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  1. Has anyone polished their Acme prop? Does it help or hinder performance? Tried google search and come up with nothing. I run polished stainless props on my offshore rig but have no idea if it helps our boats? Any help or advice appreciated….
  2. Just wanted to say beautiful boat. Good luck dialing her in.
  3. I have been trying different props also. I live in Tahoe 6200’ ft elevation. My 2015 B52 came with an Acme 1433 will cruise the lake nice but not for surfing could not get the wave clean and had difficulty holding speed, switched to Acme 2079 which help clean up the wave on both sides and holeshot is decent. I have a acme 2937 coming after talking to Acme tech this is what he recommended for my setup. Still messing around with ballast and settings but I’ll get this pig to surf well… give Acme a call very friendly and helpful.
  4. Thanks for the update. Did you actually disconnect the cables from the battery or use the battery disconnect switch? How did you reset the computer? Still learning all the ins and out of my new used boat too.
  5. Did you you get the software updated? Did it fix the problem?
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