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  1. Yes, the Exile stereo package with two tower speakers is the standard option. Exile stereo package comes with a Fusion head unit.
  2. The new Mission Power Tower (Tube Tower) is a lower cost option. It's a really good looking tower in person. The 7" center screen is an upgrade option to replace the analog gauges. The new steering wheel is standard and is a great upgrade over the previous wheel with a nice feel. There are some new vinyl colors available for 2024 as well as the Airforce blue gel color. There has been an update to the batteries with a power management system so now it is just on and off for the battery switch. This helps reduce issues with the relays and sensors due to low voltage.
  3. Website lists the 23 Alpha draft as 33.5" and the 22 Alpha as 33.25"
  4. The center tab can be used for a couple of things. It can be used to help keep the bow down or to lower the bow. If you have a lot of weight in the back of the boat and are surfing you can put the center tab down to lengthen the wave. It can also help to get up to speed or get on plane if the boat is struggling. If water is choppy and you're running across the lake you can also use the center trim tab to help smooth out the ride as it won't let the bow "slap" and will force it to stay down.
  5. Red button should be the horn. Keep in mind there may be switches for optional equipment. If the boat wasn't ordered or equipped with that option the switch will not activate anything.
  6. I think this is regional. East coast I've seen more ATX boats but it's closer to Malibu's backyard. Almost all the the more entry level boats I've been in have looked good from afar but a far from good. The NXT is probably the best put together out of that list but you're getting a very stripped down boat. At MB we are working on differentiating the Classic series more from the Alpha. This will allow us to get more aggressive on pricing and optioning the classic to deliver more value, while not having to sacrifice new features or upgrades in the alpha line.
  7. In that photo the bow was higher as we were trying to get a steeper wave for big air. As mentioned previously this boat does require more bow weight or center plate to help keep the bow down when the rear bags are full. With seating for 6 people in the bow it likes some more weight up there when not occupied.
  8. For wake surfing I have always gone through the zipper or the rope rubs on top of the Bimini. For Wakeboarding and Foiling on top of the Bimini.
  9. On my 23 Alpha I used it just a little to help bring the bow down when surfing and having a lot of people in the back of the boat. It helps lengthen the wave too. On the 25 Alpha I use it quite a bit at 40-70% to drop the bow and lengthen the wave.
  10. What J10 said is pretty solid. I ride goofy and the wave on goofy side is primo. Portside wave takes some cleaning up as it can get washy. Also, this boat likes weight/ballast. If you are running a small crew or even have less gas or run with less fuel I would grab some lead bags to put in the front center locker. I'm picking up a 25 next week that I'll be putting some more hours on and will get some videos of how to set-up for surfing.
  11. I would need to check as I'm not positive but 2023 for sure it is 440 with a 2:1 standard.
  12. The F24 and the B25 both come standard with a 440 and 2:1 trans. I just spent a couple of days driving the 25' with a 575 and 2:1 trans and it was so smooth and effortless. With the 2:1 we were surfing at 3,500RPM doing 11.6mph with all tanks/bags full and 5 people on board.
  13. Also who got the Blue and Gold 25? This thing looks good! Note photo is before final detailing.
  14. Was up at the shop earlier this week and saw this coming coming out of the paint department.
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