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  1. If you can swing it, I would go 23; better wave, better ride, better storage...
  2. Looks nice, clean, and unique
  3. Seems like the prices of all wake boats keep rising. For me it’s mostly about the wave. MB wave is better than most, quality of the boat is at least equal, and price is lower. The MB technology may not be as advanced, but I like simplicity and ability to consistently produce a nice wave.
  4. Those look great!! I’m not sure if it matters to you, but I’m hearing the surf wake on the 24 is not as good as the 23 or 22...
  5. same with fenders. Ozark trail inflatable boat fenders at walmart are about a third of the cost of others...
  6. I use an adjustable hitch and raise the height to reduce weight on the hitch...That helps reduce the bouncing while towing
  7. I won’t miss exile too much; I had a two of my tower speakers crack under very conservative operating conditions...
  8. Sorry, been super busy. Both props are still available
  9. Extra props need a home. Excellent condition. $400 each/offer
  10. Cats being replaced. No preventive advice. Must be faulty cats.
  11. Same issue with my 2018 23’ with 440 - currently in shop
  12. 2018 23’ with same issue. How did you resolve?
  13. The stock boat cover on the new MBs is trailerable and works quite well. Just ratchet as tight as possible and you should be set.
  14. I like the FAE idea, but can't get over the looks...very funky looking
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