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  1. Looks like an Amazing deal to me! Depending on what you could get for yours it could be a sweet upgrade without much financial risk! Good looking color scheme as well!
  2. Thanks @BTown801 I have my boat/trailer down at the shop right now (blew a hub and bearing) so I can’t measure my stock seat post length. does anyone know the stock seat post length? I am looking to add 4-5 inches.
  3. @turps73 Where did you find the 9 inch mount? I am wanting to get this done ASAP before my trip coming up in 3 weeks.
  4. Has anyone installed a riser for the captains chair? I am 5’10’’ and when surfing it’s hard to see over the windshield / bow of the boat without standing or kneeling. I have a friend with a Malibu who ordered his with a seat riser, and it’s really nice to have a taller captains chair. I use the bolster, but it’s still not tall enough. For reference I have a 2019 F21 Tomcat.
  5. I agree that they supposed to be pretty stiff. I have 2019 F21 and they are stiff!
  6. Anyone know where I could get the triangle brackets for the tower?
  7. When I turn sharp ( like at the top of the ramp) my trailer sounds awful! Almost like the breaks are locked up. It’s not just the tire slide with the tandem axel, it sounds like the breaks or something else is rubbing. Any idea what this could be, or how to fix it? 2019 F21 Tomcat with metal craft trailer
  8. Nice! I will have to check that out. Thanks
  9. Does anyone have a vacuum recommendation that they love to use on their boat? We are looking at getting something that we could leave on the boat. thanks
  10. Not sure if you have seen this company yet ( they are local to me in UT) but we just bought 2 boards from Mono: https://monowakesurf.com/ I have the Rasta and got the wife the Gunslinger. I have been really happy with them so far.
  11. I will check those threads out, thank you!!
  12. Hey All- I am wanting to put some lights on my tower for night time navigation. We helped a boat at Lake Powell last year who was lost after dark and our spotlight saved the day, but thought it would be nice to have something more permanent tied to a free switch on my dash. here is what I am looking at installing: https://www.nilight.com/products/nilight-4-inch-square-led-pod-lights-with-drl-60w-6487lm-super-spot-light-16awg-wiring-harness-kit-for-auxiliary-offroad-led-driving-work-lights-for-truck-utv-atv-suv-4x4-jeep-5-years-warranty does anyone have any e
  13. New MB owner here. Is there a center hull drain on a 2019 F21? I am trying to remove the access panel, but the previous owner allowed sand to get stuck in the threads (if it is a screw off??) Any ideas on how to remove this would be appreciated. thanks
  14. Absolutely! They are there, but not visible in my pictures.
  15. Stopped by quick today and got these pics. I didn’t pull the cover all the way off, so no bow bag pics, but here is the pump location pictures
  16. Sorry for the late response on this. My boat is in storage right now, but I stop by once a week or so just to look😂 next time I am there I will grab some pics for you on the front bag. It is plumbed, the pump is very close to the pnp pumps under the middle rear seat. Stay tuned
  17. Ended up getting the 2019 F21 Tomcat! Super pumped for summer to come. Has standard gravity hard tanks, 800# bags in each rear locker, and a 450# under seat bow bag.
  18. Hi all- Brand new to the forum. I am currently looking at 2 options to buy, 2015 F22 or 2019 F21. We are primarily concerned with the surf wave with minimal tinkering. Any help/input here would be great! Thanks
  19. Hi all- I am currently looking at 2 options to buy, 2015 F22 or 2019 F21. We are primarily concerned with the surf wave with minimal tinkering. Any help/input here would be great! Thanks
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