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  1. as a 2014, this boat should have: 1800# Subfloor ballast, batteries in the floor under the windshield, 3- 5" round gauges multi, tach, zero off) and a GM based motor. Lastly, the last two digits of the HIN should say "14" from 2014-2015 there were major changes to the boat, not necessarily the hull though. Ballast grew to 2800#, Raptor Motor, New "On-off" switches on gate valves, surf systems, and new square LCD in dash
  2. 2022 MB's are stepping up the game with JL. We've heard them, they're insane. You have to check the options, but definitely worth it (upgrade to 8.8 inboat, plus the 12" sub (dedicated amp), and tower speaker pack c (also another dedicated amp)
  3. have you looked at other manufacturers 5 year warranty? Some are legit, others *cough* moomba Aren't at all
  4. powdercoat is indeed standard on everything but the windshield frame
  5. We have 3 23 Alphas headed our way as I type this. 22 Alpha, another 23 Alpha, 22 classic after that, then two more 23 alphas and a 23 classic after that. SUUUUPER pumped for 2021
  6. We have 5 on order should see first batch fairly soon. (23 alphas and 22 alphas). Here is a positive that should excite many people on the forum: There is an option for... wait for it... a transom remote
  7. very much going to be on a level playing field with the new 23. More freeboard, new dash, flippy floppy center rear seat. new looks.
  8. I'd say it's a toss up at this point, both waves are epic, just different styles
  9. The F24 definitely throws a surf wave, lets get that out of the way first. Couple of notes: #1- rear PNP bags are simply not needed for surfing, use all hard tank ballast. #2- Faster surf speed is better #3- more bow weight (which we didn't have for these photos). Like, stick some lead up in the nose. #4 as we surfed it, the wave was extremely tall, extremely powerful, definitely not the same wave as a b52 23, but still very, very fun.
  10. sorry to hear that, We LOVE Phoenix Trailers. Mainly due to the leaf sprung axles. Although they make the boat ride higher, they trailer smoother, and quite a few less failures than torsion axles. Love us some Boatmate trailers too.
  11. We're affectionately referring to this guy as "Big Chungus" We are suuuper excited to get this dude out on the water, unfortunately, for us, as you'll see in the photos, our water is no longer in a liquid state. This boat has FAR exceeded our expectations. This significantly levels up MB's fit and finish. We did few custom details, (Gold powdercoat, custom Gatorstep) we think really kicked it up a notch. If anyone is around, We'll have it in Chicago January 8-12
  12. Adam is correct, the 24 gets it's own system, surf wave is great, different from the 23, but still great.
  13. we have ours on order, a bit outside the box as far as colors. Not a solid boat, hopefully you'll be able to really see all the lines the way we did it.
  14. This boat fulfills your first sentence. It is a monster that will be competing with the likes of the other monsters ( G, M, Star. etc) It'll be drastically less money, while hitting on many of the selling points of the other brands.
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