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    ACME 2313
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    2 - 1100# Rear
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  1. $250 Shipped https://acmemarine.com/products/acme-propeller-1125
  2. I got the 2313(15 x 12 / .150 cup) installed yesterday. I have the PCM ZR409. 7/8" clearance. My factory prop was the 1125. Ran for about an hour : Top Speed @ 5600RPM went from 47 to 40 4000 RPM went from 35ish to 30 Speed control was smoother... I really wanted an inch clearance but have not noticed an increase in vibration or noise. Surfed with full balast(2200) and and about 1200 in sacks/ 3 peeps. 750/200 goofy / 400 port. Needs weight up front... I'll try to get some pics later but working on a ground loop with my ws420
  3. I need to pull the trigger on the 2315 or 2079 for a 23wb with ZR409 also... Did you order?
  4. WI5

    Wake surf gate

    I've started looking at this also. It looks like most actuators only travel about 4 inches max. Maybe some hinge system can increase the travel. If you could weld, you could box or round the tab. I would really want the tab to retract under the swim step to avoid anyone getting cut up. The Nautique NSS system might be better system. It's a plate that slides in and out. I wish that it was an aftermarket system. Just bolt it on. Anyone making any progress?
  5. If I remember correctly, it's a trailer issue and not a hull issue. Running a ZR409. Thanks!
  6. cool! Can you run pandora through it?
  7. The area where the Amps mount should have plywood so you can mount all your amps/battery charger/accessories. Much like the battery switch. As of now it's easy to put a screw through the upholstery. Down turn exhaust tips for CES. A new tower design. My tower goes up and down every day to go on covered lift. I'm terrified the front arms are going to drop and break the windshield. If you have tower speakers on it, It's pretty heavy. Relable ballast tank switches as open and closed. 2 Zone Stereo so you can turn Towers ON and OFF from HU. (Alpine CDA 118M) I agree with
  8. I have a ZR409 CES on my 23 WB and would like to add a turn down silence tip. Anyone know how hard it is to do? I'm thinking of trying an ACME 1939 or 1433 next year for wakesurfing. It came with a 1125. I would love some dash mounted speakers also. Modify bungies on board racks for larger Boards.(Blue Lake)
  9. Good Times! Is the TWB 23 Wakesurf thread here(MB Forums)?
  10. Maybe this? http://www.pac-audio.com/productDetails.aspx?ProductId=871&CategoryID=31
  11. My 2011 ZR409 has new "SJ" classification sticker on it...
  12. I'll check again this weekend. My memory isn't what it used to be.
  13. 23 WB / ZR409 / ACME 1125 / 5550 RPM No Ballast / 2 people / 1000' MSL Zero Off about 48 MPH.
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