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  1. Thanks fellas! It definitely is. I just had my last trip out on the lake for the season and confirmed it. Appreciate your feedback!
  2. Wondering if anyone can tell me what this silver knob does? I have seen it in some photos on other boats as well but cannot figure out its function. My boat is a 2002 220V.Thanks in advance for any input!
  3. Can anyone provide some ideas on how to clean up my right wave? Here is my setup: 2002 MB Sports 220V 800 lbs stock right/left subfloor ballast, 1000 lb piggybacked ballast each side usually only filled 1/3 full, automatic surf gate system and 500 lb bow ballast sack under seats. How I clean up that right wave with what I have? Can I add something? I have tried tweaking the weight on each side with no luck. Actually got worse with more weight on the right than left. One observation I had is if you look close there seems to be wash coming over the left gate and into the wave. Wo
  4. Thanks Newbie! I was thinking along the same lines. How big is your front ballast?
  5. Just bought my first boat (2002 MB Sports 220V) about 2 1/2 months ago and been trying to dial in the surf wave. I am trying to decide if I want to put in a wake plate or add bow ballast. I am leaning towards the wake plate to drop the nose to avoid dealing with all the added weight in the front and taking on water when going through the wake. Not so worried about when I am driving the boat..... its others. The plate would be controlled by my arduino surf system and deploy and retract automatically once up to speed. I am a little OCD with this stuff and always trying to tweak things to make th
  6. I know this is an old post but want to give a little bit of a warning for anyone that might do this upgrade and piggyback bags in the rear locker. I did not upgrade the vent lines as I thought I had read somewhere someone said it was not necessary. FIlling up the stock ballasts was 5 mins as advertised. I was stoked! While waiting for the bags to fill I heard a pop! I immediately pulled up the starboard seat and found a massive amount of water. I got the boat home and filled up the tank with the hose. The top seam gave way. I patched it up with some fiberglass patches and sealed them wit
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