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  1. I know of 3 different people that I turned on to MB that bought boats and have all broke at least one shaft. There is a guy here in Colorado that has told my buddy that MB knows the alignment is off by a few degree but they won't fix it. This is a problem and MB does nothing about it, Im sure other have broke shafts from hitting stuff but i know for a fact there are boats out there that have had this problem with out hitting anything. Our boats has been good and we have liked it but we are ready for a new one and sad to say MB is not on the list. I have been lucky not to have may problems but I can't say the same for the rest of the people I know. I don't know onequicktang or Jeff but i was pretty shocked to hear a dealer respond on here like you did Jeff. Trust me i get it i work for a dealership and there are times i want to say something but i have learned over the years that if you truly do the right thing and take care of your customers you don't need to defend yourself people will see right through the customers that trying to bash a dealer. Sorry but that was a fail on your part letting him get to you. I have watched 2 MBs sit for over 2 months now waiting on shafts and they have been riding with us ( I do like the added weight) but i feel bad for the people that are having this problem.
  2. Just heads up for everyone if you are planning on using anyone other then gator step MB willl NOT let you use their logo. I just got done having sea dek pattern mine and they said that they are not allowed to do the MB logo with out written permission from MB. I called MB and got a big fat NO for an answer.
  3. Mine is going in to get patterned next week by a gator step dealer. So gator step should have a template soon for that boat.
  4. About to order some stuff I would appreciate the code. Thanks
  5. Has anyone used white hdpe? If so does it turn yellow?
  6. SWEET you just made me a very happy person! This is moving to the top of the winter project list. Thanks for sharing
  7. Great thanks guys. I'm glad I didn't do what the dealer said to do and drop 3k and rebuild the trans.
  8. Ski ski that sounds just like the noise. So should I put a new seal in it? Or is this Normal? Thank you guys for the help!
  9. So here's a update pcm told me to pack sand and the dealer here is saying to change the trans fluid to motor oil to see if it helps with the gear lash
  10. Here is a video. trim.FF733FCC-2420-4F7A-8904-2BE8ED3DAE97.MOV
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