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  1. I had Gergler adapt my MB/Skylon racks to fit his arm and forks. I sold my boat a few months back so I am not on here much. I sent my forks and backing plate to Gergler so he could have a template. It was a decent setup, but I was a little unimpressed with the material he used on his fork for padding. There should be pictures on here of my setup. If not, send me a PM and I will show you what I had.
  2. Hope he was smart enough to get the other boats ID numbers. The other boat did the damage, have the insurance companies fight it out.
  3. I don't know the specs on that line, but I would go with a heater hose. That line will fog up as soon as hot water goes through it anyway. It looks like it is on the valve cover and yes, close to the header. Is it rated for the pressure?
  4. Have you removed the batteries to verify the drain holes are clear? I would probably raise the nose of your trailer to get the water towards the transom.
  5. Sold it a few weeks ago - http://www.mbboatowners.com/index.php/topic/3444-2012-mb-sports-f21-tomcat/?fromsearch=1
  6. Where are your batteries? Is this hatch behind your batteries? I can't remember where the batteries are in a 23. My sold F21 had them in the floor forward of the driver/passenger. I was thinking that is what you are describing.
  7. It is common, but it shouldn't be. Most will tell you to try and adjust the locking part after applying more pressure on the seal. I am not explaining that very well so hopefully someone will post a better explanation. My sold boat would not adjust and the only fix was to replace it with a water cooled one.
  8. It's not your tranny, its the seal that is letting in that water. It is the shaft seal - see my video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVwFZdGtY5w
  9. What is that black round thing on the right transom?
  10. I had the white switch from one of my old boats and plastidipped the bezel.
  11. As a public service announcement- I told the guy that bought my boat to contact drain master about the bad gate valve to see if they would warranty it. They did warranty it and are sending him a new one. The boat is a 2012 F21. It was the first gate that failed. I never lubed them, left them in the open position when stored. This was last week.
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