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  1. @Hyperryd - thanks bud. You're the best, and thanks for all the info you gave me on the phone. I bought the locker nets, tower racks, and a hat:) You mentioned that a good upgrade to think about for my 2014 Tomcat F22 would be to weld some extra supports, and that you would send through some pics.... any chance you could send those through? Thanks!
  2. @Hyperryd Do these work with the factory bimini as well? Thanks
  3. @Hyperryd hey man thanks for the reply. This is the first time I've shopped for a prop. Looks like the prop you are suggesting is 15" (vs the 14.5" that is on it now). That would mean it should be about 1/4" closer to the hull. Here's a pic of my current prop... its already pretty close. If I go with the bigger prop, do I need to worry about gel coat burn, or should this still be OK at this new diameter? Also, just to confirm, you would go with the 2315 over both the 1615 or 2079? Thanks!
  4. I’ve got a 2014 F22. Currently has a 1235 prop on it. I bought the boat at the end of last season and only got a few rides on it. I felt like it struggled out of the hole a bit (surfing) and I only had 4 people on board with stock 1800# ballasts. Checked here for prop guidance : https://www.wakemakers.com/mb-sports-wakeboard-boat-propellers Looks like I should probably be using the 1615 or 2079. My lake is at 2500ft elevation, and I’m adding approx 1600# more in ballast (3400 lbs total in ballast) and usually have 10 people in the boat. Which prop should I upgrade to? T
  5. @Mucker626 I just bought a 2014 F22. Stock ballasts I believe are 1800#. I'm thinking about adding around 700-800 lbs per side. Just wondering if that is going to be too much if I've got 10 people in the boat? What weight did you have in your boat with the 2419? And what altitude ? Thanks!
  6. Great info from both of you @Hyperrydand @Mikewoods, thank you. Hyperryd, I'm assuming you're the guy with the website and lots of really cool gear? I'm interested in getting the locker nets and possibly the overhead surf racks... would these fit on a 2014 MB F22 tower ? Thanks!
  7. I've got a 2014 F22, and I'd like to install some sacs. Need some rock solid advice please. I've browsed over several topics here but didn't find exactly what I wanted. So.... this is what I've got so far. 1) I haven't taken exact measurements yet (boat is in storage, need to head over there and get some measurements soon), but it appears the 1100# sacs fit well in the rear storage lockers. I've got a message into the guy claiming this to clarify exactly which sacs (Wakemakers? Fatsacs?) these are. 2) I'd like anyone's advice as to how to set these up. I'd like to g
  8. Hey @northlake I've got the same question. My boat is in storage and it's a pain to get there, open it up, and measure If anyone can give me the dims that would be awesome!!!! Could you give me a little more info on the 1100# bags that fit perfectly into the 2014 F22? Are they the Wakemaker bags? Or Fatsac? WAKEMAKERS: https://www.wakemakers.com/wakemakers-rear-lbs-ballast-bag.html FATSAC: https://www.boattoys.ca/collections/ballast-and-wakeshapers/products/pro-x-series-jumbo-v-drive-surf-sac-1100lbs Thanks!
  9. Hey @dillyrev , do you still have some of this for sale? Thx
  10. All good man. You've been great help regardless.
  11. Also... can anyone confirm if their cav plate in fully retracted (up) position looks like mine? See attached. It is basically flat / on same horizontal plane as the hull. I would have thought that it should actually retract more.... Thanks
  12. @4warned hey that's awesome. I'll pm you and maybe we could chat as well. I started the surf at around 11.8 mph (because the previous owner had it set there), but quickly dialed it down once I saw the messy wave. I think I ended up around 10.9, but I don't have any sacs (yet) so the wave still wasn't great. From what I am hearing from everyone, this boat will clean up with some more weight. It's great to hear from someone who has the exact same boat. If you have a chance, could you measure the clearance you have from your prop to the hull? I believe the previous owner swappe
  13. Everywhere here is awesome. Thanks for all your comments. Keep them coming if you have anything to say, I'm ingesting all the info as it comes in. @oboyskibum - I had surf side ballast full, other empty. Tried both full, as well as maybe 25-50% full (non-surf side) like you mentioned. (Also tried all combinations with wake shaper on/off). Wave was OK, but still washy and not enough push for me to let go. I'm about 185-190lbs and have no problems surfing on other waves. Very frustrated !!!!
  14. Oh... and one more thing... does anyone know if the hull design changed on the F22 between 2014 and 2016 or 2017? Thanks!
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