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  1. The temp seems a little high while idling. Mine (indmar 350), stays at 175 mark all the time.
  2. That's what I'd do with that setup
  3. No offence but I expect a lot more from a 5200lbs wave. Maybe it is just the pic?
  4. He probably does not care about the after effect of salt on the bike. Pretty sure KTM gave him a free bike to do this stunt.
  5. Have you guys tried to cheat a little with the stock tanks? For example, fill both bags in the rear locker, deploy GSA on the non surf side and drain some from the non-surf side internal tank?
  6. Wow, 12.7 is pretty fast. Have you tried 11.5 - 11.8?
  7. The fading at waterline is common but that blisters...............I'd be furious
  8. Wave looks good. Got any video?
  9. Might have to make a trip down there and judge for myself. I don't mind driving listed but I know my wife will really appreciate driving a non-listed boat.
  10. Leave the non-surf empty until you have some additional weight on top of stock. Not sure how many peeps are usually in the boat with you but you can easily experiment. Start with surf side only weight and move people accordingly.
  11. Really need to ride behind one of the slapper equipped boat before taking on a project like this one.
  12. Awesome!! The Scamp is an awesome board. Even I can ride it at 170lbs LOL Here's my 11yr old a few weeks back on the scamp pulling his 1st 360 with a little "help" from the driver
  13. Yeah, Centurion is using valterra for their 2nd gen ramfill and the result is still hit and miss.
  14. The last time i bought a boat from a private party, i brought a cashiers check and the guy asked me to meet him at his bank and he deposited the cashiers check right then and there to his bank.
  15. Awesome. Scooter on water!!!
  16. Personally I like 11.5 - 11.7mph. However, start with 10.5mph and go up from there and see where you like the wave the most. Rule of thumb is faster = longer and firmer wave 2014 23' is a great surf boat. Not sure how to set it up with the MB surf system but if you just add 1100lbs to each locker and 400-500lbs bow weight, it is probably a good start.
  17. Try 10.5mph next time you go out
  18. Ummm.............your dealer?
  19. here you go.......... http://drainmaster.com/site/marine/products/mini-view
  20. ^^ This! Happened to me last summer during my vacation. My awesome dealer overnight a new valve and I was back in action the following day.
  21. when you open it by hand, was the light on at fully open? if it was, you have a bad gate valve
  22. Wow, not cool at all. Kinda lost my respect honestly.
  23. Nothing but boy bands. From NKOTB ----> One Direction
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