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  1. This! If you look on other manufacturers that little plaque/sticker deal is actually a UMMA deal not a coast guard deal. My understanding is UMMA is just a trade association.
  2. I haven't been there yet but my crew went last year and said it was crazy windy. Have you tried Glendo up in WY? We went up there last summer and it was amazing.
  3. Looks awesome. What percentage tint did you go with? We went 15% on our last boat. Hiking about maybe 5% on the new one.
  4. 1 pair of Rev 8s sounds pretty amazing as well. Not as much thump as the 10s but still really good midbass. We ran a pair with a syn 4 powering them last summer. We are adding a pair of Rev10s to the tower this summer but we aren't getting rid of the rev 8s. If you are only going to buy one paired tower speakers I would say just go ahead and spend the extra cash on the rev 10s.
  5. All I have heard is new tower and the price will start ~5k more than a 23 TWB. Neither of those is a fact or anything just what I heard.
  6. That is a pretty good idea Shawndoggy! So if anyone wants to trade let me know! I can kick in some cash as well.
  7. Based off one of his other posts my guess is he wants to take the glass out to tint it.
  8. We ran Rev 8s off a Syn 4 last year and they LOVED the power. Tim White the owner of Wet Sounds suggested the Syn 4 for the Rev 8s. We will have the Rev 8s running off a syn 2 this year and the Syn 4 is getting swapped over to Rev 10s. Our tower set up was changed after I bought the 2nd Syn 2. I would have bought another 4 if I had known we would change our minds on the set up. I bought it used from a local WS dealer but an exchange isn't an option. So basically don't stress if you have Rev 8s and a Syn 4 on the way. However if they will let you change out to the Rev 10s on a Syn 4 DO IT!
  9. I wish I had thou realized you needed a sky ski rack sooner. MB has a machine shop and they custom machined us a 2nd set of racks (wakeboard not sky ski). I bet they could do a sky ski rack pretty easily though. Might be worth checking into.
  10. Batteries are a big question as of right now. We have an interstate SRM-29 and will be adding to that. My brother is supposed to sit down and figure out how many batteries we need. Figure we will just make them all SRM-29s. The basic concept for the amps as of right now is 2 on each side of the dry storage on some sort of amp board with the syn 6 mounted at the front of the dry storage. I am sure everything will go through a couple revisions as things progress. You guys who have installed stereos know it rarely goes how you originally envision it on the install side! Shawndoggy if you have any advice on batteries or amp mounting I am all ears. (really anyone with some ideas please send them my way)
  11. Syn 6 running the 6 in boats and 2 of the Wet Sounds 10s. Syn 4 running 2 XS D12s. Syn 2 running a pro 485 ( will be upgraded to a rev 410 eventually) Syn 4 running a pair of rev 10s and a Syn 2 running a pair or Rwv 8s. Total power is going to be around 3650 watts.
  12. Going to be a few weeks before everything is installed but we have 5 amps going in our TWB. WS 420 will be put it in a yet to be determined spot.
  13. Putting a JL 12w3 under the helm will be a big improvement.
  14. My guess is because they are assuming you are going to have to remove it to get your sub a,p RCAs attached nd run. They might be thinking it is a waste of time for MB to do it. I would call up wet sounds and ask. They have awesome customer service.
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