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  1. The boat is back up for sell on OnlyInboards
  2. The link is to when I had it for sell at the end of last season. I have not renewed my ad because the snow has not stopped for me to get it out for new pictures. I'm thinking low 50s.
  3. No one has asked for a price or made me an offer.
  4. The boat has Rev10s on the tower. The price in the ad was when I had it listed last summer. I can do much better right now.
  5. Spring is just around the corner. Someone needs this boat.
  6. Boat show season is starting. After the sticker shock of new boat prices wears off, shoot me a PM or email and lets make a deal.
  7. Boat is still for sell. I would like to have it gone before the end of the year. If anyone is interested please contact me and lets make a deal.
  8. Bump. Boat is still for sell. I would make someone a killer deal if interested.
  9. Under the delusion that I would use the boat this year.
  10. --Update-- I dropped the price on my boat. My family did not have time to use it this year and I do not expect next year to be any different. I'm looking to get it gone by the end of the year. My boat is listed on OnlyInboards. Like a few others, I hate to see this boat go, but I don't have the time to use it and we are planning to build a house next year. I think I have a fair asking price, but please contact me if you are interested and maybe we can make a deal. 2013 23TWB - $Send me a PM or email. I'm ready to move this boat. http://www.onlyinboards.com/Details.aspx?ID=
  11. I'm still looking for someone in the Seattle/Everett WA area to let Cory at Evolution make a pattern for a 23TWB.
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