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  1. Thanks for all the posts. I am the second owner. When I arrived at the local dealer to tranfer the warranty, I was told by one of the salesman that anything that was going ro go wrong with the boat usually happens in the first 50 hours. Since my boat had a 100 hours, he suggested not buying the warranty. None of that matters now. I had the motor checked out by the new dealership in Rocklin. #3 piston is coming aprat and has scored the sleve. I disagree with anyone who thinks that Raptors motors are bullet proof. I had minor fat sack leak that may have somehow caused an iss
  2. I have a 2018 B52. Has anyone had issues with their catalytic converter? I think mine caused a catastrophic engine failure. I had o2 sensor issues much of the time last summer. I replaced a set. And for a while it made the error code and alarm stop. This is the third set of o2 sensors in a 2018 boat. Now I am facing at the very least a rebuilding the motor. Theres unusally low compression in cylinder #3. The new Dealership in Rocklin wanted $23k for a new long block. I told them they were crazy. BTW, Indmar gives a 1 year parts only warranty for the 17k motor....the labor is 6k.
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