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  1. Is it a single set of clamps (i.e. 1 tube tower) or does it require two tubes? I think my axis tower's tube diameter (single tube) is 2 7/8"?
  2. if you have amazon prime already, don't forget their prime music app. It's "free" (err... you are already paying for it), has no commercials, and you can download songs/albums/playlists for offline listening. The library isn't as extensive as spotify or apple music, but it's free(ish)! The sound quality on the amazon app is good too. Much better than pandora's free service for sure. I use it almost daily (mostly to listen to jazz at work).
  3. It's not MB, it's PCM. Good you got it going. I'm late to this thread, but another quick test for relays would've been to just switch your starter and fuel relays (both are basic bosch 5 pin relays). you'd know in about 90 seconds whether you had a bad relay, because you'd go from a crank but no fire condition to a no crank condition. I keep a $2 relay on the boat just in case.
  4. I think the diff between MB and Kia is that Kia is subject to federal safety regs, and MB isn't. The potential damages here sound quite puny. Just repair of the tower since nobody was hurt (in any of the 15 or so cases, right?). So say it's a $2500 fix by a "competent" welder. Each plaintiff's case is different and it could very easily cost $10,000 per plaintiff to try the case ($150k total). Without a guarantee of a win. So best case you have to gamble $10k to hope to win 2500? So best case you are negative $7500? It totally should be MB's responsibility to fix, and it wou
  5. The thing that sucks is it may not really be worth litigating. Your total damages are what, $7k max (for a new tower)? And being a used owner definitely complicates things a bit too. I'd just use the litigation budget to put a samson blade on and call it a day.
  6. It should work great for you and will likely still be a notch on the aggressive side.... which is where you want to be for that day that you've got 10 on the boat at 2000'.
  7. All's well that ends well, but this story is really confusing. You are saying that you threw out your box anchor for "added security" but on a line that was not long enough for the anchor to even touch bottom? What security does an anchor provide while it swings from your boat? I half wonder whether your hanging anchor didn't wrap itself up in the mooring line and then the boat blew and the box anchor broke the mooring line.
  8. The "clean wake" thing is a bit of a red herring (and it's a drum I've beat a lot in the past). For kids, it just doesn't matter unless and until your kid is jumping the wake both ways. For the sort of casual riding most littles do, having the wake clean on one side or the other is just fine. And it's not like the wake can't be crossed on the washy side, you just can't really jump from that side. There just aren't that many people going wake to wake both ways at 18.
  9. At least we know Malibu (now the owner of Cobalt) isn't litigious. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Ruh roh http://www.tradeonlytoday.com/2017/06/jury-rules-brunswick-infringed-on-cobalt-patent/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Wow it really is an RV step. Very simple in its execution. I wonder whether those two low hanging hinge pieces will drag? Did they life the whole platform relative to the waterline now that there is an underwater step?
  12. I was only joking! I didn't think they'd actually do it! It reminds me of the flip out steps my grandparents' airstream had. Is that how it works?
  13. Good stuff! Cutting out the strut bearing very much reminds me of the time I had to cut a campy bottom bracket out of a steel road bike frame. Used the same "slice of pie" method and corresponding sweating about cutting too far.
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