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  1. Yes Crazy. This is my second MB Igot back in 14
  2. Yes I knew where it went . I called NWcastle the day I posted that.
  3. I was hoping you were closer and I could take you out and get your dialed in
  4. You can change length of drain time. Or just run drain cycle twice
  5. Read the post from theedgeinc. He is correct. I also can answer your question. PM me your number I can call you. Much easier than a long post.
  6. I have no idea of what you speak
  7. There is more going on in that picture than you know. I saw and played with this back in May.
  8. So who is the new owner. I need to keep track of this boat LOL
  9. Yes on the thread listed above is video and setup info of my old 18. Not a alpha although. Should be very close as the Alpha running surface is very close to the classic.
  10. Sorry it took me this long to respond. I am not on here as much as I would like. You can always PM me as I get a notification then. I am on the FB page way more often.
  11. Call Exile direct. Their customer service is great. I am sure it is not a lifetime warranty, no company would offer that. It says limited, Not sure what the meaning is. As far as actuator, Call West Coast Boat Center in Rocklin, Maybe they are closer to you and can help. Maybe they can order a new one for you and ship to you. Keep us posted.
  12. I believe it is Eddie Marine
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