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  1. I sold my 2012 B52 23V today and we are replacing it with a 2017 Malibu LSV23. I really liked the 2017 and 2018 MB B52 but the local dealer made me a fair deal on a new carryover Malibu, and the closest MB dealer is 3 hours away. They aren't very well liked either so it wasn't tough to switch to the Malibu dealer. Looking forward to trying the surfgate and power wedge. Summer needs to hurry up and get here.
  2. We are at 3000' elevation at our lake in Montana. My boat is a bit heavier than yours, and also has the PCM 343, so you have more torque and hp stock also. With the intermediate prop we had a hard time getting on plane with full ballast and 12 or more in the boat. The new prop works great, but I gave up some top end speed, which I don't miss. 24 is faster than I wakeboard, and fast enough for cruising.
  3. I am propped way down. With the surf prop I am almost WOT at 30. Doesn't matter because I never get above 24. I ruled out the S238 because I was willing to accept some of aesthetic deficiencies (in my opinion) if it had a superb wake and wave. After the 226 I figured the 238 should be pretty good. I have found a lot of 238 owners say the wakeboard wake is sub par, and it is difficult to get a good surf wave. There is a poster on the Supremecrew forum who also posted here as he was cross shopping the 238 and the B52. He went with the 238 and it appears he has been less than happy with the performance. I find almost all reviews of the A22, T23, and A24 wake and wave are very good, with interior finish being the most often noted complaint. They seem to have upgraded that this year, along with adding power wedge and sliding, reclining seats, which I like. I know I would like the B52 since I have really enjoyed my 2012.
  4. You are correct. Having no experience with these changes I don't know how much of an impact it will have on performance. My 2012 B52 23V has the PCM 343 and we don't have any problem surfing heavily weighted with a large crew. My top speed is only 30 or so, but with the surf prop we can get out of the hole easily. I need weight in the bow, but it isn't a hardship. I hear the larger prop and gear on the new Axis/Malibu makes it even easier but I have yet to ride on one. I have done some cruising on the Malibu and Axis forums and everyone seems to really happy with the surfgate and power wedge. Ease of use and great wakes and waves are common responses. I have been happy with my MB, but it seems worth a look.
  5. Thanks Bloody. Have you seen the 2018 Axis? They have upped the interior quality, but not sure it is to the level of the MB. The sliding rear seat and raised seatbacks are a nice feature though. I haven't been able to demo though as boating season is essentially over here in the northern Rockies.
  6. Thanks. I am waiting on a quote for an 18 A24 before I make a decision. I do like the looks of that last 23 Stancraft has. I prefer the MB boat and fit and finish, but the surfgate and power wedge would be nice to have.
  7. Thanks. I have a 2012 B52 23 and am not looking at anything smaller. I was considering the Supreme 238, but now I have ruled that one out. Now looking at the 18 Axis A24 or the MB. I like the looks of that 23' at Stancraft, but they are not a dealer any longer so I think that is their last 23. Couer d'Alene is relatively close to me though. J
  8. I am in the market for another boat and if I stay MB I am looking at 2016 or 2017 boats. I know the tower changed, but I see some 2016 listings with the new tower, and some listed as 2017 with the older tower. Was there a period of time when you could get either tower in either year? Besides tower, what are the biggest changes between the two? Didn't see any threads discussing the differences. Thanks.
  9. I am 90% sure I am going to sell my 2012 B52 23V. We have around 450 hours after yesterdays session. Apart from the usual fluids and detail, should I get a prop shaft and engine alignment done before I sell? Boat has been super reliable and have had no issues, but I want to make sure the new buyer is good to go. This is the most hours I have ever put on a boat so it is new territory for us. Thanks.
  10. On my 2012 B52 23V the zero off uses a GPS receiver just in front of the drivers windshield. When I first bought it I noticed that my speed would surge at times which was frustrating. I soon realized that it happened when a passenger in the bow was blocking the gps receiver. Once the GPS received a clear signal, speed was rock steady. Not sure if yours is the same, or if this is your issue, but that was the only time I had a problem with mine.
  11. I bought a Nauticurl shaper in the late spring to see if it made my 2012 B52 23V any better. I went most of the summer without trying it as our wave was already pretty darn good. About 3 weeks ago we had a small crew so I thought I would see what the Nauticurl would do. I put it on and I was pretty impressed with how it cleaned up the port side wave with less ballast. Unfortunately this weekend, after about 5 or 6 days of total use on the Nauticurl, one of the plastic levers broke on the shaper. It wasn't a big deal because we had 12 people and a lot of ballast going, but I was disappointed to see it didn't hold up better. I went to the Nauticurl site today to get a phone number to see if I could get a replacement lever, and I see that they are giving away 3 packs of replacement levers for free. Anyone who experiences a broken lever can just place an order on the site and they will ship you 3 free levers. I have to say it is unusual to see a company be so proactive with issues that arise. I am very impressed with the way they run their company.
  12. I would love a 2017 or 2018 MB B52, just not sure the price delta would be worth the upgrade. I spent roughly $20K going from my Centurion Elite V to the MB. If I can keep the delta at $20 to $25K I would be interested. I doubt I can do that with the 2018 MB, and probably not even the 2017. It looks possible with the 2016, but I don't like the tower on the 2016s. I prefer the one on my 2012 to the ones from 2013 to 2016. Just don't dig the look of that tower. J
  13. So far I have found several S238s in the high $60's, low $70s. I haven't seen any new B-52 23Vs in that range. I haven't been in an S238, but for that price, and what is supposed to be a world class wave, it seems worth consideration. The main reason for the post was to hopefully find people that have been in both. It seems not many have surfed and wakeboarded both.
  14. I definitely prefer the looks of the MB to the Supreme. I don't know if I like it $15K more, but I like it. J
  15. I currently have a 2012 B52 23V and love the boat. Our first boat was a Centurion Elite V, and the B52 was a massive upgrade. I love the look, wakeboard wake is great, and it surfs really well. I added 1100s to the rear lockers, and a 400# bag in the nose. I get a steep wave that is easy to surf, but it isn't as long as some boats I have seen. Goofy wave is really nice. I now have 430 trouble free hours on the boat, but am starting to get new boat fever. I really liked the value proposition of the 2012, which made it easy to spend the money to upgrade. Looking at the 2017s, the cost of MBs have risen quite a bit. It now looks like the Supreme S238 is probably the best value boat available. Reviews say the surf wave is impressive, but wakeboard wake may not be as good as my B52. I am not as fond of the Supreme styling, and really like the look of the 2017 MB tower and gel schemes. Has anyone on the forum demo'd both the new B52 and the S238? Any thoughts on switching? I really love my MB, but I don't think I am willing to step up to $90K for a new boat.
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