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  1. I tried Babes and Hot Sauce last year. Though Babes smells much better (which the Mrs appreciated) the Boat Bling Hot Sauce removed the hard water spots off out black hull more easily after baking in the sun all day. I second Donfather!
  2. We are total newbies. This is our wake off of our 2021 B52 Alpha, mostly full bags with full hard ballast, a few kids and no lead at 10.4 mph. Unfortunately I don’t have any videos of just the wave. Most guys on the forum swear by running the B52 Alpha just over 11 mph. I’m still trying to perfect my wave and skills. IMG_1415.MOV
  3. I noticed that mid summer that my plug and play ballast bags were losing water after filling them completely. My dealer said that MB was aware of the problem and were working to find a solution and will send parts when available. Have any of you with a 2021 been able to get their ballast valves serviced yet—just curious?
  4. Beautiful boat! I am curious to see what you are working on with the speaker off. You will have to share. I love your garage!
  5. I would give the folks at Water Ski Pro Shop a call. I worked with them on my first which is also my current boat and they were very honest and transparent. Ask to talk to Justin. The little scuffs and dings cause me physical pain. Since it is already broken in, you won't be too upset if someone scratches your gel coat. I have four kiddos and the 23 foot boat is excellent--nobody is on top of anyone. Plenty of space to bring friends along.
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