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  1. Going to change post title if I can, he’s in the 40ish range
  2. Right on, my number is 7073543601 my messages are always funky on here hit me up ASAP
  3. Anybody got one or know of one? Looking for a friend ? (Literally). California Chad 707 354 3601
  4. Thanks Wylie! Been a while but always good advise from ya. How do you think they even got those 7.7a wired in??
  5. I've got 750 lbs of old tug boat chain that has made it into most of my boats ha ha, corners and bows!
  6. Hey fellas, Been pontoonin' the last few summers with the little ones and have been snooping as always. Pulled the trigger on a steal today and had a few questions. Stereo setup: 1 JL HD 750/1 running a single sealed JL w7 12" 1 JL 600/4 running 6 alpine spa 601 6.5s in boat 2 JL 900/5 running two pairof rev 10s AND 2 bullets apparently. Wetsounds eq Should I pull the bullets and 900/5s and run a SD2? Also any review of the revo6s? Would they run well on a 600/4? Thanks as always!
  7. This is the cove before we brought fire down to water's edge.
  8. Just saw my old boat on Craigslist 14 f22 and he had issues with the Bimini mounts, cracked, on the second tower on that boat!! Lame
  9. *I had 4 factory speakers installed in factory locations
  10. When my 14 failed Star One and MB took great care of me, keep in mind I live 2.5 hrs from where the towers are made, so putting on a 2016 tower was not a huge deal.
  11. Guitar Crazy, I've been starting to sniff around surf boats again and the 238 and the 18 MB are on my radar for sure, I have heard though the 226 is still a better surf boat for the $$ it sounds like you have to SLAM/list the 238. Axis 23 is on the radar too
  12. I think his response to the "Walrus lift" of a 18 swim deck would have been far better received than anything in this thread ha ha! I think he safe spaced too many PNW dudes and got booted
  13. My large Tomcat and MBs emblems leaked on my 14.....
  14. I agree Larson and MB don't make ballast bags..but here lies the issue: "Insert minor problem with 70k+ or 80k+ boat" Next contact dealer...wait for some manufacturer/boat dealer finger pointing Still waiting FOREVER if it ever gets resolved. Then most people pay out of pocket because they want to use their boat. Not here to bash, just the way it is. I hope they get a bunch of these extra bags made quick or re-design....sounds like a 2013-14 shaft seal extravaganza! Are all the new MB's plug and play? I'm starting to snoop again, and was curious if you can do an OG pump and dump system and have the plug and play as a delete option?
  15. I don't know how they have the plug and plays setup from factory.... Do they fill from the bottom rear of the bag? I always filled/drained mine from the top rear of the bag and overflowed from the top front with a check valve. Have fun getting a bag from Larson, I had a very similar experience with an outstanding purchase, but had some weird stuff with warranty..but in the end it worked out.
  16. Is this how'd I'd wire said sub? http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurations.asp?Q=1&I=22
  17. The polk speakers have a 3 upside down horse shoe thingy. The sub is a sundown SA 10 2ohm, that will eventually be re-powered.
  18. Thank you sir! Great response from a real pro, I miss this forum!
  19. So I bought this amp http://www.woofersetc.com/c-3-amplifiers/c-29-multi-channel/p-12556-xdi-8505-arc-audio-5-channel-850w-rms-xdi-v2-amplifier.html I want to set it up with 4 polk MM6.5s, and a single 10 sealed for my pontoon boat. -How should I set this diddy up? 2ohm or 4ohm for the 6.5s? -Do I set it to "high" or "full" and a recommended hrz for the 6.5s? Thanks doods!
  20. I'd probably be willing to let it go if someone sent me a white wetsounds stealth 6 ultra v2 soundbar...preferably with 1.5" clamps, I saw some new ones on ebay for pretty decent prices
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