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  1. On our new alpha, the front tank is on a switch to fill or to drain, it does not have a timer, when it’s is full water comes out the side of the boat, when that tank is empty we have to listen for the pump making the empty pump sound.... we ordered it that way! ......... .......... ............ now talking about the rear ballist.... The rear bags themselves are on timers, do not trust the timers make sure your rear bags are full of water and the air is completely bled out of the bag, Depending on how the rear bags are plumbed, they may trap air? Our rear bag timers are pretty close
  2. OK just a recap, start with 150 pounds of lead in the bow as far forward as you can get it underneath that smaller cushion in the center, and then place 150 pounds under each windshield on each side, Port and starboard windshields
  3. Make sure you post your results back here so I all can see what your final placement is..👍👍
  4. If you live in Southwest utah Contact me, I will help you through this.
  5. We first started with 150 pounds in each of the 3 area’s that I talked about, and that seem to work pretty good also, I definitely would not add any more weight to the rear end of the b52 alpha, I believe if you have any type of lead weights further back than the windshield that’s going to make things worse.....
  6. We have a 2021 alpha b52 with the 400 engine, I run 200 pounds of lead in the bow .,, 200 pounds of lead just forward of the batteries..200 pounds of lead underneath the driver feet/floor/Windshield/ Area that compartment you access from the Bow, sliding the weight backwards as far as possible, this puts the weight approximately where the drivers feet would be... i’m sure you understand, this set up works absolutely awesome.. and nobody needs to sit in the bow at all.,.
  7. I think the seafoam green will look good, and have a good contrast.
  8. They look great, also I ordered a three for the third month.
  9. Shades everything behind the driver all the way to the motor compartment
  10. When the Surf line is under tension the rubbing is no worse than stock, but we can adjust the height, still experimenting.. shade in Southwest Utah is a must have..115 degrees Will be here before we know it..
  11. Our family wanted more shade in our new boat, wanted to make it look factory and use factory mounting, can set it up and take it down in minutes, the two Biminis zip to gather ..
  12. ....back to lake Powell, remember, launch ramp line at Powell is getting longer and longer, antelope ramp is closed, that crowd will be at wahwep/state line..and washing machine ally is now twice as long!! Powell is generally crowded and rough water, June July August, there are exceptions but generally.. if you’re there for just the scenery you can’t beat it..
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