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  1. I say slappers on the new 24 with MartinArchers control.
  2. I've seen two in person and climbed all around them as well. They are nice and comfortable and have a lot of high end features. Same surf systems as the NSS, motor access from the back is one true thing I like about it. That said, they are pricey at 150K and up. Was told it takes over 400 hours welding to put one together. They put out about 2 or 3 a month.
  3. Sweet looking boat. I'm sure you will be happy for a while. Your kids will be smiling.
  4. See if they will throw in the new gauge for $600 total. They did for me. It's worth it and easy to change.
  5. If you don't have the GPS puck and are going to upgrade to Stargazer, you will need a new PP Module and the puck. I also purchased a new gauge for mine. I think it all was about $600. Easy to install just remember to remove the wire described in the directions. Also get the numbers off your existing module before you call them. This will tell them everything you need and how to program it.
  6. First off I would demo all of them and bring a wake board and surf board. The 22 may be small once your kids start bringing friends and you bring friends. 22 will give good board wake and will surf with extra bags . The 23 will be more roomy than the 22 and will provide good board wake and better surf wake. The F24 will provide a good board wake, but will have to be slammed to get it to surf decent. It does have a lot of room. Just spend the time on the demo doing everything you like then make a decision.
  7. Perfect pass control module (black box zip tied under the dash is probably shot. Do you see a GPS puck mounted anywhere? If so, whoever tried to upgrade it didn't remove one of the wires from the unit before install. It won't work at all if installed incorrectly. If no GPS puck, I would say PP control module is bad. Can be replaced cheap, I had an extra one but threw it out over the winter. Call PP in Canada they can hook you up with a good deal. Negotiate with them. Replace pumps and check valves. Don't waste your money on SCC impellers. Just upgrade the pumps There are a lot
  8. That's a good boat and good motor if you got it for the right price. It doesn't take the rough chop like the new ones though. I had the exact boat you had with the exact motor you have. If your going to surf or run a lot of weight you will want at least a Acme 2315 prop. The 1235 isn't enough especially at altitude. Change all pumps to the Johnson pumps and check the lines Make sure tranny fluid is good and topped off Call MB about the interior. Reason I say is my buddy bought a 05 last year and they had enough left over material from that year to recover all his cushions for
  9. What's wrong? No sense of humor for your own form of crap?
  10. Nerve-racking In the phrasal adjective nerve-racking, rack is again used in the sense meaning to torture. Something that is nerve-racking tortures the nerves or figuratively stretches them. Wrack, again, makes some sense, though. We can think of nerve-wracking as meaning wrecking the nerves instead of torturing the nerves, in which case the spelling is perfectly justifiable. But this doesn’t change the fact that nerve-racking is the original form, the more common one, and the one that is generally preferred in edited writing, for what that’s worth.
  11. It would also depend on what motor he has. GPS for sure to get it dialed in properly.
  12. Probably a Skylon tower for the 2007 model year. I would suggest contacting them on the phone as I'm sure they don't sell that tower any longer but may have a solution or product for your repair.
  13. I don't think you will be happy with that. I had an 06 so I come from experience. It will be under powered for surf, will not take rough water well and does not have the free board the newer boats have. I was amazed at how much better the newer ones are in rough chop, storage and wake. If you want to spend a little more I know where you can get a new 2014 F22 fairly loaded out for 56K. But if your budget is 30, I would keep looking. That tower also has problems with the welds especially at the base attachment points to the boat and will also squeak a lot in chop. Better options out there
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