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  1. I had an 18 B52 23. I towed tower down 16 hours from Calif. to Lake Powell and then back. No issues at all. Just make sure it is super tight. I also put small towels between where tower folds and cover touches. There is a sharp corner and I was worried.
  2. OK looking at this now. It does not seem to have as much interest as I hoped. Most picture only a few likes. Do you guys still want me to do this? I know it has been a bad year for a lot of us. Maybe we try this again next year.
  3. Hi Aaron, Yes it is emotional buying a boat. It is about family enjoyment and memories. You will love the 22A Jason and Mike are absolutely right. The new 22A is completely redesigned and cannot be compared to the 22 classic. I have test driven the 22 A a few months ago. There was Mike B, my wife and I in the boat. We were in 10 feet of water. The wave was amazing right out of the box. I believe it will be hard to figure which one throws a better wave now. I have seen some pix of people 22A wave they are amazing. Congrats again, It will be a long winter waiting for your new ad
  4. TBS is an awesome dealer. I had the pleasure of working the boat show for them 2 years ago. I hope to do it again. Congrats on the new ride and welcome to The MB Family. You will be amazed by the wave it throws.
  5. I have test driven the 22A and owned a 2018 23 classic. It is going to be hard to say which is better. The 22 threw a great wave in 10 feet of water. I can only image what it will do with more water under her. The Boat Shack had some IG videos of the wave I believe.
  6. You can put a spacer behind the speaker to bring it out a little to make them fit.
  7. I have an extra tall jack stand. I raise the trailer bow very high. It will slowly drain out between uses.
  8. If after turning off batteries for 5 min and letting everything rest. Then turn key on but do not start, wait for approx 10 seconds. The three computer will cycle and needles on the gauges will swing a couple of times. Then you will hear the GSA and cav plate cycle. Then you can start it. If that does not fix it you will probably have to have computer re flashed
  9. I can help you with decisions and more info on items. Pm me your number and best time to call
  10. It lifts straight up off the post. There is a knob that you loosen and then lift up
  11. Here is another one There were a lot of posts from this one in all sections anitapr18
  12. You need to ask the right person. I would have had that answer for you. But now you know.
  13. Nest time when needing info. Post on here or the MB BOAT OWNERS group on FB. We can answer those question easily
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