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  1. Give Cory a call with Evolution Covers. Love my new cover.
  2. Did you get the wiring pics? If not, I can send them to you.
  3. I have a 2012 F21 and switched from the 1235 prop to the 2315. Can't be any happier with this upgrade and have the Ronix wave shaper. Slappers on next on the list for upgrades during the winter. Here is my set up at sea level. If running the 1235 prop: 900 + 450 bag starboard and 900 + 450 bag port --- 11.5 mph @ 3800rpm If running the 2315 prop: 900 + 450 bag starboard and 900 + 450 bag port --- 11.5 mph @ 3100-3200rpm Port side: 1/2 starboard internal + 450 bag starboard and 900 port internal + 450 bag port --- 11.5 mph Starboard side: Rarely surf that side but
  4. Check out the video "UNLOCKED" of Eimeo Czermak surfing on stretchboards' website. The kid is a savage. http://www.stretchboards.com/news/
  5. This is my favorite post and love the fact that successes were correlated with beer. Thank you for the morning laugh. I just bought my boat this year and it is definitely a challenge to relearn how to dock. Good luck and look forward to the beer success rate updates.
  6. Thank you for the review. I actually graduated high school with Jamie Lynn so I've always been partial to Lib and Gnu snowboards. Recently purchased a Mullair and Orca. I wanted to try one of their wakesurf boards because they are durable and I do not trust myself with a Soulcraft. I ended up buying a Phase 5 Model X which is super fast and durable. Wish I could of demo'd some boards but I do not know any company doing that in the PNW.
  7. Mark.. Not sure if you had a chance to ride it yet but could you give us a review of the Lib Tech Air'n? I came close to buying to buy that or the Crak'n.
  8. When test driving a new to me 2012 F21 the port drainmaster would not open and it did help me to bring down the price. I changed out both drainmasters to Valterras and kept my momentary switches. From what I have read, most people have issues with them at some point. Too late now to change. Next time use Valterra.
  9. I just purchased the same boat as you (2012 F21) and here is my set up for now on the port side. Speed 11.5mph --- Port internal 900 + Port Sumo Sac 450 + Starboard Sac 450 + Starboard internal 30-40% full and we use a Ronix wedge. Wave is clean and about medium length and height. Purchased a black friday deal Brigade Stealth board and had a hard time staying in the pocket. I feel like the board is stable but a little slow and going to sell this board asap. . Purchased a Phase Five Model X this Sunday and it is by far the fasted board I have ever been on. It keeps speed even when I was close
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