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  1. I have heard the mono are good, buy have not been on one yet, I can tell you to get a Neptune, They are super fast and very stable. I had 7 people ride mine and they all loved it,
  2. MB has some old covers in stock call them directly. Another option is call Cory at Evolution covers or call Ian at Only inboards.
  3. We use the dyson. It works great. They have a version you can change on 12v
  4. Make sure you r bilge is dry. If taking on water from somewhere. The added weight could cause an issue.
  5. I guess he did not get ahold of you. His is red. glad you found one
  6. The Boat Shack has posted videos of it on their Instagram
  7. power tower will be great for towing. No need to put in the triangle brackets.
  8. Sorry, Cant show it. That is ULTRA TOP SECRET Yes I am in Millbrae, about 2 mile from airport. Just off Millbrae Ave by the High School.
  9. I could show you but then I would have to kill you. LOL Maybe I will post pictures in 6 MORE WEEKS
  10. Did Adam get ahold of you? I told him you were looking .
  11. Welcome to the MB Family. Lots of great people on here. You should also join the MB Boat Owners page on FB. Lots of activity on there
  12. I don't think it will. It is above the cav plate. So I think it will be out of the water while surfing
  13. Looks great. Now I don't have to keep it a secret anymore.
  14. Go with 2 and back it in. then pull straight out
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