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    2014 F250
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    6.7 Diesel

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    2014 F22 Tomcat
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    Indmar 5.7
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    ACME 1235
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    1800# Gate Controlled (stock)
    1500# Plumbed in (2 x 750#)
    100# Lead
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    12w7 under helm
    Pair REV 8's
    Added pair of XS-65 for driver/observer seats

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  1. Sounds like it already done.. No need to blend oil though, actually I'd recommend against it. Semi vs synthetic isn't a big deal. Most important thing is to just change it regularly.
  2. Double check that the bilge pump is wired directly to battery or the positive hot post on the perko switch. If it is run to the 1 or 2 post on the perko selector, you would need to select appropriately. I haven't had any issues leaving it overnight. Biggest advice would be to check weather forecast and plan accordingly. If its bad, just pull it and be safe.
  3. Hi Everyone, When creating a new topic, if you add tags to your topic then similar content will be displayed in the sidebar. If we use tags appropriately this could greatly simply the amount of searching required! For example, used a 'Forum' tag on this topic and the new site announcement from 2013. You should see that displayed to the right ---->
  4. Thanks. That guy had 24 accounts.. All deleted now!
  5. I was able to get the Tapatalk plugin working again. It should be available now. Also to note, there is an native mobile app for the forum now as well as it being responsive design for viewing in a mobile browser pretty well.
  6. I did some investigating and it looks like for approximately a week back in 2018 the site had a large number of registrations with questionable email address that have been sitting dormant. For some reason they are just now being used to post spam. I went ahead and removed about 150 or so of these accounts. Hopefully that helps. If this spam continues, could you do me a favor and note the usernames of the spammers as you ban them. It will help to find a common pattern and put and end to it. Hang in there guys we will get it under control again,
  7. great choice! the 6.7 is awesome
  8. Should be able to cross-reference both of these and find one for you needs. There are several manufactures of both filters/impellers that work. Pennzoil PZ-52 Johnson Pump 3001.3621 09-812B-1 Impeller
  9. can not login? or can not view the site? I can reset his password and send to his email if needed.
  10. All should be fixed! Thanks for catching this
  11. Think I found the problem.. Working on it now, should start to see photos coming back and i'll update once completed.
  12. Don't think its only Mac. Let me look into it
  13. Hey Guys, with the updated software the amount of spam should be GREATLY reduced. The site is now using a paid anti-spam service now as well.
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