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  1. I’ll make sure the audio people give me a written breakdown of each component and they’re wattage/amp’s/size, The appointment is this Thursday..
  2. Our new boat came with sound deading applied to rear seat back rest, also the transmission floor cover / under side. I think it is very reasonable, and works very well...
  3. Our boat came with the bigger sub, and we have the four speakers up on the tower, I’m taking the boat over to one of the local audio shops to see if they can fine-tune the system, I’m a little bit disappointed in the sound quality of the whole thing.
  4. I like it!! I bet you’re so excited.. it’s going to be one good looking boat..👍👍
  5. Let’s put together a surf mono day, we ended up purchasing one more board from them, that’s a little bit different design, I’m very excited to try each style, our boat has arrived at “The Boat Shack” should have it by next week? 🙏... hoping to get a lot of wake surfing in before the summer crowd hits..🏄🏻‍♂️ “The Wave” (spy photo) thank you mono and TheBoatShack..
  6. That’s super nice how the tower lays down forward, behind the windshield, how much room did you have when you came through the garage door? And is the swim step removable? it looks like the trailer tongue swings over?
  7. Hey that’s looking good so far, it’s going to be interesting to see the end result
  8. Very nice, It looks so clean, I can’t wait to see it put together, I bet you’re so excited, what color is the floor? Did you do the two color flooring or?
  9. Yes, on having one built, we are told it should be done around 1st week or second week of March.... Post your photos as you get them it’s fun to watch these go together, super excited!!
  10. Nice looking design , super clean look to it, is the factory sending out photographs of the build as it develops? Or is this something your dealer sent you? That’s really awesome to see that taking place. Keep us posted, super exciting to see it come together. Once they start on the project what do you think the timeframe is, I’m just talking the factory build.
  11. It just seems that every couple years we have fuel pump failure, I should say someone that we boat with has a fuel pump failure or they have contaminated fuel, this is all due to water in the gas tank, I don’t want to debate how the water arrived in the gas tank, but it seems to condensate or maybe they pick it up at his gas station or maybe even a marina, Anyway it does kill the fuel pump and it would be nice to catch that in the water separator system before it gets to parts it can damage over time. I think most manufacturers have some type of water separator system, but a standalone system
  12. I’ve often wondered about ceramic coating? I know very little about it, we have so much hard water that we use a vinegar rag to pull the hard water spots off the boat, (gelcoat only). so my question is does ceramic coating help keep the hard water spots off? Another question would be, using vinegar, am I pulling the ceramic coating that I paid for off? I hope somebody can chim in that has the answers.. That ceramic coating really makes cars and trucks look fantastic.
  13. It would be interesting to see the speakers mounted to the tower, (Close up of mounts) .. seems to be a couple of different types of mounts, post them up.
  14. Hey all you MB Owners and (want to be’s) I just wanted to show you a present I received, and what a awesome awesome present, I was totally shocked when they came to our door Christmas Eve, check out this Mono wake surf board, also the cool hoodies from the boat shack, what a surprise..
  15. I’ve had enough of social media Facebook and Instagram also
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