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  1. Sorry for the delayed response, been working like a mad man... Sorry I didnt ask in detail what the changes were, maybe someone with some insider info knows?
  2. Ok girls here is the info I got from mike today. Nothing earth shattering and nothing was confidential. 24ft tomcat expect to pay ~75k. Ballast still runs to the windshield and no further. Tower is sweet. Rev 10s, 6 liter standard most likely, testing of how the 343 will perform will be done just to see. Bimini will be big and really nice when folded. Wake will be very 23twb ish. Loads of storage and overall just a great boat. Hopefully we will all get to see photos soon. 15+ have been ordered so far and if I was to order one I would be looking at June delivery. 2013 twb changes. De
  3. Anyone know of any changes in the 2013 current boat line? New tower? Options? etc? Also word has it that 20+ 24 Tomcats have been sold, but whats the info on these? Anyone have any idea as to the price over a 23TWB? Please someone spill the beans....
  4. Shawndoggy wrote: The bluetooth module can be added to the stock stereo of the 2012 models?
  5. IXFE wrote: I have never met a set of tower speakers that weren't crazy overpriced. With that said, it looks like from the OP's post the MSRP is $3,100, but the actual price is $2,650. Let's break that down (prices grabbed from Earmark): Pair of Pro-60's: $800 Pair of MB-8's: $800 Syn 4 amp: $600 So retail price on just the hardware is $2,200. Is it worth it to pay an extra $450 for installation at the factory? Doesn't seem unreasonable to me. What would a stereo shop charge to install that? With that said, I don't think I'd get this tower system again. But
  6. For those that have the wakeplate do you feel it alters the wake in anyway when it is level? I am thinking I want it for my 2012 23WB But I wanted to make sure it doesnt effect the wake, because I loved the way the demo boat wake was but it did not have the plate. thanks!
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