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  1. The 8’s will be on your next boat… they take a different speaker mold. We got you though!
  2. 😎the futures looking bright for you😎 …and there’s 100% gonna be a bigger Vanta coming!!!!
  3. We are extremely pleased with the updates so far… the 8’s and 12” sub blew our minds in the Vanta this spring and will be a standard for us from now on. The dash is slick, it’s a good start without going too far. I’d be happy to answer any questions, give me a call. Jason 801-518-6343.
  4. So… if there was a 25 B52 that made a wave like the 23 Alpha (the best/most consistent in the surf game PERIOD!)… what are the main features you’d hope it would have? ….. asking for a friend.
  5. For us…. Insta hate = SUCCESS! Peeps can’t handle The Wave if they don’t have The Wave!
  6. We are in for (50) 2022’s!!!! Let’s do this! They could call it the BFiftyUtah;) If she surfs, we own the 22’, 23’ and 25’ waves on the market…. Sounds lovely!
  7. Hey Guppy... my name is Jason, I work at The Boat Shack... please call me, I'd love to answer ALL of your questions. 👋👋 801-518-6343
  8. You da man! The Bomber came about so quickly, it wasn't even a thought til right around your purchase. We love your attitude and stoke for the MB's... we will make your amazing attitude worth it on your next purchase Brotha!
  9. You should really give me a call... The Boat Shack has a crazy amount of trades right now (growing by the day after a great show)... We will never be out done in price by out of state dealers... we gotta keep our own our own... PERIOD. We will make it worth your efforts to give us a call or come down the hill and hang with us. I'll include the delivery up to your house for much less... I promise that. Also, the water is soft at Deer Creek... lets go! Jason 801-518-6343
  10. The Boat Shack will 100% have the new BOMBER at our show! We received our first pics of the deck and hull out of the molds and put together yesterday... it's EXACTLY what we had hoped for! As I was reading over a few of the posts, I saw someone say the existing B52 is going away... that is INCORRECT (sorry if this was already addressed but wanted to make sure that was cleared up). That existing boat is magical and MB understands that. TBS has been told the boat will be around (as it is) for a couple more seasons. We are really excited about the new BOMBER (that's what TBS is calling it
  11. We will have the new 23 B....... at our Utah Boat Show February 6-9. It's going to be ALL white gel with: - white interior powder coat - white windshield, tower, tower bases, mirror, racks (probably with new Skylon rack option) - TBS CUSTOM SILVER CHROME exterior package (all the regular exterior items PLUS the transom parts) - upholstery/gator will be a very light tan combo We have some pics of the "plugs" from a few weeks ago that we are showing our customers that are currently ordering new 2020 boats (pre-boat show) this winter so they understand there's a new surfing monster on its
  12. “Limited” is TBS’s personal description of this boat because we’d like 50 of them but MB obviously isn’t in to that type of production..... we don’t even know the exact name M.B. will call this boat. If it were up to us... 23 BOMBER sounds about right cuz it’s gonna be explosive:) We will leave the real name up to M.B. We are just too damn excited about it not to start the hype!
  13. We were also very hesitant on the new swoop look until we saw it in person and we are all over that LOOK for future models and also FEEL it creates to the new models. We aren't big into keeping things secret (for 6 more weeks ) that shouldn't be secret so feel free to call us and ask away on the new models, we will give you everything we know. For TBS, we have REALLY pushed for this new 23 B52 "Limited" to come sooner then later BUT only as long as it didn't come as a loss of the existing 23 B52 because we believe it is a magical boat and has a long future. We are excited to be able to o
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