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  1. Thanks everyone... sorry to be so silent, I was traveling, gotta make some money to pay for this. I appreciate all the guidance. My dealer called me as he saw our discussion and has all ready ordered the rudder. I'm trailering my boat over there tomorrow (Friday) and the dealer is going to check it all out. Thanks for the guidance. A special Thanks to Bill for his complete email!!!
  2. Okay, I figured it out. WakeDirt, if you're still interested, there it is in my original post.
  3. Okay, so I select "Image" and then I get the photo off my desktop and it creates an URL, I click "OK" and nothing happens, what the heck??? Not my week for sure.
  4. Okay, Here is a photo of the damageā€¦
  5. Well I tried to upload a pic??? is it not there, dang.
  6. In my new MB 2013 Tomcat with all of 10 hours.... dang, I hit a submerged island and the rudder seems bent back just a tad. The prop needs to be replaced but I'm wondering it the rudder just rotated back or is it bent. The boat actually didn't hit the bottom only the prop, but something happened to the rudder as it get's a bit tight at full turns. If you look at the top of the rudder it is not parallel with the bottom of the boat. The rudder itself doesn't have any major damage and no water is entering the boat. Can the rudder mount be loosened and the rudder rotated back? I've been b
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