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  1. Looks like they updated the pictures of the 2013 in Boise. Seems to be some scrapes and scuffs. Being new to the sport, are those imperfections that someone would expect for a boat that is 8 years old with 689hrs. https://boise.craigslist.org/bod/d/boise-2013-mb-b52-21/7390038132.html @bloodiestcadaver I am running into the same issue actually. I would like to get the 2011 based on what seems to be the better condition and lower hours, but because its a few years older the length and interest rate are quite great. it also kind of puts the monthly payment a bit higher then we were really w
  2. I was more referring that I could half as much and buy an early 2000's boat, but would then likely turn around a buy a newer one anyways. Its hard to believe both are nearly $50k, even crazier to think other makes are even more expensive and older. I did come across a 2018 Sanger 215S Surf with 65hrs that is $60k and is set-up from factory with a surf system of some kind. My max budget though really is $50,000. Its hard to say if we are going to want to surf as none of of us have ever even tried it. I have to guess most of us will end up wanting to. It does seem however there are many posts ou
  3. Great thanks for the reply. I am excited but also nervous to spend the money, and then don't want to turn around and have to spend even more in a few years because it doesn't fit our needs.
  4. Hello everyone new to the page, and honestly new to boating. I have never owned a boat and have actually spent minimal time on a boat that wasn't meant for fishing. We are a family of 6 with kids aged 12 to 4 years old. We are just looking for something that makes since. Will do most things well, but will also fit the size of our family. Also something that is mechanically sound and reliable. Being pretty inexperienced I am not sure the big differences between these boats. I believe they have different power levels, with the B52 post stating 410hp. Either way wondering if anyone would recommen
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