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  1. interesting, thanks both. I wonder if the GSA tabs produce a better wave with more push than the slappers - has anyone compared both (particularly on a 2012 -14 hull)?
  2. Have a 2012 B52. Completely stock with center wake plate but no additional ballast. I'm thinking about a new boat, especially after surfing a friend's new 2021 this past weekend. However, there are still a lot of things I love about '12, including the interior space and the condition and the fact it is a great all around boat for my lake. Plus the new ones are both hard to find and expensive! And, I love my mb but in Nashville TN there are no nearby local dealers, so I would probably have to change brands. End result - I'm thinking of some upgrades. Adding some usb phone chargers,
  3. One last try. Is this normal? You can see it's only partially unrolled, and the top is perfect (which you don't see) and the bottom that you do see looking up from in the boat looks horrible.
  4. How do you do it? My boat is aging but still looks great. One exception is the underside of the bimini. The top is jet black and looks brand new, but the underside - the side you actually see - looks faded in places and has dark black spots all over it that I guess might be a little mold? In any event, I've tried scrubbing it with soap and water, with car wash, tried putting it in washing machine, tried everything I can think of. Still looks exactly the same. Anyone else have this and how did you fix it?
  5. i have two nauticurls. I sometimes use both and I think the wave is pretty darn good with it. On my 2012 B52 23.
  6. found my manual which states that the 343 PCM wants minimum 650 CCA which seems standard as a minimum pretty much anyway
  7. How many amps are people running in this Group 34 battery? 2012 B52 23. It is odd that there is nothing at all stamped on them other than "Western Power" but mine lasted almost 9 years so I'm not complaining
  8. FYI dirt daubers appeared to have clogged my vent line. After thinking way too long about what to do to get them out, I tried an extra long straw from Sonic and poked through it. Problem solved.
  9. I have the same problem with my 2012 B52. It is the port side. Gates were sticking a little and even when open the port side would not fill past about 1/4 or an 1/8th and took forever to get there. I think it must be the vent. I'm going to try to knock it loose next time I go up. I think it is the little hole on the side of the boat above the water line that must be the vent? I'm guessing some insects got up in there and have it clogged, I am not sure what I'm going to use to try to unclog it though. Any suggestions? I guess I will start with compressed air but Any trouble with using a
  10. Super dumb question - where is the vent?
  11. Hi, 2012 B52 23. The port ballast isn't working properly. The boat sat for about 6 weeks this summer. When I went to use it yesterday for the first time in awhile, the left ballast didn't open. The light didn't come on or anything when I moved it to open. Right ballast working fine. After playing with it for awhile, I finally got the light to come on to show it is open. Then it wouldn't go out to show it closed. Also, the ballast only filled about 1/4. Went back to the dock after awhile, put it on the lift, and all of a sudden the switch seems to be working normally. Hit open, the li
  12. Exactly what I was wondering. Thanks for the info.
  13. Hi, I have a pair of WS ICON 8s on my towers. They sound great, but as you know the boats are loud without FAE / pipes, and I have to turn up the volume close to full to hear it the way I want even at surf levels. So I'm thinking of adding a second pair. We don't wakeboard much anymore, but occasionally we do. The kids mostly surf but tend to tube also when they bring new friends to the lake that aren't surfers, or just in the afternoon when it is a little more choppy out. So, what about pairing them with a HCLD speaker like the Revs or the xm9? Would that give me best of both world
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