Pedestal-Base-9-Gray/dp/B07CR5QPFK/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=attwood+278OGY090-1+278+Series+Pro+Pedestal+Base+(-+9"%2C+Gray)&qid=1662600932&sr=8-1
  5. Maybe post your boating elevations and what motor you have and you'll get more response. Also I think wakemakers has a table of recommendations.
  6. The response I got from Boatmate: "You can change over to EOH from surge brakes, but there will need to be significant modifications required. You will need to change out all brake lines to handle the increased working pressure. There will also have to be wiring modifications and a new coupler (something similar to the pic below) as well. I'll be honest with you, we've had people convert to EOH and we've been told that the cost of changing over (usually around $2000) is not worth the results."
  7. I just had my bearings repacked with new seals by SLC Trailer. He is a mobile business comes to you. He recommended I get them done every year for the reasons stated above. I'd rather pay the money than be stuck on the side of the road. Got my trailer bunks replaced by a mobile guy at deer creek tonight as well. I sent a message to boatmate today to ask about the brake line pressure and if they know of a solid actuator replacement.
  8. $1300 installed doesn't sound that bad when the price of this kit is $1018. https://www.etrailer.com/Brake-Actuator/Hydrastar/HS381-9067.html What did your friend think of the EOH setup?
  9. Has anyone done the electric over Hydraulic swap on their boat trailer. I am considering it. I don't like surge brakes and most posts I've read on the topic say that it is 100% better.
  10. As far as I know, none of the MB's have a center drain plug. That's probably access to something on the fuel tank.
  11. The longer the boat the more consistent your wave will be. Get the biggest boat you can tow and store.
  12. My 2016 has a grease zerk on the top of the rudder under the engine. I'm sure yours is the same. So get a grease gun with marine grease.
  13. Awesome compilation of data! When my F22 comes out of storage in May I'm going to run it across the scale. I'm going to grab one of those Weigh Safe hitches that measure your tongue weight during this off season too. I'm also on the fence about swapping out my 16 Tundra for a HD truck. Current truck prices are crazy though and I'm not sure I want to do it.
  14. @rajohnson26 are the air horns for the lake lice? Sometimes I wish paintballs weren't litter...
  15. I'm leaning towards what @Tbag said that I was light on tongue weight. It's quite possible that I was light on fuel in the tank for those 2 trips and it reduced the tongue weight.
  16. @bloodiestcadaver when I rubbed those sidewalls on the curb I was only going about 1-2mph. I'm not sure how to do a toe measurement, but I'll look into it. Discount has a standard operating procedure that they inflate trailer tires to the max psi but I think that is based on bias ply trailer tires and these are radials. I think I'll pull it a little further in the spring and see if the tires break in. I've had new car tires that wander around for the first 1k miles or so. If it doesn't stop I'll swap them out. @Tbag I don't think my boat was loaded any different than the previous miles towed
  17. I have a 2016 F22 and my wave is very different with the 2 different props that I have. It's better with the higher engine RPMs prop. I also list the boat a bit to the port side to make the regular wave better. I had a fairly heavy crew down at Powell on my last trip out this year and the wave was amazing. I made everyone sit on the port side. The rub rail was basically touching the water. The wave was so good! I am considering buying an additional ballast bag to put on my floor for when I have a real light crew.
  18. I towed my boat 3k miles last summer with no sway issues. My boat has 18" moto metal wheels on it, with 255/55/R18 tires. I bought my boat used and the tire pressures were all inconsistent when I got it. I inflated them to all match the highest tire psi which was 35. I had no sway with this setup. On the last trip of the season 600 miles round trip to Powell I accidentally rubbed my sidewalls on a curb and shredded them while leaving town. I stopped by discount tire and bought some new Falken tires of the same size. Discount set the tire psi to 50. The boat swayed all the way to Powell and all
  19. According to the internet world, vertical gates (GSA) require more ballast but are more fuel efficient. If I had a 2014 I would slap it. And yes the prop does effect your wave. I have 2 similarly pitched props but the wave is much better with the prop that my RPMs are higher. The more ballast the better. In my 2016 F22 I have the 2800 sub floor, I believe they are 600's in each rear locker and I installed a 425lb bag under the seat in the bow. I want a 800ish bag to sit on the center of my floor for when I have a small crew. I prefer to list the boat and not even fill the starboard side b
  20. My old Yamaha used a smaller cleat than that one but had a rectangle aluminum plate that the bolts went through, on the back, to spread the load. If/when I buy an alpha I may fab my own 2 hole plate to go on the back side of that. Seems like a simple solution in order to prevent some potential spider cracks. I guess we'll see if anyone ends up with spider cracks probably before I get an alpha. I don't really tow tubes aggressive so it would probably be fine.
  21. BTown801

    Skim Board

    Love my P5 Diamond! I don't have a ton of experience on other skim boards so take that for what it's worth.
  22. My FIL has an 2017 axis and I hate the vinyl in that boat I think it will need to be replaced within the next few years. And the cushion padding is soft but it bottoms out quick. The piping in the vinyl is off by 2" between some seats. It looks like shit! I also have no idea why that damn boat alarms everytime the auto bilge kicks on. I love the wave it throws but I hate the interior. Also I prefer the Chevrolet engines in the Malibu/Axis boats. But the MB wave is great and the boats are solid. My F22 is much smoother in rough water than his A22. Not sure how deep the water is you'll be surfi
  23. @DFW Chris I placed the order for the cover almost 9 months ago... Still waiting for it. Covid has made getting the parts and the fabric hard. I am pretty sure it's the same hull. The only differences I saw were the handles just above the swim platform.
  24. Could be a lot of different things... Fuel pump and spark are the first things I would check.
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