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  1. So my steering wheel wrap took a dump, can you tell me what the wrap from Eddie Marine comes with? Like is the wrap already glued to the plastic with the bolts? My original wrap is completely unuseable now
  2. I'll be looking for you dude! MBs unite!
  3. yeah dude I was hoping you and slavoise would be out there, weather looks pretty decent this year
  4. 2013 F21. Still love her, but starting to feel the need for a new model
  5. Who else is rollin out next weekend?!
  6. I have the KeelGuard brand keel guard on my boat, and after having someone with a lift put it on, its working pretty well... doesnt completely protect the entire keel area, but most of it... my black boat shows evvvvverything
  7. What did you do for the F21 since the battery is in the floor? I want to do this, but I need to be able to access the battery
  8. Yeah I'll hit them up and see what they can do.
  9. I know some of you here will understand where I'm coming from on this, but my 2013 F21 key looks like a golf cart key... I've seen the new keys and they look sweet. From what I can tell, the actual key is the same, but they now have a metal MB cover on them which makes them look much more legit. Any idea where one could get these?
  10. quick question for someone who would know the answer, I have a 2013 Tomcat, and I need to know the size of the allen bolt which the tower swivels on. I need to order a allen wrench to tighten those suckers up. Thanks in advance
  11. just now saw these replies, headed back to the lake house this weekend, and got a new bilge on amazon just in case (it was only $35). Seems like it should be an easy switch out yeah? anyone have any experience?
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