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  1. So same hull from sounds of it? Are the planning to redo the hull anytime soon? I thought the 21 tc was being phased out so even pickle fork tomcat and odd b52 traditional bow. Is this somewhat correct?
  2. Hi all I have been following the updates on the new 2015 23' b52, does anyone know what is happening to his little brother? The 21 fits a lot better in my garage. thanks
  3. Walk through, middle please. Need to save the vinyl. As it is, I still cannot get the f*@(King pylon down.
  4. I've got a similar issue with the gray metal flake but it is above the waterline by the top deck. And mine is kept on a lift. It's like the gray just faded away. I got my dealer looking into it but...
  5. Ok so upgrade speakers, add 2 speakers and go with wetsounds. If I replace oem speakers are the wires visibly coded for polarity ( I assume they would be. Looks like a $project$ coming on here.
  6. Hi all Got a 2012 mb w/ clarion head unit, stock wetsounds boat speakers and wetsounds either Rev 8 or 10 on the tower. I have the fader set to more of the "boat" to balance out the tower, but geez those tower speakers get a cookin'. Would the 420 balance this out a bit, or should I add a set of speakers near the helm and observers seat. In other words I am looking for opinions on the 420 to balance out the sound throughout the boat, then be able to drive the tower when needed. Thanks. And looking at Midnight's mods, can me with the equivalent knowledge of Tim the tool man Taylor on a good day figure out the install?
  7. This has me somewhat concerned. Glad to hear your soon is ok. Are the skylon racks the same that are on the older towers?
  8. No, it had a single plate in the middle of the hull/ transom. It was more of a flat bottomed boat, but even in my younger days with inboard/ outboards and the "trim tab" I never have noticed it to be that "dramatic" when the plate was messed with. Check it out Bill, if you don't mind and get back to me. I'd be curious if it is only my boat (which would leave me to believe the plate is the culprit) or if others have experienced the same thing.
  9. Just bought a 2012 TWB B52 at end of season, so now...I am getting acquanted with it. I am coming from 2002Tige 2100V and the TAPS (wakeplate) was great at keeping the bow down and for skiing behind the boat. The boat ran with with plate down most of the time otherwise the boat would really pound on the chop. I noticed on the B52 however, when I am the only one in the boat, and I drop the plate, the boat lists to the starboard side noticeably, and somewhat unnervingly. I am probably at 29 to 30 mph. Is it supposed to do this, and if so, can someone please explain the hydro-dynamics of this? If I run at the above speed with the plate up, the boat levels out. If I run with 1/2 ballast on port side and drop the plate, the boat runs "flat." I haven't had the heart to explain this to the Mrs. (you spent HOW MUCH on a WHAT!?!?!) because she is the one that drives while I ski, but she likes the plate down (again coming out of the Tige) for the fast pull, low bow rise and instant plane. I am sure she would freak at the b52 listing on its side. So, do I go on an immense diet, (190#) or is this normal for the B52?
  10. Hi all need some help. My boat is stuffed in a garage with tower collapsed and I cannot get to it easily. I am wondering if anyone knows the rough height of the freeboard ( the side of the hull not necessarily the keel) to the top of the tower I would appreciate it. I am building a "second story" to the dock and need a rough height estimate of the boat and tower. Thanks
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