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  1. Awesome I'd appreciate that. It's a much bigger boat than classic b52/tomcat... so I'd imagine it would be a bit different. I used to ride f21 tomcat and seems like the video of classic b52 is pretty much like my old tomcat. Been riding g21 and new supra, definitely a beefier wake than tomcat. I'm thinking new alpha would be on par with g21/23. Hoping to get some insight on that ! Thanks again Ryan
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Still looking for pics when they are available. Even on MBs instagram it's tough to come by a straight wake pic.
  3. Can someone please post a few shots of the alpha wakeboard wake. Don't forget to include your setup. Eg full ballast 23mph etc... Thanks Ryan
  4. For Sale: Acme 2079 Propeller Just had propeller recondition. In perfect condition came off Tomcat 400 Shipped Thanks Ryan 707-490-5421
  5. New Price 50K. Ready to Sell haven't been using it. Any questions feel free to call Ryan 707-490-5421 Upgraded all brand new interior speakers to Wetsounds xs650 this season. 2079 Prop JL W7 Interior LEDs from Factory Excellent Condition 110 Hours Only had boat out 3 times =(
  6. yea... i noticed a flatter ramp is def the solution and deeper water...I am surprised they are still using this design though...clearly we are all having a good time here lol
  7. Went out on Saturday with a couple buddies there was 4 of us and 4 coolers (plenty of brews lol) and one trash bag floating around. I decided enough was enough! I was all set on building a custom cooler and trash can that could fit in the walkway space to bow. However, after pricing out materials it was going to be roughly 75 bucks and only 5 c.f.t. of space. Problem is the width of the walkway is roughly 13" so coolers are very limited by width. Coolers where significantly cheaper I picked up igloo cooler wheelie 38qt fit pretty much perfect for 24bucks. You can actually fit two of them
  8. Hey All, I am curious if anyone else is having difficulty getting their tomcat loaded properly on their trailers? I believe I own a boat-mate trailer. Here's the problem I am having: When i go to get boat back on the trailer the angle between the front of the boat and the rubber roller is always way off. I mean it is NOT EVEN CLOSE! Does not matter it's a steep ramp or a shallow ramp. I wish i had a picture of the problem to show, but the boat rub rail is below the rubber roller on the trailer, so it will not mate up properly. I have no weight in the front of boat when i am traileri
  9. seems like a good idea to me....
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