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  1. I have a 2013. Your telling us Larson will no longer work on MB models period or just warrantied issues? If Larson no longer will work on MBs that is a deal breaker! All boats regardless of make or model require some form of repair work. Rocklin is a horrible place to get to with traffic from those of us living in the foothills of California. I know others on this forum have to travel 6-8 hours for their dealer however I live 2 hours away from Atwater (MB Factory) but will have to drive 2 and half hours for repair work if I’m lucky depending on traffic ? Larsen has two shops, West Coast 1.
  2. Dropping their number one dealership in sales? Sounds like spin to me. I’m sure if it is true this will end in a nasty divorce with everyone taking sides (MB did this/Larson didn’t do that) and in the end Larson, MB and most importantly those of us living in NoCal with an MB will all get the broken shaft (pun intended). A huge part of owning a boat is the relationship with the dealer. I know Larson isn’t perfect, just as “somepeteguy”, but I have had a terrific experience with them for the past 7 years and will be disappointed if Larson and MB separate.
  3. Don, do you have any “insider” information on the Larson and MB relationship?
  4. Did Larson Marine discontinue sales of MB? If so...what happened? Wasn’t Larson number one in MB sales? Will MB be sold at other dealerships in NoCal? This move would appear to be a big blow to MB. It’s a big blow to me also if it’s true. I was looking to upgrade in the near future and have enjoyed my experience with Larson in Stockton. Bummer?!
  5. I have a 2013 f21 with the battery box in the walkway as well. Not sure same size on f22 but I just had to replace mine. Mine were size 34 top post. I live in a rural area with not a lot of selection. The batteries went out over the 4th and I didn’t want to lose precious time on the lake so I found a set of marine batteries size 34 agm at O’Reilley’s auto parts. ( They has to order from warehouse for next day).They fit with not a hair of space to spare. Not sure how they will do but hoping they last a few years. I can’t believe I got 7 years out of my original batteries.( although trickle char
  6. Please post what you find. I’ve been looking for a flag holder as well for the tube tower.
  7. Hey all. So wife wants an American flag posted on our tower. (2013 21’ Tomcat with chrome tower.) I’ve been searching the web and found a couple of ideas. Anyone here run flags from their tower? If so how? Appreciate any input.
  8. Following with interest. Demo’d your make of board this Spring and loved it. Price is the issue for me. (Looks like you got a killer deal). Seems like regular price is similar to a soulcraft. And it seems consensus on this forum is always soulcraft for the win. Ready to upgrade my boards as well. My go to board right now is a ronix carbon thruster.
  9. How does the hyperlite varial compare to a soulcraft? I demo’d a varial mothership earlier this year and loved it. However at $1200 (on sale now for 1k without fins or pads) I assume I could order a soulcraft for around that price.
  10. I did a quick google search regarding CA law and flag display. I did not see where an individual must hold the flag. Could you please provide the reference for individuals required to hold the flag. I’ve been boating in CA for 8 years and have always used a holder and have never been stopped by authorities. Not saying I’m right or wrong just want to educate myself on the laws of our “wonderful banana republic of CA”. I know I can’t have a straw in my boat anymore and will have to pay a tax on any garbage bags brought on the boat. Lol.
  11. I've been considering tryjng a "suck" gate this year. I have a 2013 f21 and have a fun listed wave (stock + approx 500 rear and 300 in front plus bodies) but I am considering making my own or buying one. There are adequate comments on this forumn regarding make your own. What I'm looking for are user reviews on some of the online devices. I've seen many of you comment that you have or were also considering purchasing a gate. I've investigated the Delta, tsunami, nauticurl and wakesurf edge (I'm probably missing others). Those of you who have experience with the above gates would you please po
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