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  1. Has any one had an issue with a wrong color or something not customized right after designing a build? We just got our new MB B52 this week and I've noticed the powder-coated handles in the bow of the boat aren't the Navy blue we picked out. This looks like it will be too much work to get it corrected or have to be without our boat for a few months to change it at a shop. I know its just a little detail but that's why we spent the extra money to get something totally designed how we wanted and then to have it come out wrong. I was told our production was a little delayed due some powder co
  2. Amazing boat, love the colors!! Husband and I had to go back and forth between that and Navy Blue, we are STILLLLLLL waiting on our delivery that we were told first of June for. 😭
  3. Has anyone ordered a new MB? How long did delivery take and did you get any updates on the how the build is going? We signed for a boat in Mid-April and we were told first week of June in the beginning but haven't gotten an updated any time soon?
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