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  1. Yes he could have if 2nd owner. There is a time limit although
  2. He is not original owner and also did not transfer warranty. I also think it is something else than cat convertor causing the problem.
  3. As stated above. I ran 2 spot cubes forward and 2 flood cubes back on independent switches for surfing. I had the position wrong for the front cubes. They still worked well. I will probably run a Bar next time. But If i run the HRD racks, I will definitely go back to the cubes here is a link to the pictures of my last boat with the cubes https://dcphotomania.smugmug.com/Donfathers-MB/
  4. The 18 hull is way different than he 15-17
  5. Date: June 17-20 Location: Pleasure Cove Marina at Lake Berryessa Details as of now( still changing) Friday Night: Possibly a live bad and ice cream/ pizza get together at Markley Cove Marina Saturday Night: Main dinner will be held at the VIP cabin (top of boat launch ramp) at Pleasure Cove. There will be a cost for this and all funds collected will go to Wake The World North Valley. We might also do a 50/50 raffle. Funds collected will go to WTW North Valley Event Shirts: I a
  6. Yes I understand your point of view. For example although. I posted Merry Christmas on this forum. I got 1 response. I did the same on FB there was 162 like and 62 comments. The FB page gets way more traffic than here. I try to post on both for all the important stuff like Meetups etc. Hoping this year meetup will be more public and larger than last year. We kept it small and only had 106 show up.
  7. Merry Christmas to all of my MB Boat Family
  8. If you are on Facebook join this page linked below. There is a lot more action going on over there. MB Boat Owners https://www.facebook.com/groups/303683123120678
  9. check to make sure you are not in RPM mode on GPS
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to my extended MB Family. Hope you are all enjoying this weird holiday season as best as we can.
  11. Get ahold of Neptune Surfboards. He will get you all set up. I order one for me last year. I finally have a board I love. https://www.neptunesurfco.com/
  12. I had the 575. Ran 91. I was a beast of a motor. Many that rode in her can tell you that. I pulled the Polar Bear event one year. They did not have 91 on the lake. I used Octane boost to accommodate the issue. It ran fantastic. I had 8 groups of people, with me and the wife that was 10 in the boat for all 8 sets. A couple of times we had 2 photographers. So those groups we had 12 in the boat. Boat ran full ballast plus 400 leads.
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