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  1. My '05 also had the Sahara S500. I replaced it with a Amarine 760gph (less than $30). I think it fit just fine. The bigger issue is pulling the floor up. Total PITA 😬
  2. Thanks thchavez05, that GPS conversion looks great, but pricy. My speedo is registering, but is way off and reading way too slow. I'm hoping the tach is just a connection glitch. What do you mean when you say you swapped the plugs?
  3. LiquidObsession did you ever find out who made these gauges? I've got an '05 and my Tach and speedo haven't been working for years. I think the sensor is OK because Perfect Pass works fine, so I think it is in the Guage.
  4. In my experience, some kids did better on the Ronix Super Sonic Powertail than the Scamp. I also felt the Scamp was a pretty basic and inexpensive board based on appearance and construction, where I found the construction and quality of the Powertail to be much nicer at a similar price point. Good Luck!
  5. I'm getting ready to change my transmission fluid before my season starts and I wanted to know what fluid everyone is running in your old MBs. My boat is a 2005 B52V with the standard PCM Excalibur 330 and ZF Hurth 63 iv transmission. About 500hrs. I've always run Dextron III per the owners manual, but I've heard others have switched to 15W40 motor oil as this is what ZF started recommending to reduce gear rattle (see the service bulletin details below) I do have some gear rattle at idle and when shutting the engine off (as the RPMs fall to zero), but performance has always been fine and it is more of an annoyance. Does anyone have any feedback on Dextron III vs motor oil? Also, do you guys change the transmission filter as well? Some have said yes, and a some have said no. Thanks!
  6. That is a great looking F21. Also, the surf wake in the video looks nice. Do you know how the F21 wake compares to the F22 wake? For both surf and wakeboarding? I'm considering an upgrade and haven't ridden on either. No many MBs in Ohio .
  7. Has anyone put together a Hull Chart over the years? To show when the major hull re-designs were done? Maybe also including when key options were added? Like the early surf tabs or GSA? I'm considering an upgrade to something in the 2012-2017 range in a year or so, but not sure when things changed. I'm considering a B52 21, or Tomcat 21 or 22. Can't got any larger than 22ft on my lake.
  8. I also don't have a fix, but I agree - call skidim.com and they can get you set-up.
  9. Hi Showtime... Welcome. That looks like a nice boat. The price is a bit high depending on the hours and condition. The hours on that boat can be pulled up in the menu system of the perfect pass gauge. Do an internet search. The owner just doesn't know how to do it. It also can be read off the engine by a dealer. The 2007 model has some nice upgrades over the earlier models including the new top deck, updated tower, and updated interior. That boat does not have the bow ballast and will likely need an integrated bow sack as it will need some weight up front. This can be installed under the bow cushion seats and plumbed in (I did the same with mine). The 220 usually has the 'ski' hull and not the wake hull, but not always. From the pictures you really can't see which hull it has. The ski hull has a extra notch in the back corner. The wake hull has just one corner at the back outer transom. Look on the internet for some pictures and you can see. The ski hull is great for skiing and kids. The wake hull provides a better wakeboarding wake. I think both are great for surfing. I recommend a Swell wake shaper as it works great on that boat. That boat also has a great trailer. One of the nicest I have ever used. Solid and super easy to load/unload. The photos do show some mold on the vinyl - which I've seen a lot of in TN. Mine had the exact same thing. Some Marine31 took care of it. Overall it is a great boat. I've had my 2005 for 8 years and it is solid. My previous boat was a Malibu. I wanted something different. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for the reply, but my tower only has the 1 rear bar. The 2005 tower doesn't have the front cross bar, so those racks won't work fo me.
  11. Does anyone else have suggestions for Surf Racks that will fit on a 2005 B52? We are starting to surf more these days and are acquiring more and thicker surfboards that don't fit in the stock racks. I've found a few on e-bay that look like they might fit if the fork holes would line up correctly. I'm looking for a rack that would hold 2 surf boards.
  12. meetloaf - can you share what prop you were running on your old '04? And what changed about the wave before/after your repair work? I'm still running the stock 537 on my '05 and with the swell wakesurf device the surf wake is pretty nice. I've been thinking of upgrading to the 1939 prop. I'm thinking that might improve the wave as it did on my previous Malibu a few years back when I upgrade props. Just wondering if you have some suggestions...
  13. hot4teach - do you have any pictures of the gator step finally installed on your B52? I have an 05 and am looking to gator-step the top deck. They sent me a template for all of the top deck and flooring sections they have on file. It must have been your template they are now using. Thanks!
  14. I have the same boat as well. We surf all the time and the wake is great. I run about 11.2mph and use the stock 537 prop. Fantastic surf wake. Very clean and everyone can easily ride it. I run both stock tanks as well as a bow sac. I added the integrated bow tank under the front bow seats and plumbed it in with a pump and switch. I also have about 150lbs of small lead bags under the bow as well. I estimate to total ballast around 2100lbs. I also run the the SWELL wakesurf creator. This is KEY - much better bang than extra ballast. Totally worth the investment on that boat. I place the SWELL lined up with the rear cleat at the lowest hull step. Good luck!
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