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    Stock Rear + 780lb integrated bow bag

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  1. How much was the Bimini extension? I didn't see it on their website. And is it easy to set-up and take down?
  2. I believe these boats use the Atwood Swivel-Eze pedestals at 2-7/8". I am looking to raise mine about 4-5" as well. I am not sure exactly what height is the standard part. I just need to measure. I have a 2018 B52 21ft. The older boats used a Springfield Pedestal, also at 2-7/8". I'm not sure if they are compatible or not. http://old.attwoodmarine.com/store/product/278-proseries-pedestal-system
  3. I have a 2018 and they are stiff as well. Mostly just getting into and out of the closed (up) position. I think it creates a tight seal as it closes. I did lubricate through the drain holes every few times out and cycle a few times and it does help. I also only pull down one lever at a time, so to not pull out the whole panel. I did see a video a while back of a guy pulling down both levers together - it was a new boat walkthrough. Looked easy, but mine have never been that easy.
  4. Yup! Good to hear. I watched this video a few years back as well!
  5. I had a 2005 as well. Very nice surf wake. Key is not too much weight in back. I just ran stock rear tanks + about 450lbs in the bow (a 350 flyhigh sac under the bow seats + 100lbs of lead). Equal weight left to right. Other key is good and properly placed wake shaper. Swell H3X-Plus or even Swell 2.0 worked best. Below the water line as far back as possible. Super clean wave and very long. Could surf all day long. Look on the facebook group - lots of photos and help there.
  6. Does anyone know what the price of this OEM Tower Down Cover is?
  7. Anyone know how many boats MB builds each year? I've heard around 300. Does anyone know the breakdown per model? Just wondering. I would be interested to know how many of each model are built these days.
  8. I had wakemakers make a custom bow sac for my 2018 B52 21ft. It was much larger than the bow sacs available and is volume rated at 785lbs. Fills all available bow space under the seats. I purchased the pump and all hoses, fittings, switches from wakemakers and installed it all. A bit of planning and several hours to install. Call them up.
  9. Could be your transmission cooler heat exchanger. There is a transmission cooler heat exchanger just after the raw water intake. Is is in-line with the raw water intake for the engine cooling. This heat exchanger is probably blocked or damaged or possibly the lines to the transmission are kinked or blocked. It is on the Starboard side of the engine low just above the bottom of the boat. Just after the strainer. It is a black cylinder about the size of a tall boy beer. It is located just below the power hatch actuator motor. It feeds lines to the transmission and the water from the raw water intake is also used to cool fluid lines to the transmission. Remove this and inspect/clean. It maybe still allow water to cool your engine but not enough to cool the transmission. Also, when you re-install it, do not overtighten the hose clamps as this is made from soft metal (copper maybe) and can bend/kink if you over tighten the hose clamps. A good resource is too call https://skidim.com/ and ask them. They are very knowledgeable about your engine and can walk you through what to try next.
  10. That looks great! A good cheap option if someone is in a pinch. How is it holding up?
  11. @SurfNewb Looks awesome! Post some pictures of the bow bag and pump setup when you get a chance. I'm installing mine soon and am going to be drilling some big holes 😬
  12. Awesome, can you share what bow bag your boat has? What brand/model number? Maybe some photos, please? I am adding a bow bag to my 2018 this winter and have been working with Wakemakers to build custom bag to fill the under seat bow area completely. I also would be interested in seeing if yours is pumbed in and where your fill/drain/vent lines are. Thanks
  13. Check your transmission fluid and level. On those ZF Transmissions (ZF Hurth 63iv) sometimes at idle or in neutral the plates in the transmission can rattle. It can sound not good. My '05 had the rattle at times (in neutral and when shutting off the boat), but was far less noticeable than your noise. I heard several others of the same time period with the same noise. The sound I had was normal. Yours might be the same situation if all else is operating OK. There was a service bulletin issued suggesting you could change the fluid in the Transmission to Motor Oil instead of the originally recommended DEXRON (ATF). The purpose was to would reduce the rattle. I just used the recommended AFT, but you could try the change. I'm not sure if this is your issue, but here is a link to some discussion on it and the service bulletin. https://teamtalk.mastercraft.com/forum/general-mastercraft-topics/general-discussion/76327-15w-40-in-a-zf-hurth#post1942996 Note: the MBs had this same transmission as the Mastercraft of the same era. SV2001-2 Hurth Trans Noise.pdf
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