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    2004 Chevy Silverado 2500HD
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    EFI Live, Duramax Diesel 6.6, Suncoast trans

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    2014 B52 21'
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    Indmar MBX 350
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    Integrated, 750#'s rear corners, 600# bow
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    Factory with 8 in boats on HT-6, Sub on HT-2, 4 Exile XM9's on Exile XM 30.2, Exile ZLD Eq
  1. I tried Midnight’s trailer valet, and it wouldn’t work. The tongue needs to be lower than the height that it is, when it’s sitting on the trailer valet, to fit in the garage, if that makes sense
  2. I have a standard 7ft door. With a 2014 B52, sitting on a CTW trailer, I have to take the board racks off, tower folded, steering wheel in lowest position and have about a 1/2 inch of clearance. Using a boat dolly, boat won’t fit, because it raises the tongue too much. I also have about 23’ depth, obviously I have the platform off and tongue folded, I had the trailer made, with the winch mounted on the folding part of the tongue and I have about 1” of clearance for the garage door to shut. I could not fit, one more ounce of boat in my garage.
  3. The impeller vanes will correct themselves upon start up.
  4. Sorry, but that is one fugly looking boat....
  5. I believe 14 was the bad year for the Malibu touch screens as well as the LS3 engine. Both items were a one and done for that year. I remember that I was looking at shawndoggy’s 14 and he said to get a15. The standard 350 was not enough for his LSV, let alone a 24/7. The LS3 was the more powerful option, but had issues and resulted in lawsuits. I personally would look for a 15 or better, Malibu, over the MB of that year range.
  6. I took mine to the dealer and they did a “hull scrub”. They use the acid too, but they fork lift it off the trailer and do it. Came back looking brand new. Some times it’s easier to just cut the check. Best 3 or 4 hundred bucks I ever spent! Can’t remember what I paid, but it was in that range.
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