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  1. Wow, they have really stepped it up! Interior looks sharp! To the Op: Tony at Extreme has a really good price point! You won't need to test drive it. Nothing on the market compares at that price point IMO.
  2. Have you guys thought of just getting a 400 and getting a tune from a custom shop? https://5startuning.com/product-category/2010-2014-f150raptor-6-2l/2010-2014-f150raptor-6-2l-tuners-programmers/ https://www.stage3motorsports.com/7015-2010-2014-SVT-Raptor-6-2L-SCT-X4-Tuner-w-5-Custom-Tunes-5-Star-Tuning.html I chatting with a local shop and they said they could suck out the tune, modify if then you have a new tune. If you wanted to maximize the hp you can get a guy come onto the boat with you and do some pulls.... The components on the raptor 400 are already really well flowing!
  3. Great surf machine Rode it a couple seasons back
  4. Should be a fun one! Great way to ride a bunch of boats without salesmen bugging you.
  5. You've accumulated a lot of boards since I last visited...!
  6. How is the lip? It looks a little flat...Is your trim tab down?
  7. Looks like a Tron boat man...looks amazing!
  8. I may do that. Do you know what the dates are for this year?
  9. The trim tab is detrimental with helping get your boat up on plane when super loaded and lowering the rooster. As you lower the trim town down it squashes the wave...losing push but increasing length. There is a fine line between taking a bit of the rooster tail off but not so you lose too much push. If you find your wave is super tall and short increase speed. If you go above 11.5 and the wave is short then slowly move a bit of weight to the bow. I spent a long time dialing in my F21 and was very happy with it before i upgraded
  10. Tige was stolen a month back.... So were in the market...I miss my old MB so its a strong contender...
  11. wow, that looks awesome man!! Glad to hear the MB did so well!
  12. This sounds like a frustrating situation. I hope you get everything sorted.... I am also very guilty of this but Negative feedback yields negative reactions...
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