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  1. ...been working on my new boat build...
  2. easy solution....... meet me at Boones Ferry landing, launch the boat, I go surf for the first time in 2 years while you replace the bunk carpet and maybe I show up in a few hours with your boat....simple...
  3. Haxton's canvas in Clackamas built me a custom bimini for my 03 B52 and did an amazing job
  4. I have build pics.... I talk to Brian... that is all....
  5. have you tried only filling the p&p 1/2 way ?
  6. I just bought galvanized plumbing flanges from Home Depot, screwed a 1" pvc tube into the base piece and used a ton of marine sealer between the locker and the lower piece and on between the two pieces and screwed it down to the locker floor. Once it was all dry I simply painted it black with textured rubberized paint. I have no issue with my tank sending units or my dash gauge they worked fine
  7. ......who's the "hoodie ninja" in the spotter seat......
  8. ...at this rate that boat is going to end up in Canada in 3 years...
  9. needs some black gatorstep on the swim platform just sayin......
  10. yup! at least I got a surf set in today!
  11. SLAP IT!!! 2014 B52 23' (this will be my last posting as she is headed North tomorrow morning)
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