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  1. Just lost my rudder while wakesurfing. Sheared off as I accelerated. Crazy, I have a ‘17 b52 23 with raptor 400, anyone have a suggestion of where to get another one? Ugghhh!
  2. I'm guessing there is no lubrication point from the back side of the gates, inside the engine compartment, that would help lighten the tension? Sounds like it's a normal characteristic of that system.
  3. Hello everyone, I've got a 17 B52 23' that i purchased last year. I am not sure how stiff these levers should be but it takes some pretty firm pressure to get them up and down. Worried something could eventually break. I have lubed the gates at the rear of the boat several times with Silcone, Lithium grease and most recently MolyKote valve lubricant, but not much has changed. Is this normal or is there another place to lube or service? Thanks in advance
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