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  1. 2 more this am. Something is going on
  2. I had 4 more spam accounts I deleted this morning
  3. I will be there on Saturday 8-8-2020 around 10 am to check the place out. Come by and say hi if you are in the area.
  4. I did not climb in the 23 Alpha. The 22 Alpha is way deeper than my 2018 23. It also has more bow room which i was surprised about since it is shorter. I am 6'5 and my feet just hit the front cushion while sitting. In my 18 my legs were bent
  5. Sorry for the slow response. I was out of town for the weekend helping a friend out. No I have not. I am in limbo right now. Have not decided which boat I want yet. I drove the 22 Alpha at the factory. It is EPIC.
  6. And Go Don't forget to put you picture on the Calendar pager if you want to be considered. I will probably put it together in October/ November so you can get your copy by Christmas
  7. I thought the edge had some due. I have test driven one. The surf wave is as good as the 23. I really like the new 22 alpha
  8. Yes there is but still wont get you there. If you think about ti it is easy to find it.
  9. I found a way to the 22 and 23 Build a Boat about 2 weeks ago. They are not completely done. Yes a little glitchy. I have the links for both. Don"t ask not gonna post. Sorry
  10. Like John told you slapp it and plumb in your weight.
  11. Grapes, Cut apples, Jerky(beef or turkey)
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